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For those who have been affected by the HOL turbo outage, and reconfigured your internet explorer settings, here is a tutorial to restore the settings.

Settings that need to be reset:

  1. Cache, history and internet temp files.
  2. Proxy Server
  3. DNS Settings

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You may need to delete internet explorer's temporary files. To do so, first open Internet Explorer, then go to the tools menu and select internet options.

Doing so will bring you to the general screen.

Next, click on the following buttons; delete cookies, delete files, and clear history.

Doing so should remove any old settings that may interfere with the smooth operation of HOL turbo. Once the installation is completed, click Yes to begin configuration.
Next select the connections tab.

You want to make sure that always dial my default connection is selected.

Then click the LAN settings box
Turbo uses a proxy server to redirect internet traffic.

To restore the proxy server settings:
  • Check the box next to Always use a proxy server for your LAN.
  • Click OK
Customers who use Hol Turbo, may have difficulty checking email when HOL Turbo is activated. To fix this:
  • hover your mouse over the Turbo's pineapple icon in the task bar on the bottom right of the screen.
  • Right click on the icon, and select settings.
  • Click the EMAIL tab, and then check DISABLE.
  • Click OK
  • Restart your email client and you should be able to send/receive email normally.
Click Apply and then Ok. Internet Options should close, and your savings should be saved.

If you restore these settings, and are still unable to view webpages, you may need to remove HOL Turbo, and then reinstall. To remove, go to the control panels, and select Add/Remove Programs. Select HOL Turbo from the program list. Restart the computer.

To reinstall HOL Turbo, download the installer and save it to disk. Run the HOL Turbo installer. when the pineapple appears on the bottom right, right click on it, select properties, and enter your settings.

You should now be able to view webpages normally with HOL Turbo
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