Zeti Reticulum Reticuli great pyramid capstone extraterrestrial
Zeti Reticulum Reticuli great pyramid capstone extraterrestrial
Zeti Reticulum Reticuli great pyramid capstone extraterrestrial
Zeti Reticulum Reticuli great pyramid capstone extraterrestrial
Zeti Reticulum Reticuli great pyramid capstone extraterrestrial
Compelling evidence of the existence of highly intelligent extraterrestrial life...
based upon probability (and cryptology)

"The laws of Nature are written in the language of mathematics.  
The symbols are triangles, circles and other geometrical figures,
without whose help it is impossible to comprehend a single word.
All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered, the point is to discover them."

Zeti Reticulum Zeti Reticulum Reticuli great pyramid capstone extraterrestrial

zeti reticulum reticuli great pyramid speed of light in stoneFor Multi-Language Translations click herezeti reticulum reticuli great pyramid speed of light in stone

The essence of the information published on this page is that The Great Pyramid is approximately 5,000 years old and we still have neither the technology nor the engineering skills to reproduce that magnificent structure where it stands. 
Both The Great Pyramid's Northern Latitude and slope angle correspond to the speed of light (see original research below). 
Additionally, if you transpose The Great Pyramid's 'Pi dimension' to a time/date and create an ancient geological map of the solar system then the result is a configuration that resembles: a "capstone", a pyramid, and also resembles the Reticulum Constellation (images immediately below).
The Reticulum constellation is significant because the first seriously investigated "alien abduction" (1961) scenario led baffled, and quite legitimate, researchers to suspect that the visiting "ET's" came from the Reticulum Constellation. 
What is presented here is a 'high probability-proof' (100%) of the existence of highly advanced / highly intelligent extraterrestrial life.  

(above) Zeta Reticulum Constellation

Viewed from the "outside"looking towards our solar system

great pyramid zeti Reticulum star of bethlehem speed of lightReticulum constellation, great pyramid

(above) Star Map of The Reticulum Constellation - from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Zeti Reticulum Reticuli great pyramid capstone extraterrestrial

The Geometric Solar System (Astrology Chart - enhanced)
created by the transposition of "The Great Pyramid's Pi Dimension" to a time/date
(see below Algorithm of Time © )

Great Pyramid Capstone (click for image and data)
Original chart created by transposition of Pi to a time / date,
see, (immediately below)  the
algorithm of time for Pi conversion
Also, the Sun, orange circle on lower right of chart above, is conjunct (very near to, in the zodiac) "Fixed Star" Zeta Reticuli

algorithm of time, star bethlehem, pi, extraterrestrial, zeti reticuli, reticulum

Zeti Reticuli Reticulm Great Pyramid Speed of light

transposes to
Zeti Reticuli Reticulm Great Pyramid Speed of light3 years - 14 months- 15 days- 92 hours- 65 minutes- 40 seconds
and reduces to
Zeti Reticuli Reticulm Great Pyramid Speed of light3 years - 14 months- 15 days- 93 hours5 minutes - 40 seconds
and reduces further to 
Zeti Reticuli Reticulm Great Pyramid Speed of light4 years- 2 months- 18 days- 21 hours5 minutes - 40 seconds
Zeti Reticuli Reticulm Great Pyramid Speed of lightFebruary 18th 5 at 9:05:40 PM, location The Great Pyramid  

This transposition initially provided a window of approx.11 years (5 BC to 5 AD) 
A 5 BC date provided the astounding chart (after adjusting for Gregorian Calendar discrepancies)

Why the 'Algorithm of Time'?
- Because the Astroarchaeological and Archaeoastronomical approaches typically require 'dates'.
- So, with The Great Pyramid's most predominant
mathematical expressing being 'Pi', it seemed reasonable to investigate the possibility that the "Pi dimension' of the pyramid was, somehow, linked to a temporal reference.
-Plus 'Pi', and 'time', as we measure it, are both related to circles. 'Time',as we measure it, is 'circumference'; the 'circumference of two 'circles'. One circle being the daily rotation of the Earth on her axis (axis rotation) and the second 'circle' is the Earth's annual circumnavigation of the Sun.

