Star of Bethlehem Enlightenment Page! star of bethlehem, great pyramid, astrology, astronomy, pi, christmas star, wisemen, wise men, three kings
 Quantum Physics, astronomy, astroarchaeology, speed of light, star of bethlehem
Quantum Physics, astronomy, astroarchaeology, speed of light, star of bethlehem
Quantum Physics, astronomy, astroarchaeology, speed of light, star of bethlehem
Quantum Physics, astronomy, astroarchaeology, speed of light, star of bethlehem
Quantum Physics, astronomy, astroarchaeology, speed of light, star of bethlehem
Quantum Physics, astronomy, astroarchaeology, speed of light, star of bethlehem
Quantum Physics, astronomy, astroarchaeology, speed of light, star of bethlehem

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Star of Bethlehem Prologue -Star of Bethlehem Enlightenment Page! star of bethlehem, great pyramid, astrology, astronomy, pi, christmas star, wisemen, wise men, three kings

It is impossible for anyone to begin to learn that which he thinks he already knows.
Epictetus 50 AD

The Jupiter Project was created for the seeking, finding
and decoding of the ancient and 'lost' esoteric spiritual traditions

Many visitors have inquired about how all of this happened; how it all unfolded. I was, however, reluctant to relate the sequence until there was certainty regarding the correctness of the discoveries. The Astro-Archaeological Star of Bethlehem and related phenomena has been available, although expanding almost daily, since the last millennium.  The charts in this archive are accurate to a certainty. I have provided my own interpretations, based upon the ancient practices of the Magi.

So, with that said:

The star was discovered in an eight step process that took 7 years and, it seems, was the primary and initial reason (discovering the star after adjusting for calendar errors) for my nomination for a Templeton Prize in Religion.

First, I thoroughly reviewed thousands of pages of commentary and theories regarding the star. Not one theory or commentary matched Matthew's singular description of the star.

Secondly, I knew that the Gregorian Calendar had some unresolved issues.  How else could we have Christ being born in B.C.* (before Christ or before the Christian Era). I researched the calendar and uncovered a few of the issues (e.g, no year zero, avoidance of precession calculations).  However, I realized that I was not fully equipped for the task of analyzing the calendar so I needed to familiarize myself with the Earth's Orbital Mechanics and the ancient zodiac.  As I progressed I became increasingly puzzled because every error in the calendar seemed designed to distance itself (the calendar) from the star, not to mention that DECember our 12th month means "ten" and OCTober our 10th month, means "eight".
I became convinced that our calendar intentionally misleads us regarding our precise location (time) within the present age (Pisces). How can we have billions of dollars in astronomical equipment, and yet, not one highly capable astronomer can tell us where we are within the present Age?
 *(quantum simile,) Although our Sun was 'born' 8 1/2 minutes before the Earth witnessed the Sun's first light.

The third step was a review of the Earth's Orbital Mechanics (how we measure time) and a phenomenon called the Precession of the Equinox. I discovered that precession was not even considered at any time during any of the calendar adjustments.
Precession was known around 200 AD (See, Origen, early Christian scholar and theologian) but denied by the early fathers of the Christian church. (they were 'early' fathers because the calendar contains precessional calculation oversights).
Additionally, Zecharia Sitchin, author, cosmologist and most impeccable researcher, has pointed out the existence of ancient (3rd millennium B.C. and approximating the beginning of the building of the Great Pyramid) cylinder seals that include a depiction of all of the outer planets.
I became intensely curious about why, it seemed, something was being masked....

A '1 degree' error in the calculation of precession equals 72 years of calendar time.

Part 4 took me into the mysteries of The Great Pyramid at Giza (a monument to light).
The Great Pyramid is the oldest standing structure on the Earth and is one of the 7 Wonders of The World, and educational institutions generally ignore the pyramid; so too does the public-at-large.
I turned to the pyramid* because it is a virtual Rosetta Stone of the solar system and perhaps even the universe. The Western world (please excuse this), generally, doesn't have a clue about why that pyramid is truly a Wonder of The World.  Why?  
After studying the Great Pyramid it became clear that I also needed to investigate the quantum physics of light.
*(note) Sir Isaac Newton attempted to utilize measurements from The Great Pyramid in formulating his theory on gravitation. He needed to know the exact circumference of the Earth, so he studied the Great Pyramid. Newton was highly successful in this endeavor.

Part 5 was a study of ancient astronomy*. Ancient astronomy** was actually the combination of astronomy and astrology. It was the combined science of observation and interpretation, and was, beyond any doubt, the science mastered by The Magi
It also gradually became evident to me that the writers of the 4 gospels of the New Testament were very knowledgeable of 'ancient' astronomy.
*(Note) There are very very few direct references to astrology in the bible.  Contemporary evangelists erroneously state that the bible condems astrology, despite the fact that Genesis states that God made the stars for "signs and for seasons". The Old Testament mentions astrology, NOT as astrology, per se, but rather as the opening volley of the ancient and continuing battle between religion and science.  The attack upon astrology, by religious leaders, in ancient times was because astrology was the principal science and the astrologer/astronomer priests were the scientists of the day.

