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HOL Turbo Installation and Configuration

Before proceeding with the instructions on this page, you should have already downloaded the HOL_Turbo_Installer program and called our Customer Service and Support team to activate your 30-day trial.

Locate and double-click the icon to begin the installation process.

The first screen of the installation will look like this:

Click "Next >" to begin the installation.

In the window that appears next, review the Software End User License Agreement (EULA) and check the box at the bottom of the window that indicates you have read and accepted the terms of the licensing agreement.

Click "Next >" to continue the installation.

HOL Turbo will install itself as any other Windows program. Unless you are thoroughly familiar with installing Windows programs, we recommend you accept the default settings and simply click "Next >" on the subsequent screens.

Continue through the installation until it asks you for your HOL Turbo Login:

Username must be entered as Please enter the username and password that was assigned to you when signing up for HOL Turbo.

IMPORTANT: Please do not forget to include the "".

Using HOL Turbo

Once HOL Turbo has been installed, it will put a pineapple icon in your system tray. Notice the pineapple icon at the far left in the following example:

There is a red "X" indicating that HOL Turbo is disabled. To activate it, right-click the icon and select "Start". HOL Turbo will not try to log in until the web is accessed.

When HOL Turbo has sucessfully logged in, you will receive the following message in the system tray:

Once HOL Turbo has authenticated, web sites will load noticably faster. You may also notice a slight decrease in image quality. If you wish to see a particular image in its original quality, right-click the desired photo and select "Show Original Image" or "Show All Original Images".

To change the default image quality, right-click the HOL Turbo pineapple icon in the system tray and select "Settings". Under the "Image Quality" tab, you will find the following:

Select your desired default image quality with the slide bar. Keep in mind that a higher image quality will reduce the speed at which web pages load.

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