Reticulum is a constellation in the Southern hemisphere (declination -60 degrees). "Zeta" is the sixth letter of the Greek alphabet so Zeta Reticuli [ Zet1 Ret (HD20766) and Zet 2 Ret (HD 20807) are a wide binary system]  sixth brightest (magnitude) star. The word"reticulum" is Latin for " little net ". The Reticulum Constellation is diamond shaped(image on top of page) and also depicts (suggests) two pyramids that are aligned with their bases touching <> . Zeta Reticuli is approximately 39 light years from the Earth (so pack a lunch). Zeta Reticuli is located in the 30th degree of Aquarius in the sidereal astrological wheel. The constellation boundaries are (approximately) Right Ascension = 3 hours 17minutes (notice the Pi approximation  "Pi + .Pi" or  pi + point pi or .pi = 3 hours 17minutes) to RA=4h 40m and DECL = 53 degrees to DECL = 67 degrees and contains two class "G" stars that are very similar to our Sun.  The probability of sentient life in this system is considered  "quite possible". 

This (immediately below) is the short version of how Zeta Reticuli was introduced
into the non-astronomical western mind

In 1961 (September 19th), Betty, then 41 and Barney, then 39, Hill (well known in UFOlogy, which is not really my specialty) were stopped by visitors from Zeta Reticuli who were asking for directions. The aliens showed Betty Hill a star map which she was able (only) to reproduce later under hypnosis. It has since been determined that the map that Betty Hill saw was a star map of the Reticulum Constellation.

Shortly after the story of the Hill's extraterrestrial experience was published in the newspapers many other individuals throughout the country (USA) started to claim that they were channeling messages from the alien Reticulums and the Hill story has since become popular folklore in UFOology. Not one of the supposed,after the fact, Reticulum channelers (to my knowledge) has come up with any information that could not have been easily fabricated. No one has provided any technological or scientific data and much of the "information" presented sounds like the Old and New Testaments with a new age twist and, also, there is no astronomical evidence of any planets around either Zeta1 or Zeta 2, however, our current theories regarding planet formation support the assumption that planets SHOULD be present in Zeta Reticuli. Nevertheless, the Hill event became the template for all future alien abduction claims.

The Hills did not attempt to capitalize on their experience nor did they seek publicity. In fact, Mrs. Betty Hill seemed to have dealt with her experience in a 'matter of fact' type of even minded way. The Hills' post-abduction demeanor contained neither sensationalism nor hysteria. The event, however, took on a paranoid flavor after the story got into the hands and imaginations of a few 'fringe dwellers' who embellished the tale and created a whole Reticulum Civilization out of the Hill's story.

The abduction of Betty and Barney Hill was the first Alien abduction case to be reported and thoroughly investigated. The case was the first that employed hypnotic regression in the investigation of Alien abductions. Many consider the Hill's experience to be the only authentic close encounter reported in recent times.

If your own parents told you that they had been abducted by aliens for approximately two hours and each parent's repressed memories about the event were clearly refreshed under medical hypnosis then this [parenthetical ?:-)] hypothetical situation places you in the precise context of the Hill's1961 circumstances. You are receiving a virtually fantastic story from two highly credible people who have no motive other than honesty, and perhaps, a need to make psychological sense out of their extraordinary experience.

This is an especially credible case because of the integrity of the Hills and the skeptical predisposition of the hypnotherapist, Dr. Benjamin Simon,a Boston Psychiatrist who specialized in hypnotic therapy. Pease Air Force Base supposedly confirmed that they (The Air Force) had indeed tracked an unknown object around the time and location of the Hills' close encounter, however, I have not been able to confirm the accuracy of the claim that radar data supports the story.

The Hill abduction matter was documented in a film called " The UFO Incident"(Universal Studios, 1975) and a book entitled " The Interrupted Journey"(by John G. Fuller, July 1997 also, an earlier out-of-print edition from Dial Press, 1966).

O.K.,so that's the Hill story, and apart from my little joke about aliens' purpose in stopping was to ask for directions, the story is generally believed to be true . So....why in the world did I mention this? I mentioned it because of The Great Pyramid at Giza.

Zeti Reticulum Reticuli Zeti Reticulum Reticuli great pyramid capstone extraterrestrial

The Great Pyramid at Giza is the only remaining "wonder" of The Seven Wonders of The World. It is the most surveyed structure in the history of humanity .

