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'Olelo Board of Directors, 1997 - 1998

'Olelo board members are normally appointed for a maximum of two three-year terms.
Six of the nine directors are appointed by the Hawaii State Department of Commerce and 
Consumer Affairs: Kathy Matayoshi, Ph. 586-2850, FAX 586-2856

The remaining three directors are appointed by Oceanic Cable, a Time/Warner company:
Don Carroll, Ph. 625-8100

No Public Access users have ever been appointed to the 'Olelo board of directors, despite this
requirement in the 'Olelo By-Laws, and this practice being the norm at other access centers
around the country.

Attendance Record of 'Olelo (Ph. 834-0007) board members:

Olelo board attendance

NOTE: Prior to the By-Laws changes by the board, board members who missed three or more consecutive board meetings were to be dismissed from the board of directors.
Since this chart was released, the 'Olelo board at the 12/97 meeting changed the By-Laws again, reducing the number of required "open" board meetings, from about one meeting a month, down to only four open board meetings a year.

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