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Terms & Conditions

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Terms & Conditions
Acceptable Use Policy
Payment & Billing
Additional provisions for specific products/services
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Terms & Conditions

  1. Agreement - This Agreement, by and between Wavecom Solutions, Inc./Hawaii Online ("HOL"), and the Customer of HOL consumer Internet services ("Customer"), sets forth the Terms & Conditions under which certain Internet-related telecommunications services are provided to Customer by HOL.
  2. Description of Services - These Terms and Conditions cover the provision by HOL, and acceptance and use by Customer, of any one or more of the following Internet services ("Service" or "Services"):  (1) Dialup modem access to the Internet, (2) DSL access to the Internet, (3) POP/IMAP/Web Email services, (4) Virtual Web & Email hosting and (5) Domain Name Hosting and Domain Name Services (DNS). A full description and current pricing of these products can be found at the HOL website,
  3. Commencement and Term - This Agreement becomes legally binding upon the date of Service activation, which is the day on which HOL notifies Customer that the Service is available for use. The term of Service shall be month-to-month unless otherwise stated in writing
  4. Contract - The reading and acknowledgement of these Terms and Conditions will constitute a binding agreement by and between Customer and HOL. Acknowledgement may be effected in any of the following manners:
    1. by Customer's dated signature on a paper copy of same,
    2. by electronic agreement via clicking the "I Agree" button on an HTML representation of this document on any of the HOL websites, or
    3. by actual use of the specified Service, as indicated by HOL records and logs.
  5. Termination by HOL - HOL may terminate this Agreement or suspend Services with prior written notice, upon: (a) Customer's failure to pay any amounts as provided in this Agreement, (b) Customer's breach of any provision of this Agreement or any law, rule, or regulation governing the Services, (c) any insolvency, bankruptcy, assignment for the benefit of creditors, appointment of trustee or receiver or similar event with respect to Customer; or (d) any governmental prohibition or required alteration of the Services. HOL may terminate or suspend Services without notice, if: (a) necessary to protect HOL's network, (b) HOL has reasonable evidence of Customer's fraudulent or illegal use of the Services or breach of Section 3, or (c) required by legal or regulatory authority. Any termination shall not relieve Customer of the obligation to pay any charges incurred hereunder prior to such termination or for unaffected Services.
  6. Termination by Customer - This is a month-to-month agreement and Customer may cancel at any time, with obligation to pay only through the end of the month in which cancellation occurs. Cancellation Policy: To cancel your Service with HOL, call the number on your billing statement.  You will be given a confirmation number. Your cancellation is not valid without a confirmation number. For security reasons we must confirm the identity of those requesting cancellations. DO NOT SEND E-MAIL. Upon cancellation, your account will be terminated at the end of your monthly billing cycle.  You are still responsible for usage and other surcharges incurred until the account is terminated. Prepaid monthly fees are not refundable.
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