In each person there are vast potentialities which remain untapped because of being caught up in automatic and culturally imposed modes of behaviour.  Religion, ideally, should provide a guide to unleashing our creative potentials and enable us to break free from 'consensus reality' belief systems. Unfortunately, religion has become one of the cultural impositions that is keeping people unconscious.

Religion has not kept pace with the exponential³ scientific growth of the past 2 millennia.
People today are literate, informed and educated and can no longer be controlled by holding up 'totems' (
an object serving as the distinctive mark of the clan or group). We are unlike the people who lived during the times when contemporary religions were first established.

How in the world can a religion proclaim that "God is love" and then hold up a graven image of 'the son of God' brutally impaled upon a cross (
to prove it)? Followed then by 2000 years of silence while the West brought its own brand of hell to people and races throughout the world. 

History demonstrates that Christianity is surely not working in the way that it could. For the most part, 'missionaries' are the first wave of an invasion that will ultimately destroy a culture and introduce them to the concepts of guilt, shame, the Western 'real estate agent' and consumerism (salvation by consumption).  Historically, immediately after (one generation) a people has been taught to 'turn the other cheek' somebody is showing up to take their ancestral lands. Christianity, over time, has been betrayed by Judas. 'Judas', according to the decoded 'star data', represents the mind that has been captivated by '$tuff'.  Practically everyone in the West has become a full-time shopping bag-lady while everyone competes to get better 'widgets' to put into their bag... a seeming repeat of Moses descending from the mountain and finding the cult of the Golden Calf.

Christianity is beneficial in that it introduces a sense of the sacred but the flip side is a medieval abomination that has never quite found its way to enlightenment. 
It is a psychological and metaphysical fact of life that if you continually show a child images of the crucified Christ, and present those images as 'important', then that child is likely to 'reproduce the subconscious message of those images and, over time, become metaphorically crucified in one's life, in one's marriage, in one's job and in the world, generally. In brief, you wind up with a crucified world that has gradually become dysfunctional.  Why? Because of an utter mis-representation (misdirection) of the Synoptic gospels that are the heart and soul of the New Testament. 

For over 2000 years the Earth has been in labor trying to give birth to Christ, and failing miserably. The Christian cosmology, as presented to the faithful, is incomplete and sends you off in the wrong direction (outer rather than inner) and with incomplete information.    

So, are there 'secret teachings' that are not being shared with us? Well, yes... and an additional problem is that the teaching-focus of Christianity has been placed exclusively upon portions of the dogma that are unworkable without other 'key information' that is ignored. 

Here are some of the keys that the star data revealed:

The New Testament (
Synoptic Gospels) is about the 'inner journey' and it presents, in symbol, many of the complications that one is likely to find within his or her own psyche as they go 'within' ("The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand  and within you" – Christ) to find and resurrect the indwelling Christ (divine spark).  The spiritual teachings contained in the Synoptic gospels are a road map for navigating the inner landscape because true spiritual growth requires a renewal of your mind.
A dichotomy exists between Jesus / a representation of humanity and Christ / the divine spark. Jesus, according to the star data was 'the cross' (matter / physicality) upon which the indwelling Christ was crucified; as such, the New Testament's Jesus represents Everyman.
Jesus 'glory' is in having transcended his human biological context (free of lower emotion/passions) and bringing forth the Christ, or the divine spark (regardless of nomenclature) that is at the root of all life.
The word Ecstasy is derived from the Greek word ekstasis and meaning "standing outside oneself". As such, the goal of religion is to assist you (provide you with the necessary tools) in self-transcendence and the attainment of everlasting bliss that is the result of 'standing outside of yourself'.       

A 'key' is: The Christ that "died for your sins" is your indwelling Christ (divine spark). The uncomfortable result that is produced by this conundrum (ego masking the divine spark) is to put one into a temporal 'box' (space and time) in the underworld of inversion that is ruled by the fear of the eventual extinguishment of your life. This conundrum exists until action is taken to turn the inversion around. 

To make sense of all of this requires mentioning some additional information from the Seal of Solomon or Star of Bethlehem data. 
The decoded ancient symbolism suggests that:
(a Key): The Christ is a spark of the creative intelligence that creates and evolves the universe. Without the recognition of the existence of an inner-divine-component, no genuine spiritual evolution is likely.

(a Key): The spark of 'God' can be found within the deepest recesses of the human 'psychological base' and animating (giving life to) the temporal fiction of 'self'.

3) There is a body of 'natural law' that permeates the universe, however, rather than
being about the equal and opposite reactions of physics the body of Natural Law is about equal and similar reactions (
Justice, an immutable law.) that return to us as a result of our earlier actions or omissions.  Our earlier actions can even be from times beyond the veil of recollection. (Key: Reincarnation is the missing ingredient of the Christian cosmology. Some biblical commentary reveals that many thought that Jesus was the reincarnation of the earlier prophets).

(a Key): The crucifixion, as related in the Synoptic gospels, is an allegorical depiction of the spirit (spark of God) impaled upon matter (contained in a physical body and unpleasant circumstances for an indeterminate period of time) as a result of an expression of Natural Law.  The 'Crown of Thorns' represents the mindset that can maintain such crucifixions until the mindset is replaced by something more 'God friendly'.

(a Key): Christ, like Adam, is 'the original person', and to resurrect the 'original and eternal person' the 'sin of Adam' must be erased.
The 'sin of Adam' (decoded) was incorporating the knowledge of evil into the otherwise all good cosmology of paradise. 
The story of Able and Cain is an allegorical depiction of the 'inner condition' of natural goodness becoming destroyed by the introduction of duality and the knowledge of evil.   
(a Key): Good and evil are the two faces of God and the face that God shows to you is a mirror of the face that you have shown to God.  If one want things to evolve they must get free of the knowledge of evil and restore (in the mind) the 'all good' cosmology of Eden.
(a Key): The definition of evil is activity that produces a dilemma which eventually smothers your inner light.

(a Key): The indwelling light inscribes your sins (errors) into your clay (your body and circumstances). As we embrace the 'all good' we start the process of healing.

(a Key): The return path to wholeness is all about removing our contaminations
(See, The ancient art of Alchemy) the rest is automatic.

(a Key): The 'holy war' that is to be waged is to go within and conquer the animal-based ego that has replaced God as the Supreme Being. 

(a Key): The 'two thieves' between whom the Christ was crucified (according to the ancient symbolism embedded into the astroarchaeological Star of Bethlehem ) are the mind and the heart that have become more infatuated with 'self' (ego as 'king' produces the Crown of Thorns) than with God.
The mind and heart can, and often do, operate in duality.  It is wise to get them flowing, simultaneously and in the 'right' direction because, in tandem, they wield significant creative power. Creative power that is magnified when the mind and heart are focused upon 'goodness' (God ness). Otherwise, the presence of a perpetually chattering 'voice' in your head will be a constant reminder that something, within your psyche, needs to be brought into balance.  It chatters continuously about the most ridiculous things. It is only a significant sense of the sacred that will silence that inner dialogue and restore your peace and your divine birthright. Otherwise, you remain in a surreal Darwinian fun-house .....  lifetime after lifetime after lifetime...... living in a 'stable' unaware of who you really are.
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The puropose of religion, metaphysics, star of bethlehem, christianity The puropose of religion, metaphysics, star of bethlehem, christianity
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