The Great Pyramid was constructed between 3809 B.C. and 2896 B.C.(according to multiple mortar samples that were tested for carbon-14 dating in1986 in Zurich, Switzerland) and we, now in the beginning of the third millennium, still do not have either the technology or engineering skills to duplicate that magnificent structure. In fact, it is still a puzzle in regard to HOW it was built.

Presently there are two types of cranes in the world that are capable of lifting stone blocks that weigh as much (70+ tons) as railroad steam engines. However,after attaching a boom arm long enough to accomplish the task of lifting to heights equal to the Great Pyramid (approx. 481 ft high), the boom arm acts like a lever and the entire assembly disintegrates.
Zeta reticulum reticuli, Great Pyramid, speed of light in stoneThe Great Pyramid is the most perfectly aligned structure in the world. Its alignment is superior to that produced by laser technology.
Zeta reticulum reticuli, Great Pyramid, speed of liThe Great Pyramid is a scale model of the Earth at a ratio of 1 : 43,200.
Zeta reticulum reticuli, Great Pyramid, speed of liThe enormous granite and limestone blocks are so precisely placed that the joints are less than one fiftieth of an inch in thickness. The joints are held by a type of "cement" the composition of which we have been unable to determine.
Zeta reticulum reticuli, Great Pyramid, speed of liThe Great Pyramid has perfect geometric relationships.
Zeta reticulum reticuli, Great Pyramid, speed of lightIt contains a complete astronomical catalogue of our solar system.
Zeta reticulum reticuli, Great Pyramid, speed of liIt contains, in its various ratios and dimensions, the quantum physics of light.
Zeta reticulum reticuli, Great Pyramid, speed of liThe Great Pyramid's height is in relationship to its base sides as a circles' radius is to its circumference ( 1/2  Pi ).
Zeta reticulum reticuli, Great Pyramid, speed of liThere are absolutely no Egyptian artifacts (tools or records) that indicate that it was the Egyptians who built The Great Pyramid.
Zeta reticulum reticuli, Great Pyramid, speed of liSome of the stone work performed in the construction of The Great Pyramid requires high speed diamond tipped drills that operate at an efficiency of approximately 500 times the efficiency and power of our contemporary tools.
Zeta reticulum reticuli, Great Pyramid, speed of liThe ancient Egyptians had neither the tools nor the technology nor the mathematics to create The Great Pyramid. There are no records regarding the construction of The Great Pyramid nor does The Great Pyramid contain any hieroglyphics. 
The "language" of The Great Pyramid is mathematics and symbol. The most obvious mathematical expression is Pi and most of its geometric expressions are centered around the astronomy of the Sun's apparent movement around the Earth. The Great Pyramid is a monument to light.

New Original Research from The Jupiter Project - Light Speed in Stone
The list of utterly remarkable and mind boggling cosmic associations contained in The Great Pyramid is virtually endless. I have only cited a few of the associations that have interested me and a few that I have discovered myself.- i.e. The UNIQUE slope angle of The Great Pyramid is 51º 51'  (Note: In 1837 Egyptologist  Howard Vyse found two of the original side casing blocks at the base of the pyramid, 5 ft x 8 ft x 12 ft, with an angle of 51 degrees, 51 minutes cut on one of the 12 ft. sides).
Vyse's finding is in agreement with W. M. Flinders Petrie's monumental survey (1883) of The Great Pyramid.

great pyramid slope angle speed of light in stone

Petrie's survey calculated the Great Pyramid's slope angle (in situ) and, according to Petrie,
his measurements could not claim that the Pyramid, as measured,  was equiangular and vertical in its axis.
In other words, his measurements could not account for any slight shift, over time, of the pyramid's verticle axis.
Petrie did not measure any detached side casing stone, as Vyse did. Vyse's finding pre-dates Petrie's survey by 4 decades
and each arrives at similar conclusions regarding the pyramid's slope angle.  

The Great Pyramid's unique slope angle of 51 degrees 51 minutes of arc = 186,600 arc seconds which approximates our present measurement of the maximum speed of light in MILES per second (186282.397) with a margin of error (?) of 17 / 10,000 th or 317 miles-per-second.  

