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'Olelo A State Agency

Honolulu - Hawaii State Office of Information Practices rules in C.T.P.A.'s and Kauai League of Women Voters' requests that 'Olelo and Hoike public access TV centers are really state government agencies and must comply with the state's Uniform Information Practices Act (UIPA). 'Olelo workers do not get state government or union benefits or protections . . . Attorney General rules Hawaii P.E.G.s can be audited by state . . . Hawaii Access TV regulators make "Rotten Deal" with AOL/Time Warner . . . C.T.P.A. President Arbeit documents 'Olelo favoritism in Honolulu Advertiser and Hawaii Reporter . . . Hawaii Senate passed SB2416 SD 1 in 2000 requiring (State) DCCA to require in their contracts with public access organizations that provide public, educational, and governmental access to television, (to) comply with the sunshine laws and the Uniform Information Practices Act.

Putting Public Back in Public Access
State Senators write letter requesting 'Olelo and DCCA to appoint C.T.P.A. representatives to 'Olelo Board . . . Other legislation directs Hawaii community access television Boards of Directors be selected by a voting membership, to insure true public representation on the access boards . . . See C.T.P.A. President Wendy Arbeit's message about this legislation.

'Olelo Audit
SR 18 passed; Hawaii State Senate requests 'Olelo conduct a financial & management audit . . . SCR 51 directs 'Olelo to conduct a full financial and managerial audit. See the top reasons C.T.P.A. feels an audit is long overdue, the State DCCA's written support for the audits, and what you can do about it.

Public Access Sells Out to PBS?
Reports of 'Olelo pushing aside current local programming in favor of airing national PBS programming . . . Moves by 'Olelo to air what it decides viewers want to see rather than airing what speakers want to say . . . Public input at 'Olelo Board meetings now restricted . . . Gov't. & selected groups now exempted from 'Olelo's rules and qualifications and given preferential treatment . . . 'Olelo co-opts public access in "merger" with PBS's KHET, setting unwanted precedent for public access. Action paves way for national takeover of public access by PBS.

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