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Using ZoneAlarm with HOL Turbo

These instructions describe how to set up ZoneAlarm to work well with our dialup accelerator, HOL Turbo. Both programs make use of some special features hidden behind the scenes in Windows, and you'll need to follow these instructions to make sure that ZoneAlarm doesn't prevent HOL Turbo from running.

(If you haven't yet installed this software, please see our ZoneAlarm installation guide.)

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Start ZoneAlarm, click the word Firewall on the left side of the window, then click Zones right under Help in the upper right corner.

Click on Add and select IP Address from the lower right corner.

Enter the following information:

  • Zone: Trusted
  • IP Address:
  • Description: HOL Turbo Server
Click OK to add the new entry.

You should see that the HOL Turbo Server is now trusted by ZoneAlarm Firewall. Click Apply to save.
One you connect to the Internet with both ZoneAlarm and HOL Turbo running, you will get a pop-up from ZoneAlarm indicating that a program called slipaccel.exe is trying to access the Internet. Select the option "Remember this answer the next time I use this program", then click Yes.
To double-check whether ZoneAlarm allows HOL Turbo to access the Internet, click Program Control on the left side of your ZoneAlarm window, then select Programs from the upper right corner. Make sure SlipStream Web Acceleration Client Application is on the list.
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