The Great Pyramid also sits at the Northern Latitude of 29.97697709832755 
Commentators have said that The Great Pyramid was built where it stands because there is underlying bedrock capable of supporting its enormous weight and other nearby locations could not support the weight of The Great Pyramid. I believe that the "underlying bedrock" is not a naturally occurring geologic formation.
Why? Because:
29.97697709832755 (Northern Latitude)  'mirrors' (precisely one/10 millionth ) the 'speed of light' in meters per second! And within 14 miles per second of our present calculation of the speed of light in 'meters per second' (299 792 458 meters per second).    

29.9769770 x 10,000,000 = 299,769,770.  

As such
29.98 degrees Northern Latitude), it is the only 'degree of latitude' that comes the closest to implying 'light speed' in meters per second.  

Note: The length and definition of both 'mile' and 'meter' have changed and evolved over time.  
The Great Pyramid was (it seems) constructed approximately 5000 years ago. Considering how to 'embed' information, relating to light speed, in a structure that may not be 'decoded' for 5000 years in the future, then what better way (?) than to make two distinct mathematical references (miles and meters) in the architecture and placement of such a structure.   A design that guaranteed that, at sometime in the future, we would 'figure it out' and see that both the Great Pyramid's slope angle and degree (location) of Northern Latitude are references to the speed of light.  
One (only) light speed reference could be dismissed as a 'coincidence', but how about two (?) and with both being blatantly obvious; the pyramid's placement and UNIQUE slope angle.
Additional note: Both of the pyramid's 'light speed' indicators are slightly faster (i.e., 14 miles and 317 miles) than our present measurement of the speed of light. How-so-ever, we have NEVER measured the speed of light outside of a gravitational field. We have always measured the speed of light traveling in an arc and therefore light speed would be measured as a bit slower than actual light speed sans gravity.

Great Pyramid, Giza Plateau, Speed of Light, Zeti Reticuli reticulum

The image above is of the Great Pyramid (compliments of Google Earth).  The top of the pyramid, according to Google Maps, is located at 29 degrees 58 minutes 44.64 seconds of arc. Other internet sources report the Great Pyramid's Northern Latitude as 29 degrees 58 minutes51 seconds +- a few seconds.  (If we knew the exact location of the North Pole we could clear up these slight variations.) Never-the-less, all northern latitude reports when transmuted as follows.....:
29 degrees 58 minutes 51 seconds =
a) 29 degrees
b) 58 minutes of arc is 97%of one degree.....
c) 51 seconds of arc is 85%of one minute of arc.....
gives us 29- 97%- 85%
If you assemble numbers in order then they create 299,785,nnn which is approximately the first six digits of the speed of light in METERS per second with a miniscule margin of error.

.....fall within 99.9+% of our present measurement of the speed of light in meters per second!  
Additionally, using the globe as a 360 degree circle and counting from the North Pole, around the globe
to the Great Pyramid, the numbers of degrees to the Great Pyramid corresponds to light speed  
or 299 point 792458 degrees (see image below).  The Great Pyramid has THREE direct references to the speed of light.  1) slope angle   2) Northern Latitude   3) location within the 360 degree sphere of the earth.

               great pyramid - speed of light

Anyone care to speculate about the statistical probability of the light speed correlation between both, The Great Pyramid's 'unique' (only one at this angle) slope-angle and its Northern Latitude ?

probability proof of existence of highly intelligent Extraterrestrial life
This image is a typical example of Egyptian writing in 3,000 BC
There is hardly any mention of quantum physics or light speed

After contemplating the statistical probability of the light-speed correlation, factor in these facts:

a)  The 'ancient' Egyptians employed only a very simple system of mathematics

b)  To this day, the methods used in the construction of The Great Pyramid are speculative (in other words, we do not know how that structure was built on a 'nearly' impossible angle)

c)   'Pi' was not 'discovered' until centuries after The Great Pyramid was constructed
(The greatest mathematical expression of The Great Pyramid is 'Pi')

d)  The architectural design of The Great Pyramid mirrors a (link) 'once in over 40,000,000 years' celestial configuration which includes the entire solar system out to Pluto which was (Pluto) 'discovered' in the year 1930.
The 'once in over 40,000,000 years' Seal of Solomon celestial configuration occurred in
5 BC which means that whoever designed The Great Pyramid not only knew the speed of light (as described above) but also new of a rare celestial configuration that was to occur 3000 years in the future..... and the future date was based upon The Gregorian Calendar.
It boggles the mind because, it seems, it presents to us a mere sampling of a very highly advanced intelligence that was involved in placing a monument (Great Pyramid) on the planet Earth and had a keen awareness of future events that were to take place on Earth (i.e., The creation of The Gregorian Calendar, 'time-keeping', utilizing the 0° Aries point in the zodiac and the knowledge of the geometry of the solar system).

