Four circles that have as their centers the 4 dots around the "pole" in the center.
Note that the intersection of any three circles defines a specific corner. Note also that using 3 circles to define the corners means that the base cannot be square. You can also see that any individual circle touches just three corners and misses the fourth. The illustration is exagerated to show the principles involved (too show the actual circles intesecting on the base of the Great Pyramid would require a drawing bigger than a web page can handle). I only recently (5/95) found this feature of the Pyramid and it can be verified by using just the Cole survey numbers. Anybody who wants to try the math contact me.(see below)
4 circles
Details of the center
An email message from Dave Seymour prompted me too make the illustration below. It started as a graph from my math-cad program which I changed to a gif too put all the words and arrows in.
Because it is a mathematical graph, the various intersections are not drawn in, but are actual mathematical intersections.
4 circles

updated 3/20/97

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