Great Pyramid, Pi, speed of light, astroarchaeology, astrology, astronomy, life of christ

and the Pi Factor

The "Pi Factor" as related to
Precession of The Equinoxes and Global Warming

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"The Great Pyramid's  secret Pi dimension leads to

The Star of Bethlehem   -   The Capstone of The Great Pyramid

a Unified Field Theory and the source of a "week" as a measurement of time
Great Pyramid, Pi, speed of light, astroarchaeology, astrology, astronomy, life of christ
Star of Bethlehem Sitemap

."God is The Great Geometer" - Plato

The Circumference of the universe is Pi

unified field theory, Great Pyramid, Pi, speed of light, astroarchaeology, astrology, astronomy, life of christ
A Unified Field Theory
Postulate One
If the diameter of the universe is 1 ("1 universe")
then the circumference of the universe is Pi
(Circumference = Pi D)
Postulate Two
If the circumference of the universe is Pi (written as a number)
then the universe is infinite*
Postulate Three
  If the universe is infinite
then every point is the center of the universe

*"Pi" is used here as a "transcendental number" which does not represent a quantifiable measurement. Transcendental Pi represents a "symbol of the universe" because both Pi and the universe contain infinite "strings" of non-repeating patterns which produce no two "things" (significant sequences) that are virtually identical.

"The universe  e x p a n d s  or  contracts 
depending upon the availability of grant money".


John Charles Webb, Jr.



unified field theory, Great Pyramid, Pi, speed of light, astroarchaeology, astrology, astronomy, life of christ
unified field theory, Great Pyramid, Pi, speed of light, astroarchaeology, astrology, astronomy, life of christ
From The Bible Moralise, circa 1250 AD

The Pi of the Pyramid
unified field theory, Great Pyramid, Pi, speed of light, astroarchaeology, astrology, astronomy, life of christ
height of
the great pyramid
at Giza is 280 Royal Cubits.
Each side of the base of the great
pyramid  measures  440  Royal  Cubits.

the Great Pyramid is the place of the "meeting of pairs" (Sets)
1) the place where mortality and immortality meet.
2) the place where spirit and matter join or separate.
3) the place where "geocentric" and "heliocentric" meet.
4) the place where the mundane meets the miraculous.
5) the place where two ages meet (Aries and Pisces)
6) the place where two "great years" meet (see main page)
7) the place where "mind" and "heart" combine.
8) the place where the compass directions merge (north/south - east/west)
9) the place where physics meets metaphysics
............................ the place where Man meets God
The  L o p e a n g l e  of the sides should correspond to .142857143 (Pi minus 3)
multiplied by the median length of a year in days (365.2422 +/-).
The resulting sum (52.17745714) is the number of weeks in a year .
This number converts to a Great Pyramid slope angle of

52 degrees 10 minutes 38.84571804 seconds
using scientific Pi (minus 3) = .141592654 x 365.2422 =
51 degrees 42 minutes 56.2042836 seconds
Both of these figures approximate the actual
slope angle of The Great Pyramid

( 51 degrees 51 minutes 14 seconds*) and all of these figures approximate the speed of light in miles per second (186,000+) when converted to arc seconds.

51 degrees = 183,600 arc seconds (51 X 60 X 60 = 183,600)
plus 51 minutes = 3060 arc seconds plus
plus 14 arc seconds
This "light speed" association becomes even more astounding if you are familiar with Relativity and Light Cones 

* The slope angle of The Great Pyramid is reported to be slightly different by almost every commentator.

The relationship of The Great Pyramid's height to its base is
identical to that
of a circle's radius to its circumference.

C = Pi D

Diameter = 2 times the radius

2 times 280 = 560 Royal Cubits
560 times 22 / 7 (astronomical Pi) = 1760 (440 x 4)
or the sum of the 4 base sides.
3.142857143 or (22/7) was the Pi that was incorporated into
The Great Pyramid's grandest expression.
(Note: Some commentator's have concluded that the pyramid "Pi", as described above, is 3.141592654 (scientific pi).  Regardless of which "pi theory" is the most accurate (22/7) , the fact is that "Pi" is the most obvious mathematical statement of the pyramid.
Using both varieties of "Pi" I have discovered the following:
  The first is "The Star of Bethlehem" (using 22 / 7) see, star chart immediately below. 
  the second is the location of  the "capstone" of The Great Pyramid
Both "Pi" discoveries incorporate "transpositions" of Pi from a geometric ratio to time.
unified field theory, Great Pyramid, Pi, speed of light, astroarchaeology, astrology, astronomy, life of christ
The Pi of Time

