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By default, all HOL customers who use an email address will be a part of our UCE filtering services.

If you find that some of your on-line contacts can no longer reach you because we are filtering mail from their providers, though, and you DO NOT wish to be a part of this service, you may wish to OPT OUT of it. You can easily do this by filling out the form below, after which you will immediately be able to receive mail from the previously-blocked providers. If you know the hostname or IP address of your contact's outgoing mail server, you can find out if it's being blocked using the Osirusoft blacklist-checking form, rbcheck.cgi.

Before opting out of these filters, though, we recommend that you alert the affected ISP of the problem and explain how their behavior is adversely affecting you and their customers. If they're on one of these blacklists, they should already be aware of the situation, but hearing from impacted customers is an excellent motivating factor. These blacklists are not trivial -- many large ISPs subscribe to them, so you are certainly not the only person that will be having trouble communicating with their customers. Mail admins are typically reachable via postmaster or abuse at their given domain. They can get information on how to remove themselves from these lists at the web sites mentioned here.

If you have an email address, you may remove yourself from HOL's UCE filters here, or if you have already removed yourself you can re-subscribe to the filters. By default all HOL customers are subscribed to the service, so you don't need to opt in unless you've previously opted out. NOTE: Don't include in your username.


Note: If you have an aliased email address you would also like to have unsubscribed from the spam filters, send an email to

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