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HOL Extras
HOL Extras

What do you get when your path to the Internet goes through Hawaii OnLine? We want to make sure you get more than you expect: more quality service, more productivity, more satisfaction, more Aloha. We want to do everything we can to make your Internet experience as pleasant and as productive as possible. Take a look below to see some of the unique benefits we offer.

- HOL Turbo: Double your dialup speeds with the biggest pipeline around.
- Web Cache: Surf sites anywhere in the world as if they were right next door.
- Bandwidth Tests: Test your upload & download speeds and network quality; see how well your Internet connection will work with 808NetFone VoIP.
  - ZoneAlarm: Protect your computer from the hidden dangers of the Internet whenever you're online.
- Email Virus Scanner: Email is safer with Hawaii OnLine's automatic email virus scanner.
- Web Mail: Read your email from any computer.
- Nationwide Roaming: Dial in to your account from anywhere in the U.S.
  - Discount Long Distance: Save on long distance every month.
- Local Phone Service: Get all your phone & Internet services together and save!
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