Conversion of Egyptian (astronomical) Pi to a time/date 

Why transpose 'pi' to a time date?
Because Astroarchaeology, typically,  requires dates and because 'Pi'
is the most obvious mathematical expression of The Great Pyramid so
it seemed reasonable to investigate if the use of 'pi' had a dual purpose.
It seems that it does.

Astronomical Pyramid Pi (22/7)

plugged into the algorithm of time ©

age millienium centuries years months days hours minutes seconds
1 to 12 1 to 2 1 to 10 1 to 100 1 to 12 1 to 31 1 to 24 1 to 60 1 to 60
      3. 14 28 57 14 28
    equals 4 2 30 9 14 28
    equals 4. 3 2 9 14 28
      4 BC March 2nd 9 14 28 sec.

3 . 1 4 2 8 5 7 1 4 2 8 5 7


(see the algorithm of time © immediately above)

March 2 nd 5 B.C. at 9:14:28 A.M.

Note: There is no year "0",
for astronomers there is a year "0"
so 4 B.C. is actually 5 B.C.

The chart of our solar system for this date reveals
The Seal of Solomon
the symbol is revealed when the classical ancient astrological aspects
are applied to the positions of the planets.

unified field theory, Great Pyramid, Pi, speed of light, astroarchaeology, astrology, astronomy, life of christ
The chart is one of 1.478314266 to the 10 th power
and occurs once in 40,501,760 years.
The chart also contains an an ancient astrological "Grand Cross" composed of the planets Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Mars.
The chart is "Heliocentric" (Sun Centered) and represents the entire known solar system.




the natural law 

of the mystical trinity 


3 infinite (length) components are 

contained in 1 


The entire Giza Plateau is a monument to Light

Pyramid  = Pi Ra Mid = "pyra" "mid" 
The Great Pyramid contains in its many dimensions all of the median "measures" of Light. 
The Great Pyramid is located at 29 degrees 58 minutes 51 seconds north latitude. 
(according to our present system of measurement): 
The Speed of Light in a vacuum is 299,792,458 kilometers per second..... 
There is a direct correlation between light speed and the Great Pyramid's latitude: 
a)   29 degrees
b)   58 minutes of arc is 97% of one degree..... 
c)   51 seconds of arc is 85% of one minute of arc..... 
When we put those numbers together we have 29 97 85 or 299,785,+ nnn or the speed of light in meters per second!

The Latitude of The Great Pyramid (transposed) approximates our present measurement of The Speed of Light (in meters) in a vacuum.  This is not a coincidence.  The number 29.9785 is also related to the age of Jesus Christ at the time of his illumination and baptism by John the Baptist ("almost" 30 years - "I am the light").

The "theme" of the Giza Plateau is 3 plus infinity .

The Sphinx may have been originally composed of symbols which represent the four fixed signs of the zodiac and erosion has removed the "bull proportions".  The following are the four "fixed" signs of the zodiac:

1) The Lion (paws) represents Leo (fixed fire) 
2) The folded wings (eroded) represent Scorpio (eagle - fixed water)   
3) The bull (eroded) represents Taurus (fixed earth, the element)    
4) The man (head) represents Aquarius (fixed air)    
In esoteric studies it is written that the four elements (fire, water, earth and air) can be combined by the Master (Pharaoh, Magus-Magi, or Christed One ) to give shape (to shape light into objects) to an infinite panorama .

The four fixed signs of the Zodiac (as mentioned immediately above) also represent (as noted) Earth, Air, Fire and Water.  

At the Giza Plateau the "Earth" element is represented by the desert, the "Air" element by, of course, the actual air above the plateau. The "Fire" element is represented by the Sun.  The "Water" element was, most likely, transported from the nearby Nile river, through underground conduits, and was then incorporated as a fountain washing over the body of the Sphinx.   

