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Extras > ZoneAlarm


Download the best firewall ZoneAlarm, from ZoneLabs, is a tried-and-true home computer firewall and security scanner. There are easy-to-use features for the casual Internet user and advanced features for the sophisticated guru.

The ZoneAlarm suite of products include many useful features:

  • Mailsafe: protects you from viruses and worms
  • firewall: keeps your computer safe from hackers while you're online
  • popup ad blocking: makes surfing fun again
  • cookie control: protects your privacy
  • hacker tracking: protects your computer, helps ISPs track down hackers, and even reports serious offenses to their ISPs
These are just samples of the many tools available. You can buy basic ZoneAlarm, get more features with ZoneAlarm Plus, or get the most advanced online toolbox with ZoneAlarm Pro.

Please take a look at our ZoneAlarm Downloads page to buy one of these excellent products.

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