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HOL Turbo Download

Congratulations! You're about to experience a whole new way of modem surfing: no more long delays while pages download, no more popup ads, no more floating Flash advertisements. To begin, follow the steps below.

Step Zero:   Make sure your computer matches HOL Turbo's system requirements. The software will run on any Windows computer running Win98 or later, although "newer" Win95 systems will work. On MacIntosh computers the software will run on MAC OSX (Please see the FAQ for more details.)

Step One:   Download the HOL Turbo software to your computer; it should take you about 5 minutes. Please choose from the available Turbo downloads:

Mac OS X

Step Two:   Call our Customer Service and Support team at one of the numbers below to activate your 30-day free trial. Our friendly support staff will also be able to help you install the software.
IMPORTANT: You MUST call our Customer Service and Support team to acitvate your 30-day free trial.

Step Three:   Configure the HOL Turbo client. See HOL Turbo configuration instructions for Windows for step-by-step details.

Customer Service & Support
Please dial the phone number local to the island from which you are calling:
Kauai 240-2070
Oahu 792-2070
Molokai 660-2250
Lanai 568-2250
Maui 270-2250
Big Island 930-2250
Toll Free (Mainland) 1-877-91-ALOHA

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