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The Western Astrology Primer

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The Sun and the twelve

"As Above, So Below"
"...and God said...astrology astrological charts transits progressions progressed horoscope let there be lights in the heavens to divide the day from the night, and let them be for signs and for seasons and for days and for years..."
Genesis 1:14 - The Creation of The Earth

astrology astrological charts transits progressions progressed horoscope

Astrology is the ancient art of Soul Retrieval

and its deeper secrets have (almost) been corrupted beyond recognition

The Western Astrological Model does not allow the mind (Mercury) and heart (Venus) to oppose (opposition - 180 degrees apart) each other.  Until one's mind and heart are aligned, the deeper teachings of astrology remained deeply veiled.

.Astrology, since the dawn of Man, has divided the heavens into 12 equal parts called the " Zodiac" which is Greek for " circle of animals " (anima - animus) and each of these 12 parts relates to an astrological " sign ".....

 (1) Aries, the Ram; (2) Taurus, the Bull; (3) Gemini, the Twins; (4) Cancer, the Crab, the Mother, the Home; (5) Leo, the Lion, the King; (6) Virgo, the Virgin; (7) Libra, the Scales; (8) Scorpio, the Scorpion, the Snake, the Eagle; (9) Sagittarius, the Archer; (10) Capricorn, the Goat; (11) Aquarius, the Water Bearer and (12) Pisces, the Fishes.

astrology astrological charts transits progressions progressed horoscope

The Setting of the Astrological Age of Pisces


Presently we are in the Astrological Age of Pisces.  The consensus belief is that we have been in this age since 221 AD.  The 221 AD estimate is inaccurate and is typical for the "foggy" attribute of Neptune who is the ruler of the Piscean Age. 
A brief review of my calendar page shows that all of the adjustments made to the Gregorian calendar during the past 2000 years have made it almost impossible to determine our precise location within the present age because of the method that we use to measure "the progression of "an age" was completely ignored during all of the adjustments to our calendar. I have determined that the beginning of the present age was actually in 5 BC. 
The inaccuracy of the 221 AD date has grossly affected (3+degrees more pi stuff ) the precision of every western astrological chart created in modern times. Additionally, the "cusps" of astrology (overlap between signs and houses) are between 3 and 4 degrees of arc and are based upon Pi (between 3 and 4).

The Greek phrase Iesous Christos, Theou Uios, Soter (in Latin lettering) means "Jesus Christ, Son of God, Saviour" (in English) .
The Greek letters I CH TH U S (which begin each word of the Greek phrase) in Latin spell the word "fish".  This combination helps to set the scene for the Birth of the Piscean Age of Christ (the Son/Sun) as it came forth from the "circle of animals" (the ancient zodiac).  This 'circle of animals' phrase also provides a key to the interpretation of the birth of the Christ in a 'stable' (circle of animals). 

Our counting of years (1 AD - 2000 AD) begins from the estimated timing of this most significant event and marks the miracle of the Christic manifestation (Christ entering the Earth) and the age of the purification and redemption of Man. Thus, the ancient zodiac announced the birth of the Christ, son of God, Saviour, whose symbol (like the Age that he heralded) is the "fish".

An additional astronomical metaphor regarding the birth of Christ is employed in the gospel of Luke (2:8) which mentions "shepherds watching their flock by night"- (Luke 2:8).
The name "planet" is from the Greek word for "wanderer". The planets "wander" or move across the heavens across the backdrop of the fixed stars. The ancient Sumerians referred to the planets as "those which are shepherded (sheep)"  by the Sun. (Note: A close review of translated Sumerian "tablets" also indicates that the Sumerians were aware of a Sun centered solar system long before the arrival of Western Man.)