e)   The 'celestial configuration' (referenced immediately above) is 'heliocentric'
or Sun-centered rather than geocentric or 'Earth-centered'

This (above) is only a small sampling of the phenomenal information which is incorporated into a structure that is estimated to be, at least, 4,500 years old and from a civilization that worshiped the Sun God Ra (THE LIGHT). Where in the world did the "ancient" Egyptians get this information and then put the data into a structure so phenomenal that we, in the beginning of the third millennium, still do not have the technology to build? Perhaps the Egyptians did not build The Great Pyramid. If so then who did?
One of the most baffling archaeological questions is, how did an advanced human civilization virtually spring up out of nowhere about 3000 BC?. One truly satisfying theory has come from the mind of renowned scholar Zecharia Sitchin.
Sitchin (among his other accomplishments) wrote a series of books that, collectively, are called " The Earth Chronicles ". One of the books in The Earth Chronicles is entitled "The 12th Planet", Avon Books -1978 (1st Avon printing).
In " The12th Planet " Sitchin presents unexplained, previously misinterpreted or generally ignored archaeological evidence that Man's evolution was helped along by extraterrestrial visitors. The superior extraterrestrial intelligences, eventually called "Gods" by the ancients, played a part in Man's evolution about 5000 years ago.
Extraterrestrial intervention certainly seems to be a theory that approaches the outer fringes of the wholly egocentric 
( we're here, God made us in his image, everything rotates around us and we are the only sentient life in the entire universe ) western paradigm but, after a complete analysis of Man's 5 million year old evolutionary patterns you cannot ignore the fact that there is a very wild evolutionary "blip" that took place about 5000 year ago. It would be similar to observing your 5 year old child making mud pies one day and the next week he or she was starting to decode the Rosetta Stone.
     IF (but a continually shrinking "if") The Great Pyramid was constructed by "outside" intervention then I think that I know who may have built The Great Pyramid because the builders "signed" and "dated" their masterpiece. An additional chart provides the clues. The chart is reproduced immediately below (2 views).
The chart was created using (once again) Pi. ( 3.141592654 ) converted (this time) to degrees / minutes / seconds of arc. Pi = 3 degrees 8 minutes 29 .73 seconds of arc. I transposed the result (interpreted the result) to "mean" 3 months - 8 days in the year 2973 BC
I created a chart using the 3/8/2973 BC date and the resulting chart seemed unremarkable. 
On to the 'intuitive leap'..... The natural starting place of the zodiac is at the Spring Equinox (March21st)....so I added 
(the Pi Factor) 3 months and 8 days to March 21st and arrived at June 29th. I then created an ancient astrological map for June 29th 2973 BC for the longitude and latitude of The Great Pyramid (reproduced below)! Another "capstone" configuration which is (once again) also the shape of the Reticulum Constellation.
Zeti Reticulum Reticuli great pyramid capstone extraterrestrial
astrological chart for June 29th 2973 BC - Zeti Reticulum Reticuli great pyramid capstone extraterrestrial
Geometric Solar System map (Astrological chart)  June 29th 2973* BC (click here for complete chart)
The green lines mark the traditional geometric aspects of the planets
and the configuration is in the shape of the Reticulum Constellation
which is reproduced immediately below
(Viewed from the"outside" looking towards our solar system )
The configuration lasted from 3:14 am until 3:14 pm (more Pi stuff)

*The 2973 BC date becomes highly significant when juxtaposed with the presumed starting date of the Mayan Calendar.
The Mayan Calendar, according to the flimsy consensus of Mayan Calendar researchers, started on  August 13th  3114 BC.
How the 3114 BC date was indicated  is unclear and many articles and papers on the Mayan Calendar seem to obfuscate,
'sluff over' or just presume that the 3114 BC date is accurate.

