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The Great Pyramid's 'missing capstone' has puzzled Egyptologists for centuries... There has been much speculation about whether or not a capstone ever existed.  There is no recorded history, containing any account, of anyone ever having seen the pyramid with a capstone.

It appears that the "missing" capstone" may very well be an ancient celestial configuration and this accounts for why there are no records indicating the existence of an actual physical capstone.
Astrology Chart (enhanced) created by transposition
of "The Great Pyramid's Pi Dimension" to a time/date
The Great Pyramid's grandest mathematical expression is Pi.
The pyramid's height in relationship to its base is a function of Pi.
Not only 'calculator pi' (3.14159265) but also 3.14285714 (22/7).

The use of both 'pies' is an expression of unfathomable genius! 
The celestial zodiac must be in perfect alignment in order for both 'pies' to produce relevant (to the pyramid) star charts. The two 'pies' are actually tools to align the celestial zodiac as every calendar adjustment also shifted the celestial zodiac by changing the Vernal (Spring) Equinox (
Sun enters 1° Aries).
...Imagine holding a sharpened pencil in each of your hands. You are holding the pencils, with your arms outstretched in front of your face and with the pencil points 'pointing inwards' toward one another. Now create a perfect alignment by having the two points touch one another.
Unless both arms are extended the same length & height, the 'perfect alignment'
would 'be off'. It is the same (similar) with the two 'Pi Charts" (below). If the celestial zodiac were not aligned properly (calendar errors) then one or both of the resulting celestial charts would be insignificant and without any discernable relevance to the pyramid.

A second and less complicated example is, a treasure map states that the treasure is located 31.4 feet from the base of a certain tree. However, 31.4 feet from the tree produces a circle with a radius of 31.4+ feet. So, you would require a second coordinate to pinpoint the exact location of the treasure.

The two 'pies' provide 'coordinates', and the coordinates are to test the accuracy of the alignment of the celestial zodiac.
As the algorithm of time© shows, the two 'pies' reveal 2 dates 12 days apart.
The time/date for 'Pi' is
Feb 18th 5 BC at 9:05 pm
The date for 22/7 (pi approximation) is
March 2nd 5 BC at 9:14 am.
Here, below, are the geometric celestial charts created using these dates.
The chart above is for Friday February 18th 5 BC (Bethlehem, Judea or Giza Plateau).  Please also note that the Northern Latitude of Bethlehem is 31º 43 minutes North (pi=3.14).

I refer to this chart as "the Great Pyramid capstone chart", which also marks the exact second that the Sun enters into the celestial sign of Pisces. I also call this chart the ancient astrological birth chart of Jesus Christ.
Here is why......
The life of Jesus Christ was 33+ years. At the time of Jesus' baptism by John, Jesus was "almost 30" (identical to the Northern Latitude of the Great Pyramid which is 29 degrees 58 minutes 51 seconds. 
a) 29 degrees
b) 58 minutes of arc is 97% of one degree.....
c) 51 seconds of arc is 85% of one minute of arc.....
gives us 29 - 97% - 85%
If you put the numbers together, in sequence, they create 299,785,nnn which is approximately the first six digits of the speed of light in meters per second.

It was at Jesus' baptism that he 'came out of the water' virtually illuminated and transformed (Cosmic Consciousness).
This event suggests allegorical content regarding the ancient method (Old Testament) of 'progressing a birth chart' one day for every year. The chart above, when progressed 'almost 30' days has the Sun (Son?) coming out of the waters of Pisces into the fire and light of Aries (a solar sign) which is the time of 'new beginnings'. It was at this point, in time, that Jesus began his ministry which lasted for 3.14 (Pi) years and which mirrors the length (in degrees) of the leading cusp of Aries.

Comment: In alchemy, the combination of the fire and water symbols (up and down triangles) is known (loosely) as the Seal of Solomon. The symbol is representative of the combination of opposites which produce a transmutation. How is that possible? It seems crazy!
The mixing of fire and water is an 'elemental' depiction of an active/dynamic surrender to God. The 'water' part is to flow with God's plan and the 'fire' part is to dynamically embrace the task that is put before you (subject to ethical considerations)

