Gospel of Matthew Star of Bethlehem. astroarchaeology, Christ's Star 

Within these pages information is presented which suggests 
that the blueprint of our solar system 
has been "encoded" in the Gospel of Matthew for 2000 years. 

For almost two millennia, scholars, prophets, astronomers and astrologers have diligently searched the skies for the star which announced the birth of Jesus Christ.

A review of the gospel of Matthew and all other historical materials indicate that the "star" was visible only to the "wise men".

In the days of the "ancients" astronomy and astrology were combined in the "science" of "stargazing" and those who specialized in "stargazing" were called "wise men".

Herod, king of Judea at the time of the birth of Christ, without doubt, entertained the counsel of "stargazers" in his court.  It was a common practice to seek the advice of "wise men" and such practices continue today although in a less visible way.

Herod was unaware of any unusual "stellar" events during the time period which included the arrival of the Magi. Thus, he inquired about the appearance of the "star" which guided them to Judea to seek the "new king".

Star of Bethlehem. astroarchaeology, Christ's Star

The "Star of Bethlehem" was an astrological event incorporating astronomical data (planetary locations) that must be interpreted using the ancient astrological methods.

Commentators for the past six hundred years have consistently determined that it was routine planetary "conjunctions" (two planets very close in the sky) visible to everyone, that announced the "divine birth".

The conclusions of the many commentators do not address three most important issues:

1) The "star" was not noticed or even "visible" to anyone but the wise men.

2) Any analysis which does not include astrological information from the period will be incomplete because astronomy and astrology were the same science ( observation and interpretation ) at the beginning of the Age.  Additionally, any celestial phenomenon that is given a prophetic interpretation is within the auspices of astrology.

3) The accuracy of the time frame established in the gospels regarding:

a) the birth of Christ
b) Christ's presentation at the temple within 40 days after his birth
c) the appearance of the wise men with their gifts, and
d) the subsequent "historically verifiable" time of King Herod's passing in 4BC

Some of our present beliefs regarding "ancient" civilizations are:

"The ancients were unaware that the Earth is a sphere.....were unaware of the Earth's rotation either in an orbit or upon her axis.....were unaware of the "recently discovered" outer planets.....were unaware of the precession of the equinox and .....they lacked any mathematical skills regarding the calculation of a 'Heliocentric' (Sun centered) scheme in the solar system."
This, of course, was true regarding the skills of the common folk at the beginning of the Piscean Age over 2000 years ago. However, these "common limitations", unquestionably, do not apply to Matthew, according to his astounding account of the star, nor do they apply to the sect of highly advanced astrologer priests called the Magi.

It is the Magi who were guided by the appearance of the rare and most incredible star and who were immortalized in Matthew's fantastic account of this great event.

Matthew indicates unequivocally that the ancients were:

    1)    aware of a "Sun centered" solar system
    2)    were aware of the phenomenon of "precession"
    3)    possessed skills to create a "Sun centered" map of the solar system
    4)    possessed knowledge of the existence of the outer planets
    5)   were aware that the Sun is a star

The Star is present and it can be located and reproduced
It is written in the language of Man's first true science. 

Since the inception of the gospels, science has searched for some tangible proof of the existence of the biblical Christ and has come back empty handed.

The presence of the phenomenal celestial event, called The Star of Bethlehem , which spanned the entire solar system, provides tangible and reproducible proof of the accuracy of Matthew's account of the star.

What it is that I have found is recorded within these pages. You are invited to navigate beyond "cultural filters" to obtain a glimpse of, what I believe is, "ultimate and universal truth".

A portion of the journey is "within"...

Star of Bethlehem. astroarchaeology, Christ's Star
...and many of the road markers are metaphors.
Star of Bethlehem. astroarchaeology, Christ's Star
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