My calender (Gregorian) research indicates that on the Vernal Equinox of the year 2155 the Piscean Age will come to an end and the Age of Aquarius will begin. The difference, in years, between the start of the Aquarian Age and the end of the Mayan Calendar (as presently estimated) is a total of 143 years.

There is a way to justify and align the Gregorian Calendar with the Mayan Calendar and that method is what I refer to as
accounting for "The Gregorian Time Warp" (mentioned here) .  
The 'Gregorian Time Warp' has to do with the speed of light.  
It takes approximately 8 minutes for the Sun's light to reach the Earth
and during those 8 minutes the Earth rotates 2 degrees. The Gregorian calendar designers, unaware of the Earth's rotation around the Sun and the speed (velocity) of light,
were determining that the Sun was entering 0 degrees Aries (Vernal Equinox) when the Sun was actually (real time) 2 additional degrees 'advanced' than the 'apparent' position of the Sun.  
The two degrees (light speed warp) equates to 144 years of precession of the equinox  and if the Gregorian 'light speed warp' was 'projected' into the analysis of the Mayan Calendar then it creates the possibility that the start of the Mayan Calendar occurred 144 years later (other side of year '0') than 3114 BC which would make the start of the Mayan Calendar be in 2970 BC (which is within three years - probably approximating pi or 3.14 years -  of the 2973 BC date (Gregorian) as indicated by the ancient astrological chart immediately above.
If this assessment is true then it seems that the Mayan Calendar started at the same time that the construction of The Great Pyramid began (according to my hypothesis). 
In other words (Summary), considering the two degree Gregorian time warp, the year 2970 BC (Gregorian) would actually be 3114 BC (Mayan). We 'Gregorians' would be miscalculating the start of the Mayan Calendar by two degrees or 144 precessional years, which means that the Mayan Calendar does not actually end until the year 2155 AD. 

Zeti Reticulum - Zeti Reticulum Reticuli great pyramid capstone extraterrestrial.
If my analysis is correct then, perhaps, I have "decoded" the signature left upon The Great Pyramid at Giza, the date of its construction and have provided the first "mathematical evidence" of the existence of extraterrestrial visitors. Otherwise, I would like someone to tell me how the ancient Egyptians knew the speed of light in both meters and miles per second and who then built a structure that cannot be reproduced using our present 3rd millennium technology?

More clues.......
Zeti Reticulum Reticuli great pyramid capstone extraterrestrial
Zeta reticulum reticuli, Great Pyramid, speed of liImage on the left is The Great Pyramid (the height is 1/2 Pi in relationship to sum of base sides)
Zeta reticulum reticuli, Great Pyramid, speed of liImage in the center is the full Pi extension creating an "etheric"pyramid on top* (seeZeta reticulum reticuli, Great Pyramid, speed of li * below)

*Zeta reticulum reticuli, Great Pyramid, speed of liThe Great Pyramid's height is in relationship to the sum of its base sides as a circle's radius is to its circumference (1/2 Pi). 
        1/2 Pi implies an "etheric twin" pyramid.

So, what do these three graphics represent?
The full Pi extension ( middle pyramid image immediately above ) represents (also) the ancient astrological glyph of Pisces (below).  It also symbolizes the "lightcones" of quantum mechanics and this is especially significant because the slope angle of the pyramid corresponds to lightspeed .

light cone Great Pyramid speed of light hourglas
The missing HOURGLASS Giza Plateau- Zeti Reticulum Reticuli great pyramid capstone extraterrestrial
Invisible Pyramid (on top) created by the extension of the 1/2 Pi dimension (a radius) to full Pi
Typically,if space is measured in light-seconds and time is measured in seconds,the 'cone' will have a slope of 45°, because light travels a distance of one light-second (in a vacuum) during one second (?????). 
Since special relativity requires the speed of light to be equal in every inertial frame, all observers must arrive at the same angle of 45º for their light cones. This is ensured by the Lorentz transformation.
The text ,immediately above, is a quote from Wikipedia. It does not make any sense to me.

