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Kailua Beach has been voted best beach in the US for swimming, walking, sunbathing and a number of watersports. This beach is a must destination for your day of fun in the sun on the beautiful Island of Oahu. Escape the crowds, while finding relaxing, fun filled activities.

Kailua Beach Park is internationally known for it’s fine white sand, pristine aqua waters and natural beauty. You’ll enjoy great snorkeling spots, ocean kayaking, sailing and many other watersport activities… the choice is yours!

Kailua Beach is known as the windsurfing capital of Oahu thanks to its gentle and consistent trade winds blowing onshore and its miles of sandy beach.

From Kailua Beach you can kayak to the Mokulua Islands, a protected bird sanctuary with a beautiful deserted beach, the perfect spot for a picnic lunch. This part of the bay off Lanikai Beach features turquoise blue waters, coral reefs, and large sea turtles in their native habitat.

flower2.gif (213 bytes) A perfect way to spend a morning, or entire day, is to rent a kayak from ksk-1.gif (1588 bytes) Inc. and paddle on the calm, clear waters off Kailua Beach.
  Load up a picnic lunch, paddle out to an off-shore isle and just relax. As you glide along, you'll see various kinds of marine life below you, sea birds above
and the Koolau Mountains in the distance.

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 flower2.gif (213 bytes) The ocean conditions off of Kailua Beach are perfect for beginner kayakers and windsurfers. Lessons are available all day.
Kayak and windsurfing gear is rented per half and full days.
All-day windsurfing or kayak tour packages are available. Transportation from Waikiki is included. Call for reservations any time.

flower2.gif (213 bytes)   ksk-1.gif (1588 bytes) Inc. is next to Lanikai Beachwear in the
Kailua Beach Center, 130 Kailua Rd.

Click Here For Driving Directions and Map

Tel:  808 262-2555
Fax:  808 261-7341
E-mail: info@kailuasailboards.com

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Extreme Kitesurfing-Photo:Sylvain Cazenave :


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Windsurfing Over clear, calm waters

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*Free roundtrip transportation from all Waikiki hotels*

for all of these great activities:


Hawaiian Kayaking Adventure

The Guided Tour is designed especially with the novice in mind, feeling better with an experienced Kayaking guide aside. Although all destinations within Kailua Bay are safe with out any direct supervision , the guest does benefit from the extensive kayaking and site knowledge provided by the instructor.

The Selfguided Tour is designed for the independent adventurer looking for a great time kayaking at their own pace, and in a safe environment. Kailua bay is the perfect place for the beginner and advanced alike. An extensive site briefing and instructions given by our experienced staff prepares our guest kayakers for a safe day at Kailua Bay.


$89.00 Guided incl. lunch



$59.00 Selfguided incl. lunch

All Day Windsurfing

Kailua is known as a Windsurfing Capital with excellent conditions. The steady tradewinds and the gentle beach make for a Windsurfing paradise.

Beginner Windsurfing Package

A typical day windsurfing for a beginner starts with a lesson taking place on a windsurfing simulator.Here the novice has a chance to learn all the moves before going out on to the water. Special training boards with easy to handle sails are provided so everyone has a chance at the sport.

The instructor spends ample time with the student in the water. In the afternoon the student is encouraged to practice on their own. Beach staff is always on hand if additional help is needed.

Advanced Windsurfing Package

Kailua Sailboards & Kayaks Inc. is one of twelve "Fanatic Board Centers" worldwide. Our Windsurfing equipment is continuously updated. with help of our qualified personnel at Kailua Beach park the customer enjoys a wide variety of new and up to date Equipment . Accessories such as harness and life jackets are provided at no additional charge.


$79.00 incl. lunch

Join our tour that introduces you to the extreme watersport of the millennium: Kitesurfing. Born of a love of wind power and a desire to go ever faster and higher, kitesurfing is offered in beautiful Kailua Bay.

Kailua Bay boasts a white sandy beach and cross onshore winds perfect for the beginner and novice kitesurfer. The reef-protected bay provides excellent and safe conditions to get you up and going in this new and exciting sport.

Our introduction to kitesurfing includes: understanding and knowledge of safety rules and procedures; practice of the kite on and off the water; and board introduction for safe launching. Come learn with our expertly-trained staff for a comprehensive lesson today!


$269.00 incl. lunch
Sport Catamaran Sailing

Come and sail with us on a sleek Prindle 18-2 Catamaran, gliding quietly over beautiful reefs teeming with fish as you spot large sea turtles basking in the sun. Relax under the warm Hawaiian tradewinds as your professional and informative skipper sails you in and out of the reefs of the bay. Want to sail yourself ? Take the helm and give it a whirl. See how much fun it can be to skipper a racing catamaran on your own.

Come and land on a deserted island or sandbar with us and relax, kick back and enjoy beautiful Hawaii from the outside looking in!


$120.00 incl. lunch




Kailua Beach Tour

Join us at Kailua Beach, ranked # 1 beach in the US  three times in the past decade, for swimming , walking and sunbathing. Miles of sandy beach await you in a tropical friendly environment . Away from the skyscrapers, here at Kailua Beach one can still find true paradise.

Kailua Sailboards & Kayaks Inc. will provide snorkeling gear, boogie boards , beachmats and a hot lunch to make your day more complete.


$49.00 incl. lunch




ksk-1.gif (1588 bytes)INC.
KAILUA, HI 96734

Click Here For Driving Directions and Map

TEL 808 262-2555
FAX 808 261-7341
E-mail: info@kailuasailboards.com

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