Mauna Kea Pictures

The summit of Mauna Kea is rarely covered in snow (maybe once every three years) but when it is, the most and best photographs are taken. It is probably because the dark rock makes such a wonderful contrast with the white snow. Here are three of my favorites.

Above, a 1969 aerial photograph of the whole summit area. The snow level stops at about the 11,000 foot level. Notice the zig-zag dirt road (now paved) and the single dome (there are more than twelve observatories now).

The C.F.H.T. telescope looking toward the crater on top of Mauna Loa

C.F.H.T. again looking toward a group of cinder cones. The largest cone is called Pu'u Makanaka (hill of many standing people). These cones are rich in Hawaiian history and legends.


Last up-dated August 13,1996