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Terms & Conditions

Table of Contents:

Terms & Conditions
Acceptable Use Policy
Payment & Billing
Additional provisions for specific products/services
Internet Usage

Payment and Billing

Customer agrees to the following terms and conditions:

  1. General - (i) To pay the charges that appear on Customerís credit card, direct debit account, or invoice based on the pricing plan Customer has selected within the payment terms of HOL; (ii) to pay all surcharges for usage-based services such as, but not limited to nationwide 800 dial-up access, web site traffic surcharges (if any), disk space surcharges (if any), or any other surcharged service; (iii) that the monthly Service fee is billed monthly in advance regardless of usage; (iv) that the Service fees are not refundable; (v) to pay all fees regardless of the ability of HOL to bill and/or collect; (vi) that after any trial period, Customer will notify HOL in writing or by calling the sales department during business hours at least 24 hours prior to the end of the trial period if Customer does not wish to continue Service; (vii) to notify HOL within 60 days of any billing discrepancy and agrees to be responsible for all billed fees if Customer fails to notify HOL within 60 days that a discrepancy exists.
  2. Payment - Recurring charges will be invoiced monthly, in advance. Billing for recurring charges will begin on the date of Service activation. Non-recurring charges, if any, will be invoiced prior to initiating Service. HOL reserves the right to conduct credit verification or require a deposit at any time. The monthly and non-recurring charges do not include applicable taxes, fees and/or surcharges. Such taxes, fees and/or surcharges will appear on Customer's invoice and will be due in the same manner as all other amounts owed.

    All amounts owed are due and payable upon receipt of the invoice, regardless of whether or not Customer uses the Service. HOL reserves the right to charge a Late Payment Charge of $5.00, or the highest rate allowed by law, on all past due amounts. Past due amounts are those amounts not paid within twenty (20) calendar days of the invoice date, unless otherwise provided by state law. A charge of $25 will apply to a returned check or not sufficient funds check. If Customer suspects an error in the invoice, Customer must notify HOL within sixty (60) days of the invoice date, unless otherwise permitted by state law. Customer authorizes HOL to charge any amounts due from or to Customer in connection with purchases or sales to the registered credit card identified by Customer at the time such purchase or sale is ordered, subject to the terms and conditions of the agreement between Customer and the credit card issuer. Customer's right to use the Services provided under this Agreement is subject to any limits established by Customer's credit card issuer.

  3. Credits - A credit allowance may be made when a Service interruption occurs because of a failure of any facilities, equipment or personnel furnished by HOL, subject to the following conditions. A Service interruption will be deemed to have occurred only where the interruption is not the result of: (i) the act of, or failure to act by, Customer or its agents; (ii) the failure or malfunction of non-HOL equipment or systems, including the negligent acts of other common carriers; or (iii) a Service interruption caused by Service maintenance, alteration or implementation requested by Customer. In no event shall such credit amount to more than the charge for one month of Services. The foregoing states Customer's sole remedy for Service interruption under this Agreement.
  4. Additional Billing Information - To obtain billing information on your account, please call the number on your billing statement or write:
    Wavecom Solutions, Inc./Hawaii Online
    Attn: HOL Billing
    1132 Bishop St. Suite 800
    Honolulu, HI 96813
  5. Change of Customer Information - Customer agrees to inform HOL promptly if there is any change in the information that Customer provides to HOL, including change of address and any credit, debit, or charge card numbers and expiration dates. Customer shall remain responsible for any unauthorized use of the Services occurring on Customer's account.
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