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Zone Alarm Basic Configuration Guide

Before proceeding with the instructions on this page, you should have already downloaded the ZoneAlarm_Installer onto your computer.

Locate and double-click the icon to start the installation wizard. We recommend that you accept all the default installation options, and when prompted we also advise that you submit valid registration information so that you can get updates as the product is improved.

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Once the installation is completed, click Yes to begin configuration.
The welcome page will be displayed. Press Next to continue.
Select Alert me whenever ZoneAlarm blocks traffic and click Finish.

Now you're done with the basic configuration.

At this point you will be offered an opportunity to read the tutorial. While ZoneAlarm can initially be simple to use, it includes many advanced features which you may want to use someday. We highly recommend that you read the tutorial at some time to understand how ZoneAlarm protects your computer.

Whatever you decide, click Finish to continue and start up ZoneAlarm.

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