A "wise man", or "stargazer" (astronomer/astrologer) versed in the astrological practices of the ancient Sumerians would recognize this verse ("Shepherds in the fields watching their sheep.") as a "signal" incorporating astronomical symbolism making reference to astronomers "watching their flock by night" (star gazing) and witnessing the changing of the Age from Aries to Pisces.

astrology astrological charts transits progressions progressed horoscope

The Astrological Philosophy astrology astrological charts transits progressions progressed horoscope

"Astrology is our last link to a personal mythology"

Astrology, when properly understood and applied, uses astronomical information and assigns meaning and mythology to the heavens and to the bodies which move through our solar system. Astrology breathes life into cold "scientific" data and views the heavens as an extension of the "self" (as above, so below) and as a window to the divine.  It revitalizes our thought processes and mental images and creates life from fluid and dynamic imagination.  In its highest application astrology recognizes the individual as a "spiritual essence" navigating through space/time.  Astrology is the principle evolutionary tool of "the ancient mariner".

In ancient times there was no distinction between astrologers and astronomers, they were one and the same. In fact, in times past, the only reason for studying celestial bodies was for the perceived effects that they had upon earthly events. It was from these observations that astrology, Man's first "science", was born.

astrology astrological charts transits progressions progressed horoscope

The "Mechanics" of Astrology -

An astrological "birth chart" is a geometric map of the solar system which is drawn for the exact time of a person's birth. The chart shows the places in the zodiac which each planet occupied (including the Sun and the Moon) at that exact moment. The birth chart is the principle tool of astrology. (The Greek word 'horoscope' means 'the hour' or the planetary locations at the 'hour' of one's birth).

The center of a "birth chart" is the exact longitude and latitude of the place where the person was born (actually the exact "center" is the person ).  In fact, the astrological "cosmology" centers around the individual! Astrology is not immediately concerned with a planet's distance from the Sun, although the mythology associated with the celestial bodies takes this into account. The astrological birth chart simply depicts the planets' immediate location within the 360 degree geometric circle around the Sun.

An astrological chart reveals the relationships (geometric association) which exist between the Sun, Moon and planets. An astrologer sees the solar system as an extension of the individual ("as above, so below") and interprets the interaction of the planets as revealing the dynamic archetypal energies that operate within the human psyche.

The dynamic planetary energies are determined by an interpretation of "astrological aspects", in unison with the mythological attributes associated with each celestial body.

astrology astrological charts transits progressions progressed horoscope

The Astrological Dynamics -

From Ptolemy's TETRABIBLOS - Book 1- Chapter 1 - Paragraph 1
"The studies preliminary to astronomical prognostication, O Syrus! Are two: the one, first alike in order and in power, leads to the knowledge of the figurations of the Sun, the moon, and the stars ; and of their relative aspects to each other, and to the earth : the other takes into consideration the changes which their aspects create..." (End quote)

The following is a list of the major astrological "aspects" and the meaning assigned to each - the "aspects" are determined by the geometry of a circle and they are displayed within the astrological map called the "birth chart:

 CONJUNCTION - planets (including the Sun and Moon) in close proximity to each other. A conjunction indicates strength, talents and abilities. An example of a "conjunction" is the Moon and the Sun in (almost) exact locations in the zodiac. This configuration would indicate a harmonious balance between the active (masculine) and receptive (feminine) attributes of the self.
 OPPOSITION - planets 180 degrees "opposite" each other. An opposition is an indication of energies which must be brought into balance, or a tension which can produce varying effects. An example of an "opposition" is Mars (the planet representing personal will and force) located 180 degrees (directly opposite) away from the Sun which represents our spiritual essence. This configuration indicates that our personal method of operation is configured in a way which is (may be) antagonistic to our spiritual nature. Mars represents the warlike nature and the Sun represents our spirit manifesting as an enlightened archetype. These two "energies" must be reconciled to produce significant personal evolution.
 TRINE - planets approximately 120 degrees apart. A trine indicates a "great blessing" or an extraordinary gift, and reveals components of our self which co-operate with one another and also with the physical reality, producing extraordinary results.
 GRAND TRINE - three or more planets which form a triangle in which the planets are approximately 120 degrees apart. A Grand Trine indicates a supreme blessing. Michaelangelo's birth chart contained a Grand Trine.
 SEXTILE - planets 60 degrees apart (+-). A sextile is an indication of opportunity.
 GRAND SEXTILE - A complete circle of divine protection and transcendent opportunity.
 SQUARE - planets 90 degrees apart (+-). A square indicates an obstacle which must be overcome. Squares indicate deeply rooted psychological complexes, repressions and denials all of which operate invisibly (unlike oppositions which represent visible conflicts) and which must be overcome. An example of a "square" is: Husband's astrological chart reveals that Mercury (mental focus) is "heliocentric-ally squared" Venus (esthetics and affection). Wife gives Husband a golden silk shirt for his birthday and Husband never wears the shirt. This upsets Wife, however, she does not communicate this to Husband and unconsciously begins to resent his "insensitivity". Husband does not wear the shirt because it is the same colour as a Golden Retriever which bit him when he was a small boy. Husband has no conscious memory of the Golden Retriever incident, he simply never has any impulse to wear the beautiful shirt and keeps it in the far corner of his closet.
 GRAND CROSS  (in red on linked image ) 4 planets each being approximately 90 degrees away from each other with two pairs each forming "oppositions" ( + ). This configuration looks like an actual square composed of four outside lines with two diagonal intersecting lines (oppositions) in the center . A Grand Cross indicates extraordinary obstacles which must be overcome. Many famous and accomplished individuals have a Grand Cross in their astrological chart. Overcoming a Grand Cross is similar to accomplishing the 12 tasks of Hercules.

Grand Cross note: 
An ancient symbol for matter (physical 'stuff') is a cross (or what we call a "plus sign" + ).  If one extrapolates certain symbols contained in The New Testament it can be deduced that a physical form (the body) is the cross of matter that is carried by the spirit (Christ) until the spirit is liberated. (Moses, like Christ, also provided a method for 'liberating the slaves').

 QUINTILE - planets 72 degrees apart (+-). A quintile indicates a special talent.
This completes the list of the major aspects used by astrologers. The quintile aspect has not been used much by astrologers in the west, however, it is becoming more popular.
astrology astrological charts transits progressions progressed horoscope

The "circus" or "Circle of Animals"

The Types of Astrological Birth Charts -

There are three primary "types" of astrological birth charts which can be created.
1)     A " sidereal " birth chart, which indicates the actual location (real time) of the planets at the time of a person's birth.
2)     A " tropical " birth chart, which is a chart which does NOT take the precessional movement into account.
a personal note:
   A "tropical" birth chart is the typical chart of choice for western astrologers. The "tropical zodiac" presumes the exact location of the Sun at 0 degrees Aries on every Spring Equinox regardless of the year in question.
    The present difference between the Tropical and Sidereal zodiacs is now about 24+ degrees of arc! If the tropical zodiac were an annual calendar it would be almost one month in error. If it were a clock it would be running almost two hours fast. (Note for Tropical astrologers: Do a quick read "here" to see why the tropical calendar is inadequate for creating accurate astrological charts.)
   The Tropical calendar was never intended to be applied to astrological methods. It seems that the tropical method became more popular among the "common folk" as science and scientific types began to reject astrology and turned their attention more to astronomy only. The purpose of the Tropical system was to conform the calendar to the seasons for the purpose of systematizing agricultural strategies and for creating regularity in the observance of religious "holy days" (holidays). The Greek word "horoscopus" means the "points that were (actually) rising at the hour of birth".
    The ONLY reason that western tropical astrology has any remaining validity is because of the application of the planetary "aspects" (as partially described herein). The balance of its methods are, presently, (at best) without significant value and (at worst) they can be psychologically confusing.
    Contemporary western astrology has been debunked and rightly so. Reform is required to restore astrology to its exalted purpose, which is to conform one's activities to the divine flow of life and its multifarious energies.
    One measure of astrology's success can be measured by the number of illuminated adepts it produces.
    Without reform, tropical astrology will just continue to be a part of what has truly been a period of great spiritual and metaphysical confusion and a self-fulfilling prophesy which enhances spiritual bondage.
    Western-Tropical astrological methods, have misinformed about 85% of westerners regarding the most basic and fundamental astrological issue, the birth sign, and have misinformed 100% regarding the stars which are ACTUALLY rising ("horoscopus" ascendant) at the moment of birth. It has, therefore, received much well deserved scorn from astronomers and other scientists who are perplexed by present western astrological methods which have nothing at all to do with the actual locations of the planets and stars. Each passing day expands western astrology's margin of error. Because of this we can usually find the astrological forecasts close to the "comics' section" in our daily newspaper.
3)     A " Heliocentric " birth chart, is an astrological map of the solar system drawn (in real time) with the Sun at the center instead of the "Earth centered" or "geocentric" birth chart.
astrology astrological charts transits progressions progressed horoscope
The Astrological birth chart is also divided into 12 compartments called " houses ".  The "houses" ("KEY WORDS") are as follows:
    1)    The Self
    2)    Attitudes regarding physical resources - property
    3)    communication
    4)    The Psychological Base - the home - the mother
    5)    offspring and other creative activities
    6)    servants - the body
    7)    marriage partner - the "significant other"
    8)    tantra - inheritances - other's financial resources - rebirth or resurrection 
    9)    enlightenment - spiritual accomplishment - journeys
  10)    career - the public self - the father - our face in the world
  11)    groups - associations - collective activities
  12)    the house of perfect justice - rewards - secret enemies
Note: In Western astrology the houses are a wheel that is within the greater wheel of the zodiac.

