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SSL Certificates

Here we've provided you with the SSL certificates we use to sign some of the server certificates you may encounter when using SSL services at Wavecom Solutions. If you get certificate warnings from some of your software, try installing the certificates below into your application software or operating system.

Wavecom Certificate Authority bundle
This contains all the files listed below, but grouped together as a single for your convenience.
Some software requires the certficiates to be loaded separately. We've broken out our CA bundle into its separate components:
Wavecom Solutions CA certificate
This is the certificate we use to sign any new certificates where we feel the situation doesn't warrant using a commercial certificate.
Pacific LightNet CA certificate
This is th certficiate we used until mid-2010 to sign our own certificates.
GeoTrust intermediate certificate
We use GeoTrust to purchase our certificates. Some systems may require installation of their intermediate certificate, so we have provided it here for your convenience.
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