An email exchange about the "4 circles" turns up a mysterious line, that seems to have been used to originaly line up the Pyramid.

An email message from Dave Seymour prompted me too make the illustration below. It started as a graph from my math-cad program which I changed to a "gif" to put all the words and arrows in.

Because it is a mathematical graph, the various intersections are not drawn in, but are actual mathematical intersections.

4 circles

It was Dave's suggestion to look at a point that was equi-distance from the North West & South East corners and also equi-distant from the North East & South West corners.

This point has some interesting features:
1) It is (to 4 decimal places) 3 1/3 inches from all the centers of the 4 circles.(the blue circle above)
2) It falls right on the line that runs between, the point under the peak and the crossed diagonal point.(the dotted line above)

I computed the azimuth of this dotted line at 350.15 degrees (or 9.85 degrees west of north) and it seems to me that it was used to line up with a point on the horizion where a star would set.(see drawing below)
star setting

But I couldn't use my modern star charts to find which star would set at this azimuth because the stars were in completly different positions about 4,500 year ago.

Anybody who can help me find what visible star (or stars) set at an azimuth of 350.15 deg. about 4,500 years ago please contact me. This also might help date when the Pyramid was first laid out.

up-dated 3/24/97

©;1997,Terrance G. Nevin