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1.1 All original materials published within this web-site  (including, but not limited to, feature articles, essays, text, images, graphics, theories, ideas, illustrations, discoveries, original materials, photographs and clips, also collectively known as " The Content ", are protected by registered copyright, Trademark and Servicemark in The United States of America and other countries throughout the world. The United States of America is the country of first publication of all materials herein.

1.2 Visitors and all other viewers of any of The Content may download any of the content for personal (non-commercial and non-public) use only, provided that the copyright notice, Trademark and Servicemark symbols, as they appear on any downloaded content, shall remain unaltered.

1.3 The Star of Bethlehem web-site is protected by registered copyright pursuant to U.S. copyright laws and international conventions.   Visitors may not modify, publish, participate in the sale of, create derivative works from, distribute, perform, display or in any way exploit any of The Content  without first obtaining the express written (snail mail) and notarized permission of John Charles Webb, Jr.,JD.

1.4 This notice is placed here for the protection of all Visitors.  The laws pertaining to registered copyright vary from automatic copyright and prescribe statutory fines and penalties for violation.  "The Content" of this web-site is something more than a "product", it includes "discoveries" and as such it is protected in a unique way.

1.5 Links to .htm and .html pages from other internet web sites are welcome, as are any "fair use factors" as outlined in the Copyright law. Linking directly to images and graphics is not permitted 

2.1 The images referenced (linked) in the table below (represented by the thumbnail images below) are Trademarks™ and Servicemarks SM of 
John Charles Webb, Jr. and/or Fundamental Astrological Services and are a part of The Content.

2.2 The Trademark and Servicemark images' names are for the purpose of assisting in further identifying the images; otherwise, the image names are not subject to Trademark or Servicemark but may be subject to Copyright. 

2.3 The Star of Bethlehem web-site is protected by Trademark and Servicemark pursuant to U.S. Trademark and Servicemark statutes, laws, common law. international conventions and international law.  

2.4 The thumbnail images are miniaturized representations of Trademark and Servicemark images, and for which Trademark, Servicemark 
and Copyright are also asserted and are subject to the same lawful copyright, trademark and servicemark protections. 

3.1 The applicable laws require and impose a legal duty to make an inquiry before any use of The Content not expressly permitted. 

The miniaturized images are 'clickable' to facilitate viewing the full size image. The table of images is not inclusive. 
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