The house "cusps" (place of energetic overlap between two adjoining houses) are based upon Pi and, as such, are between three and four degrees.
astrology astrological charts transits progressions progressed horoscope

The Planets and their archetypal expressions -

astrology astrological charts transits progressions progressed horoscopeThe Sun - Illuminated archetype , the soul, spirit, consciousness
astrology astrological charts transits progressions progressed horoscopeMercury - the mental focus - intellect
astrology astrological charts transits progressions progressed horoscopeVenus - affection and aesthetics
astrology astrological charts transits progressions progressed horoscopeMoon - emotions - past lives - receptive attributes
astrology astrological charts transits progressions progressed horoscopeEarth - The "physical individual" is the "earth" element
astrology astrological charts transits progressions progressed horoscopeMars - the vital power to take action
astrology astrological charts transits progressions progressed horoscopeJupiter - expansion - blessings - protection - illumination
astrology astrological charts transits progressions progressed horoscopeSaturn - the path - choosing - elimination of the unnecessary
astrology astrological charts transits progressions progressed horoscopeOuranos (Uranus) - reversal / change - transformation /upheaval 
astrology astrological charts transits progressions progressed horoscopeNeptune - illusion - divine amnesia - inspiration
astrology astrological charts transits progressions progressed horoscopePluto - the underworld (ruler of the "sub and un-conscious"), indicates the dwelling place of the "demons" (psychologically dysfunctional patterns) of the ancients
Note: "Ancient" astrologers called Mars and Saturn the "malefics" (bad guys).  Contemporary western astrology has rejected the "malefic" association.   If you notice, in the Star of Bethlehem , Saturn and Mars are "outside" of the "circle of protection" created by the Grand Sextile.  Saturn and Mars are indeed "malefics" because they powerfully confront the aberrant aspects of our psyche and move them back into the "circle of protection".  Western Culture has adopted  a "Saturn (limitation) and Mars (warfare) paradigm and no longer sees these energies as antagonistic.  Westerners, like lemmings marching to the sea, go to their deaths unaware of how the Saturn/Mars paradigm has destroyed them.  The alternative is to employ the Saturn/Mars energies to "rise in consciousness".  The job of Saturn and Mars is complete when head and heart are united and transcendental knowledge is remembered.  Otherwise, one (metaphorically) crawls on their belly eating dust until they 'die' to be reborn in lower realms (again and again, ad infinitum). There is no way to "sugar coat" this.
Saturn / Mars summary .... these two archetypal energies "kick the behind" of the "out of alignment little self " until it trues itself to higher principles.  They are "malefic" to the ego and beneficent to the spiritual consciousness.

