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Unsolicited commercial e-mail, aka UCE or spam, has been a growing problem for users of the Internet. Thousands of such messages are sent to our systems every single day, clogging our customers' mail boxes with useless, and frequently offensive, junk e-mail. Not only is it irritating, but it is insidious: it costs ISPs uncountable sums as they are forced to lend their resources and overloaded systems for the delivery of those unrequested, unwanted messages. It is 'postage due' marketing, just as if a telemarketer calls your home collect. Because these "online marketers" can send their messages so cheaply, with nearly all of the cost pushed onto the unwitting recipients, the volume of spam has been steadily increasing.

We have received many requests from our subscribers asking that we help them block out these types of messages. There is no perfect solution to the problem, but in an effort to reduce the amount of such mail that our customers receive, we have adopted some strong anti-spam measures. They are applied across the board to all users of e-mail at aloha.net, but customers may easily opt out of the filtering service.

In essense, we subscribe to services which allow us to deny all e-mail sent from Internet providers who have repeatedly demonstrated their support of spammers. Providers only make it onto these "blacklists" after they have demonstrated such behavior multiple times, have been contacted about it, and have not changed their ways, continuing to allow spammers onto the Internet through their networks. Any responsible ISP will not tolerate such behavior from customers and thus will not end up on these blacklists.

HOL makes use of one or more of the following filter services:

inputs.orbz.org @ ORBZ - Open Relay Blackhole Zones
inputs.orbz.org is a list of hosts that are known to be open mail relays (hosts that will accept mail from anybody to anybody, instead of accepting mail to addresses only within their own network).
See http://www.orbz.org

relays.ordb.org @ ORDB - The Open Relay Database
relays.ordb.org is another list of hosts that are open mail relays
See http://www.ordb.org/

relays.osirusoft.com - OsiruSoft's Open Relay Spam Stopper
relays.osirusoft.com is yet another open mail relay list http://relays.osirusoft.com/

HOL does not maintain these lists. All questions regarding them can be found on their respective web sites or by emailing their maintainers.

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