Island Enchantment Kauai River Side Retreat

Kauai offers an idyllic environment for inner exploration. We would like to offer a homebase to support your journey...

A healthy, fun tropical river side retreat close to the beach offering Hawaiian paradise adventures. (Scroll down or click any picture)

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Your Riverfront Room

Your Kauai Vacation Retreat, a beautiful island-style home, rests in a lush tropical setting. Birds splash in the river as it flows by and mountain peaks rise close behind. The sound of ocean waves calls you to an uncrowded beach just a five minute drive away. Walk over the wide lawn for a quiet moment by the river bank under the giant monkeypod shade tree.

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To reserve your room and/or adventure, just E-mail your preferred dates and number of guests or call Humberto, or Tatiana at (808) 823-0705, toll-free reservations line: (888) 281-8292. We're easiest to reach after 9 a.m., or evenings (Hawaii time is 3 hrs. earlier than the W. Coast) and weekends. At other times, try my cell phone at (808) 635-7084. Messages may be left at all numbers.