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HOL Turbo

Speed up the 'Net!   Dialup doesn't have to be slow anymore. Web sites and email can all move faster with HOL Turbo from Hawaii OnLine. Using the most advanced dialup technologies in the world, web sites will load from 4-6 times faster. If you surf a lot of sites with big graphics, they won't slow you down the way they used to -- HOL Turbo will handle images as quickly as you want. It's not all about the web, though. If you use your own email client, like Outlook Express or Eudora, you'll see improvements in both sending and receiving mail.

Tired of those annoying popups?  HOL Turbo will stop popup ads and floating Flash advertisements.  Not only will they stop bothering you, but they're even blocked before they're downloaded to your computer so you don't waste your precious bandwidth on them.

HOL Turbo is simple to use.  Once you have it installed you're ready to go.  Web sites and email will automatically load faster than they ever have over your existing modem.  There's nothing more you need to do.

Take a free trial. Download HOL Turbo and try it out for 30 days. If you like it, keep it. After 30 days we'll begin billing you automatically at only $2.95/month (less than 10¢ per day) plus a one-time $5 setup fee. If you don't like it, simply uninstall it and let us know. We'll cancel the service and you can surf on as you always have.

If you have more questions about the technology behind HOL Turbo, please see the HOL Turbo FAQ.

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