The life of Christ, when the errors are discovered and corrected in the Gregorian calendar, duplicates (in years) the number of days that it takes for the sun to transit through the sign of Pisces and to continue through the Pisces/Aries cusp.....  for a total of 33.14 days.
The life of Christ, was 33.14 years and mirrors exactly, the sun's journey through the 12th astrological house (according to the ancient astrological model) of 'self undoing' and 'secret enemies' and a subsequent 'rebirth' as the Sun ('Son') exits Pisces and enters Aries.
There are significant astronomical/astrological similarities between the Sun, of our solar system, and Jesus, the 'son' of God. The similarity, above, is only one of many astronomical allegories documented in this archive. 
An additional interpretation of the Sun's journey through the Piscean 12th house is the pharaoh's "after death" journey through 'the 12th house of Pisces (the psychological 'underworld'), this is a key connection between ancient Egypt and Christ..... 
The 'life of Christ' is (also) a depiction of the 'process of judgment' that takes place 'within one's own self' whenever one finally decides to surrender to God. ('Religion', is a prepatory pastime).  It is at the point of surrender to God that the battles start to be waged within one's soul. As such, the Synoptic gospels are (also)
an allegorical portrayal of the 'inner journey' that one must make to restore 'the original person' and to vanguish all inner corruption and be 'reborn' as a child of the divine. 
The chart above is the same "capstone / Pi / Christ" chart with the outer planets Pluto and Neptune added. The addition of Pluto (the planet/wanderer/sheep that was "lost" -- considered "lost" because Pluto has an eccentric orbit) adds an additional side to the capstone.
'Pluto' is said to have been discovered in 1930 AD. This celestial chart depicts the sky on a date over 2000 years ago and was created using mathematical data from a pyramid built almost 5000 years ago (2973 BC).  
The other Pi (3.141592654), when inserted into the algorithm of time© produced the time/date of March 2nd 5 BC at 9:14 am. Here is the resulting chart....
This chart is a 'once in over 40,000,000 year event' that contains a Seal of Solomon superimposed upon an ancient astrological 'Grand Cross'. The shapes are determined by applying the ancient geometric 'aspect lines' that connect the Sun, Moon and planets.  This chart is 'heliocentric' (Sun Centered) and is, beyond any doubt, the 'star' that alerted the Magi to the birth of Christ, which took place 12 days earlier from when this celestial configuration actually appeared. However, the Magi must have been aware of this star much earlier because the 'star' mirrors the celestial design that was incorporated into the Great Pyramid at Giza.
This star is, beyond any doubt, The Star of Bethlehem. A celestial event that spanned the entire solar system and was 'witnessed' only by the ancient astronomer priests called the Magi.
The time difference between the two "pi charts" is 12 days. The 12 days are highly significant in two ways:
1) Christ's presentation in the temple (prior to the arrival of the Magi) when he was twelve days old. and....
2) Christ's bar mitzvah (
when a Jewish child becomes an adult and fully responsible to God for becoming a better person),which would have taken place in his 13th year (progressed birth chart and just past his 12th birthday)....  and entering the 'temple', which is a veiled reference to the Great Pyramid, according to the astroarchaeological interpretation of the Pi chart juxtaposed with the language and symbols in the Canonical gospels of the New Testament and Great Pyramid. 
Comment: For the Western scriptures to fail to include any information regarding the spiritual practices of ancient Egypt provides us with an incomplete and unworkable spiritual cosmology.  We have only the Hebrew scriptures from the Age of Taurus and the Christian scriptures from the Age of Pisces. The 'missing information' is from the Age of Aries, which was the great age of the Egyptian Empire. Our bible is missing 1/3rd of the information that we require in order for us to have a complete spiritual cosmology. (I am reminded of the humorous scene in the film "History of the World - Part 1" where Moses is coming down from the mountain and drops and breaks the 3rd tablet containing the 'other five' commandments...  and he ignores the event).
From an archaeological point-of-view, we have only partial and otherwise incomplete data which has resulted in a Western spiritual cosmology that is incomplete
Age of Pisces, Star of Bethlehem, Age of Aquarius, astroarchaeology
The legend of King Solomon's Seal, and the wondrous signet ring which he received from heaven, is common to Judaism, to Christianity and to Islam. King Solomon's Seal, whose base is on the ground and whose tip reaches heaven, symbolizes a harmony of opposites, whose significance is manifold as much as it is multi-cultural. It reflects the cosmic order,
the skies, the movement of the stars in their spheres, and the perpetual flow between heaven and earth, between the elements of air and fire. The Seal, therefore, symbolizes super-human wisdom and rule by divine grace.

The symbol of the hexagram, the star-like figure formed by two triangles, has many connotations, especially when it is enclosed by a circle; super-natural powers have been attributed to it in many parts of the world since ancient times. Beyond the Jewish national associations which have only become attached to it in the last few hundred years, the abstract element of the figure (which is connected to the celestial stars) and its geometrical completeness make it a universal symbol. Together with the five-pointed star the hexagram represents the development of mathematics and geometry.
Through geometry, in which the Pythagoreans and their followers saw cosmic symbolism, the hexagram and the pentagram became an expression of heaven and its reflection on earth, the divine and its reflection in creation and of the connection between heaven and earth, between the macrocosm and the microcosm, and between spirit and matter.
The Seal of Solomon symbolizes the link between science, beauty and metaphysics, with elements of medicine and magic, astronomy and astrology and their connection to religion. (from  Israel MInistry of Foreign Affairs)              

                      The First Easter - Resurrection Sunday

If my calculations regarding the exact time of the birth of Jesus Christ are accurate then, according to those calculations, the first "Easter" or the day of Christ's resurrection would be between 33 and 34 years after Christ's birth. This is because Christ's earthly life lasted into His 34th year (33 years plus).
The following chart is for the first Sunday after the Spring Equinox for 28 AD. At this time Jesus Christ would have been on the Earth just passed His 33rd birthday (From February 18th 5 BC to March 28th 28 AD.
The chart (above) is for the day of Christ's resurrection. The chart reveals a Seal of Solomon without ("off of") the (astrological) Grand Cross. The chart is for Sunrise (5:40 am) on Sunday March 28th 28 AD for Jerusalem, Jordan.  33 years and 51 days after the birth of Christ. The earthly life of Christ lasted for 30 + Pi years.
The Age of Pisces began at the Spring Equinox of 5 BC.
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First Easter, Seal of Solomon, astrological Birth chart of Jesus Christ