The Sphinx does show water erosion, however this erosion was NOT rain occurring 10,000 years ago as some commentators believe.  The Sphinx, most likely, included a fountain as a component.  Over time the fountain's waters washed away the wings and body of the Bull (Taurus) leaving only the shape of a lion.

The Riddle of The Great Sphinx

In a nutshell

The Great Pyramid is perfectly aligned with the four directions (North East West South [news]). The Great Sphinx (what is left of it, anyway) contains elements of two of astrology's fixed signs, Leo (Lion/fire) and Aquarius (the male head/air or spiritual information/intellect).
It is probable, in my opinion, that the original (brand new) sphinx was a winged bull with the paws of a lion and the head of a man (human).
-The Lion represents Leo (fire);
-the head, as aformentioned, represents aquarius (air),
-the wings represent Scorpio, an eagle in its highest evolution (water)
-the bull representing Taurus, earth (as an element).
The sphinx, in my opinion, does not date back to 10,500 BC, but, rather, commerates an event that took place in 10,500 BC which has to do with The Precession of The Equinox.  The event was the "birth" of the Sun (Egyptian Sun God, Ra) as the sun precessed (backwards movement) out of the sign of Virgo (The Virgin) into Leo, the sign of the king. Thus... a sun (son) "born" of a virgin. It is this "mythological context" that gave rise to the christian cosmology of a "son born of a virgin" but also includes, in a heavily veiled form, the depiction of the Pharoah's journey through the underworld (crucifixion of the spirit upon matter, death and resurrection or return to the stars).  I am NOT saying that the sphinx has any inherent christian connotations.  I am saying that the christian cosmology is a veiled continuation of the Egyptian cosmology as the Age of Pisces followed the great age of Egypt (Aries).
The water erosion (opinion) was most likely caused, of course, by water from the Nile (via aquaduct) delivered to the sphinx which included a fountain.  The water component symbolizes two astrological (and metaphysical) elements:
1) Aquarius, The Water Bearer
2) Scorpio, fixed water

The water erosion was an intentional design which symbolically represents an evolutionary (spiritual) process. The process is  the dissolution of material form (The Bull, Taurus) to release the siprit/soul/pharoah from the confines of "matter" and return it to the stars (heavens).
What is left, after the "water erosion" is a human being (Aquarius) and a lion (Regal).  In other words, an Enlightened King.  The cosmology is NOT gender specific although the symbols used, in this instance, are masculine.
The Great Sphinx IS the "hall of records", it is just that one needs the "key" to decode the symbolism and the key is egyptian (and contemporary) astrology. 
Additionally, The Great Pyramid's "Pi dimension" points to an astrological (heliocentric or Sun centered) configuration that occurs only once in over 40,000,000 (40 million years) which also provides the keys to decoding the Egyptian spiritual cosmology which evolved or morphed into Christianity (although deeply veiled).

The Sphinx and The Great Pyramid are quite similar symbols. 

- In the Great Pyramid (the world's virtual " time capsule ") the king and queen are surrounded by the four directions (North, South, East and West) and the Great Pyramid is the most perfectly aligned (relative to the four cardinal points) structure in the world.
- In the Great Sphinx the "occupant" is surrounded by the four elements (fire, water, earth and air) which combine to produce an infinite panorama.  

The Giza Plateau depicts Pi 
3 large pyramids . and the i n f i n i t e m y s t e r y

Sphinx Note: The Sphinx is positioned to commemorate the "birth of the Sun",  which was when the sun precessed (backwards precessional movement) out from the sign of Virgo (The Virgin) into Leo, the sign of the king in (approx.) 10,500 BC.  I am not suggesting that the sphinx dates to that remote period but, rather, that it commemorates that time.

         It may seem unusual, at first, to apply or "convert" Pi, a geometric ratio, to time. However, time (as we measure it) is simply another way of measuring the geometric movements of the Earth (circular) as it (she) rotates upon her axis and in her orbit around the Sun. 
         Time, like degrees of arc, is founded upon a numbering scheme called "decimal base 60" which was used by the ancient Chaldeans. Sixty seconds makes a minute, sixty minutes makes a degree.  (Just like your wristwatch operates. The hour hand on your wristwatch actually tracks the Sun's movement across the sky and a second of time is an entire geometric year (360 days) in microcosm.). 
Time , therefore, is geometry expressed as a "duration". 
Pi has a hidden relationship with time which expands from the microcosmic (milli seconds) to the macrocosmic (the speed of light and the length of Ages). Time, as we measure it, and the circumference of a circle are "one" and Pi is the mystical number which unites them. 
The first most obvious cycle to Man was the "day", the second was the lunar cycle or "month" (i.e. Moon). The third cycle was more sophisticated because it included elementary astronomical observations and became a "year". (The annual rising of Sirius with the Sun). 