However, according to The Great Pyramid, the 'light cone angle' is 51º 51" . The Great Pyramid 'says' that the speed of light is 186,660 miles per second which is 300,400,151 meters per second.  This figure exceeds our
present estimation of the speed of light by .002027076% (0.002027046% or 2 thousands of 1 %).  
Presumably, one may speculate a bit and determine that the Great Pyramid's figure for the speed of light is 314,159,265.4 meters per second (pi x100,000,000) in a vacuum.  
It also seems that part of the 'theme' of The Great Pyramid is 'Light into Matter'.
There is also a 'suggestion' that 'time' has the possibility of being a two-way street.
my primary emphasis, here, is upon The Great Pyramid's architecture containing 'quantum elements'.

The "triple pyramid" (reproduced immediately below) produces two distinct astrological symbols. The first is a variation of the glyph for the astrological sign of Aquarius (see insert below - bottom right) and the second is "a FISH" (see insert below - top right).

1)The Great Pyramid marks the true beginning of the Age of Pisces which was alos the start of a 25,920 year 'Great Year'

Zeti Reticuli is a fixed star in the Reticulum Constellation and is located at Sidereal 29 Degrees 8 Minutes Aquarius (almost exactly between Aquarius and Pisces - according to our present alignment of the sidereal zodiac). If there is someone there (Reticulum) I wonder if they might have known the "median" speed of light 5000 years ago and also possessed some kind of advanced technology?.

This space (place-holder) reserved for parts II and III which provide additional support of a firm conclusion of the existence of highly advanced exrtraterrestrial life .  
Publication date approximates year's end 2009.

Zep Tepi

A highly significant celestial "Great Pyramid" phenomenon is indicated by the ancient Egyptian term " Zep Tepi ". Zep Tepi or the "First Time" is spoken of many times in ancient Egyptian religious texts. I have indicated, in other portions of my work, that a portion of the celestial symbolism of The Great Pyramid indicates the precise (exact) beginning of the Age of Pisces. However, there is more to this story.

Zeti Reticulum Reticuli great pyramid capstone extraterrestrial
The Zep Tepi "emptied" hourglass which memorializes
a new 25920 year precessional period which begins with
a New Piscean Age

The precise beginning of the Age of Pisces marks the beginning of a new Great Year of Precession which is a 25,920 year cycle of the Sun as it precesses (apparent backwards movement) through the entire 360 degrees of the zodiac (approximately 1degree every 72 years)..

The "Zep Tepi" is represented by the "full Pi extension" of The Great Pyramid because the ""full Pi symbol" represents an "hourglass" in which all of the sand has returned to the bottom. The symbolism suggests the "new" Age of Pisces is a repeat of the "First Time" or the end of one great cycle (Great Year or 25,920 years) and the beginning of a new precessional cycle. It is like a new millennium exponentially magnified in terms of its significance.
The Great Pyramid's Pi dimension also points to another virtually amazing celestial configuration that occurs once ( again) in over a 40,000,000 year period. The configuration symbolically represents the cornerstone of all esoteric philosophy and its symbols, when decoded, provide the key to unlocking the secrets of all of the world's great religions.

Zeta reticulum reticuli, Great Pyramid, speed of li
(above) The Great Pyramid at Giza (juxtaposed upon its inverted mirror image)

Great Pyramid speed of light astroarchaeology

The Great Pyramid at Giza
A composite image of the previous image rotated and flipped
with each manipulation layered into a composite image.
The 'circle' is made by the 'underground passage'
The small rectangle in the center of the image is what is called 'The King's Chamber'
The significance of the 8 pointed star image can be found here (link) 
as it is a mirror of the geometric heliocentric configuration of the solar system
which was indicated by the pyramid's 'Pi Dimension"
for the date of March 2nd 5 BC

The star configuration formed the foundation of the religion of the Piscean Age and is said to be the herald of its Avatar. The "star" has also evolved to be know as the mystical " Star of Bethlehem " which remained undiscovered for 2000 years until the Great Pyramid's secret was decoded. It was the star (The Seal of Solomon) which alerted the illuminated Astronomer/Astrologer Priests called The Magi.
The "Star" represents (also) the ancient Egyptian "Zep Tepi". It is the transcendent celestial configuration that represents
"the starting place" of our solar system....back once again as it was "the first time".....it also represents the New Testament's puzzling "census" ....it displays the starting and return position of all of the planets.
The place of a new age and a new beginning!
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