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Terms & Conditions

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Terms & Conditions
Acceptable Use Policy
Payment & Billing
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Internet Usage

Acceptable Use Policy

Customer shall not abuse the Service or the Internet in any way or conduct any illegal or inappropriate activities with Customer's account, including but not limited to, spamming, harassment, hacking, violation of intellectual property rights laws, libel laws, slander laws, obscenity laws, pornography laws, invasion of privacy laws or indecency laws. Customer's account may be terminated immediately without notice by HOL personnel if such violations are detected. Customer is solely responsible for any works (writings, files, pictures, or any other work) that Customer posts or transmits using any of HOL's services: email, conferencing, the World Wide Web, USENET, FTP transfer, instant messaging, MUSE, MUD or any similar interactive environment or any other service that allows interaction or dissemination of information. For example, if Customer desires to post, transmit or store a copyrighted work, Customer is responsible for obtaining, monitoring and enforcing the copyright holder's permission.

Customer agrees to provide his/her actual, legal name when signing up for service, whether by telephone, web form or paper/fax form. HOL does not permit anonymous accounts. Customer also agrees that he/she may not transmit any message under a false name or by means of any other person's email address. Users may not store files outside of their designated directories. Users are strictly prohibited from any activity that compromises the security of HOL's facilities. Users may not run IRC "bots" or any other scripts or programs not provided by HOL. Users are responsible for knowing and following acceptable Internet use policies. Dial-up connections may be dropped for inactivity or excessive duration, but can be immediately re-established.

HOL reserves the right to refuse to provide a Service to anyone, with or without cause. If Customer is a merchant, an Internet Service Provider, or any business providing access to end-users, Customer shall be responsible for its end-users who use the Services and shall be required to immediately terminate Service to any end-user who violates any provision of this Agreement. It is Customer's sole responsibility to inform its end-users of their obligations in using the Services. HOL may terminate Services to Customer if Customer fails to terminate Service with its end-user(s) who have violated this Agreement after notification by HOL.

HOL reserves the right to monitor Customer actions when necessary to help Customer or to protect itself or other users or systems. Any use of the Service that disturbs the normal use of the system by HOL or by other HOL customers or consumes excessive amounts of memory or CPU cycles for long periods of time may result in termination pursuant to Section 1 of this Agreement.

Customer shall not engage in the origination or transmission of Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE) or spam. Spamming means any instance where Customer or other user of Customer's access account sends one or more postings, messages, emails, or any other digital or electronic communication to one or more unsolicited recipients. Customer agrees that spamming causes HOL and the recipient to incur unintended extra costs for network services and may violate laws and regulations. Customer shall not cause, release or perpetuate the existence of any virus or similar contaminating or destructive device in any form.

HOL is not responsible for Internet content, activity, or availability of specific resources. Some materials may be offensive to some Customers. Customer expressly agrees that any use of Customer's account by an individual younger than eighteen (18) years shall be solely the responsibility of Customer. HOL and Customer agree that the terms and conditions of this Acceptable Use Policy are reasonable and necessary for HOL to be able to provide Services and to protect the proper, efficient functioning of the Internet. In all instances, HOL's interpretation of the Acceptable Use Policy terms and conditions shall control.

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