All three of these cycles are "circles" and when numerous circles were recorded "time" was "invented". 

Time is "circumference" because it measures the outer edge of a circular movement. The Earth rotating on her axis, the moon rotating in her orbit and the Earth's annual circle around the Sun have all provided the foundation for the illusion of time. 

If you consider that every circle (cycle), regardless of its size, can be said to have a diameter of "1" (1 diameter) and, therefore, a circumference equal to Pi (C=Pi D), then one can see that "time" and Pi share an identity because time is the measurement of the circumference of two circles:
1) The Earth's axis rotation (a day) and
2) The Earth's orbit around the Sun (a year). 
Prior to the atomic age, time was an organic measurement intimately linked to the movements of the Earth. It is absurd to think that our measurements of time have any application to space travel. Albert Einstein demonstrated this in his Theories of General and Special Relativity [ time goes slower when we are with our relatives :-) ].  
Our time keeping methods only have relevancy when events are viewed from the Earth.  We are organic creatures designed by the cycles of the Earth, Sun (and moon) and, sometimes, we forget this. 
If the speed of the Earth's movement on her axis and in her orbit accelerated by an arbitrary 12% then our present time keeping methods (hours, days, etc.) would fail because they would "warp" in proportion to the variance of the Earth's speed. This same "warp factor" happens at greater speeds and the warp continues to grow until we reach the speed of light (Pi x 100,000,000 meters per second). 
At the speed of light, time as we know it, warps into something else and creates the perception that time is 
s   t   r   e   t   c   h   i   n   g. 
Time then continues to stretch to the point that we are "everywhere at once" (presently our minds can't go to that "place"...a unified field of pure light where 'time' is instantenous). We then enter another dimension where subject and object merge into "unity". 
In mystical terms when we are "everywhere at once" we merge with "God" or all that is.  It was from this "other dimension" that the Christ (light) entered into the Earth (congealed light). 


The Compelling Symbolism

In the heliocentric (Sun centered) chart the Sun occupies the exact center.   The location of the Sun within the two great triangles is in the precise location of the King's and Queen's chambers when the triangle is expanded into a pyramid shape.

A Pharaoh was considered a "Son of the Sun" unified field theory, Great Pyramid, Pi, speed of light, astroarchaeology, astrology, astronomy, life of christ a representative of Ra, the Sun God. The Pharaoh, after death, would begin his "journey through the underworld". (Please see, "The Egyptian Book of the Dead" - things really begin to sort themselves out once you realize who "the dead" are).

The transition (see, " Precession ") from the Great Age of Egypt (Aries) to the Age of Purgation (Pisces) is the migration of the Sun from the sign of Aries, the sign of its exaltation, to the watery sign of Pisces, fire (Sun) into the water (Pisces).

One interpretation of the life of Christ is that it depicts the "Son of the Sun's" journey through the underworld.
Pisces, in ancient (and contemporary) astrology is focused upon "self undoing".
One of astrology's ancient teachings (Venus rules Taurus and is exalted in Pisces) mirrors the teaching of Christ as it relates to love...
Love is the dissolver of "the little self" (ego), it merges us with our soul, re-empowering the "greater creative Self".  It is the method by which we remember that we are children (drops of the ocean) of infinity.

Pi symbol displayed by classical astrological aspects for 3-1-5 B.C. ...            unified field theory, Great Pyramid, Pi, speed of light, astroarchaeology, astrology, astronomy, life of christ

unified field theory, Great Pyramid, Pi, speed of light, astroarchaeology, astrology, astronomy, life of christ

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unified field theory, Great Pyramid, Pi, speed of light, astroarchaeology, astrology, astronomy, life of christ
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unified field theory, Great Pyramid, Pi, speed of light, astroarchaeology, astrology, astronomy, life of christ