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Here is the original Big Ed homepage at Hawaii Online. This page is for practice in setting up a web page. This is only for hobby purposes for now. Priority ham radio and nonprofit activities. I am a weird scientist. I have a wide assortment of interests. These include amateur radio, computers, automobiles, tesla coils, and various electrical and electronic gadgets. Pictures coming soon. Please press your BACK button after you are through viewing an image and want to get back to this page. This page started December 7, 1996. I used notepad to create this page.

I live here.

This place in cyberspace will be updated at least every 2 months.

Click on the satellite name below for a weather photo of Kauai. The latest one coming soon. Downloaded to a Kauai, Hawaii ground station. The time shown on the photo is 10 hours ahead of Hawaii time. Whenever you look up at the sky, say cheese.

Here is a closeup view of the islands.

Amateur (Ham) Radio is one of my hobbies. Kauai Amateur Radio Club is a ham radio club on the island of Kauai. Ham Radio is a hobby where people can experiment with and use radio equipment for pleasure and sometimes for emergencies. The weekend of June 28 was the nation wide Amateur Radio Field Day. Click here to go to the Field Day page.

Hey Auto race fans, here are some pictures taken at Kauai Raceway Park.

One weekend I went up to Kokee. A mountainous area near my hometown. I took some pictures with my new digital camera. I snapped a picture of the nene (Hawaiian Geese) patrol and the scenic area they reside at.

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