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HOL Extras

Email Virus Scanner

Hawaii OnLine offers its customers a FREE email virus filter. There's no need to install or configure anything on your own computer -- all incoming email is scanned for viruses before it has a chance to get into your Inbox and onto your computer where it can cause damage.

If you have specific questions about the service, please see the HOL Email Anti-Virus FAQ.

From a satisfied customer:

" I appreciate your virus blocker.... Thanks for doing a great job for your customer. "

From one happy customer after stopping Sobig.F:

" (At another ISP) he's been shut down six days, for 24 hours a day, with spam... He said, '... neither our ISP nor our WebHost put up filters.'

So we're pretty glad you guys do! (And he's jealous.) Thanks for your help. "

From another satisfied customer:

" Over the past few weeks Hawaii OnLine's email filters have intercepted several spam messages infected with viruses. I appreciate the help. Thank you. I am always impressed by the quality of service you provide. "

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