astrology astrological charts transits progressions progressed horoscope
The planets are archetypal energies "who" animate the activities of the archetypal astrological "signs" ("temperments") which play themselves out in the compartments of life ("houses").  In brief, astrology provides a "road map" for the soul as it evolves out through and beyond the human psyche and reenters eternity.  The planetary energies represent the multifarious aspects of God.

 astrology astrological charts transits progressions progressed horoscope
The Astrological Archetypes - The Signs 

Aries - innovation - self assurance - pioneering - fearless

Taurus - aesthetic - worldly - centered - substantial 

Gemini - intellectual - light - youthful - active

Cancer - feeling - protective - nurturing - sensitive 

Leo - regal - power - nobility - confidence 

Virgo - multi talented - diligent - cool sensitivity - rational

Libra - balanced - relating - resolute - peaceful 

Scorpio - silent - intense - mysterious - magical 

Sagittarius - seeking - eager - idealistic - fortunate - jovial 

Capricorn - successful - striving - ambition - fortitude 

Aquarius - idealistic - detached - individualistic - futuristic 

Pisces -  intuitive - dissolving - fluid - compassionate 

Note: Whether or not or " how " an individual expresses "the archetype" depends upon how his or her psyche is constructed. The astrological birth chart is the "blue print" of the psyche. It reveals how to "put Humpty Dumpty back together again".
astrology astrological charts transits progressions progressed horoscope
"Astrology is "a path" to wholeness,
spiritual illumination
and a deeper knowledge of the "Higher Self".
astrology astrological charts transits progressions progressed horoscope 
The "Higher Self" is the particular archetype (sign) whose presence reveals itself in the Sun Sign of the birth chart.
To succeed in the study of astrology one must surrender to the "higher nature" and, in the process, reform the "lower nature".
It is in this way that we are lifted to "the above".
astrology astrological charts transits progressions progressed horoscope
Sir Isaac Newton astrology astrological charts transits progressions progressed horoscope
on the history of astrology and the Magi
from Newton's "Chronology"
"After the study of Astronomy was set on foot for the use of navigation, and the Egyptians, by the heliacal risings and settings of the stars, had determined the length of the solar year of 365 days, and by other observations had fixed the solstices, and formed the fixed stars into asterisms, all which was done in the reigns of Ammon, Sesac, Orus, and Memnon," (about 1000 years before Christ), "it may be presumed that they continued to observe the motions of the planets, for they called them after the names of their gods. By the assistance of Petosiris, a priest of Egypt, they invented astrology, grounding it upon the aspects of the planets, and upon the qualities of the divinities to whom they were dedicated. Astrology was propagated thence into Chaldaea, where Zoroaster, the legislator of the Magi, met with it." (end quote)
The following quotation is from the "Ancient Universal History".
"In the reign of Gushtasp, King of Persia, flourished a celebrated astrologer, whose name was Gjamasp, surnamed Al Hakim, or the wise. He was the brother of King Gushtasp, and his confidant and chief minister. He is said to have predicted the coming of the messiah." (end quote). Gjamasp is the author of a treatise entitled "Judicia Gjamaspis", in which is contained his judgment on the planetary conjunctions. Therein he gave notice that Christ should appear. "In the sphere of Persia, saith Aben Ezra, there ariseth upon the face of the sign Virgo a beautiful maiden, she holding two ears of corn in her hand, and a child in her arm. She bring up a child in a place which is called Abrie [the Hebrew land] and the child's name is called Eisi [Jesus]." (end quote)
Gjamasp, it is said, was without a peer in his understanding of the ways of astrology and enjoyed the company of 9 other Persian doctors of such consummate wisdom as the whole world could not boast. What it is that these 10 Persian wise men knew has not yet penetrated the paradigm of Western Man.
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