**Pre-Egyptian civilization ( 5000 B.C.) referred to the Sun as "The Shepherd" and the planets as "the sheep" or 'wanderers' moving against the backdrop of the fixed stars... indicating that over 7000 years ago Man was aware of the Sun-Centered solar system. 

Part 6 was to research the gospels.
The first three gospels, Matthew, Mark and Luke, are called the Synoptic (similar) Gospels. The three use similar language and sequences of events, and sometimes even duplicate passages. Mark's Gospel seems to be almost entirely contained within the Gospel of Matthew.  Over fifty percent of Mark's gospel is incorporated in Luke's.  

Many scholars are convinced that the canonical Gospels contain extensive material that is not historical.  I think that it is because many passages are astronomical/astrological allegories. 

Biblical scholars, although not in complete agreement, (when are they ever?) have suggested that Matthew was the common source but with a plot twist that includes a 'lost' Gospel of Q (Quelle, (a german research team) for "source").

Its existence ( "Q" ) is largely inferred from the gospels of Matthew and Luke. Many theologians and religious historians believe that Q's text can be reconstructed by analyzing passages that Matthew and Luke have in common.

It is presently believed that The Gospel of Q, if it exists / or ever did, contains numerous phrases or sutras or wisdom sayings that do not mention the events of Christ's life. It is believed that the Synoptic Gospels used the materials contained in the Gospel of Q.

It is the Gospel of Matthew that contains the only account (anywhere)
of the star that came to be called the Star of Bethlehem.

Part 7 was to synthesize and then analyze the materials* and arrive at a working hypothesis. I have come up with two:
a) The gospels are a historical account which demands faith because of the lack of scientific and academic proof. Or,
b) Matthew was the principle author of the gospel materials and incorporated:
    b.1) the wisdom sayings of The Gospel of Q  with
    b.2) astronomical/astrological knowledge expressed as allegory and
    b.3) merged them with prophecies from the Old Testament  
and then produced an allegory depicting the grandest celestial event in the recorded history of Man.  An event of such magnitude that the Great Pyramid at Giza was constructed to memorialize it. The celestial event was, in fact, the blueprint for the construction of the Great Pyramid and the 'accompanying literature' being the Synoptic Gospels.
    b.4) This part is the most astounding part of this entire utterly mind-boggling enterprise... There is a correlation between the 'Christ' of the New Testament and the physics of light! The physics of light incorporated into a 'sheep and goat' allegory from over two millennia ago?  I could, most easily, dismiss the light correlation as coincidence, however Christ, in the New Testament, describes himself as 'the light' and bestows the ability 'to see'.
An additional observation, regarding Christ, light and the Sun generally, is that there is an analogy between Christ being born (Gregorian Calendar) in B.C. or 'before Christ' and the Sun being 'born' prior to its light reaching the Earth (8 1/2 minutes later). The correspondences are too compelling and deserve investigation.  

* by 'materials' I mean not only the items mentioned above but also the esoteric traditions and writings of the many arcane and ancient spiritual traditions of many cultures.  

Part 8 involved analyzing the research materials and viewing them through the lens of what remains of the tattered fragments of the Western esoteric tradition.This process was the most important and was designed to investigate and find any ' common elements' in religion, metaphysics, philosophy and the spiritual practices of the ancients.

Whether you embrace the gospels from the perspective of faith, or via decoded midrash, physics and allegory, the results are (can be) identical, because the allegory as well as the literal interpretation incorporate ancient wisdom teachings regarding the evolution and refinement of human of consciousness leading to eternal life.

birth of Christ, Great Pyramid, astroarchaeology, new testament

Ultimately it is you, the reader, who must decide for yourself.  Were the  Synoptic gospels events depicting historical events as they unfolded in the life of Christ or are
the Synoptic gospels an astronomical/astrological allegory incorporating both ancient wisdom teachings and the quantum physics of light?*  Also, is what is written in the heavens (stars) truly made manifest on the Earth?  
*Note: Anthropologists are in agreement that 'something' happened about 3000 BC (which is also the estimated  construction date for the Great Pyramid) which catapulted Man's development from 'mud huts' to agriculture, writing,
art, astronomy, astrology, architecture, religion and 'civilization' generally. The quantum leap of humanity, over 5000 years ago has, so far, been virtually unexplained by science.

I can positively state, without reservation, that something very very big happened in 5 B.C. and this grand event was prophesied, in stone, by The Great Pyramid at Giza, which was built in (approx.) 2973 B.C. It was an event that captivated the world and continues to captivate the world into the third millennium.  

In 5 B.C., according to my research, a change of Ages (Aries to Pisces) occurred which was also the end of one "Great Year" (or Great Year of Plato which is 25,920 years of astronomical precession) and the beginning of a new Age.  Additionally, there was the appearance of a, once in over 40,000,000 years, celestial configuration in the form of a Seal of Solomon and the start of a new religion (Christianity). All of these spectacular events share a common origin...  the science of the stars!

This archive documents my journey into the utterly remarkable phenomena that are intricately woven into these astounding events.  Some materials may overlap in a few of the essays but there is very little redundancy as each page reveals a deeper insight into these mysteries.

In the future
religious 'faith' will gradually be replaced by 'gnosis'
(intuitive knowing). 
A 'gnosis' that is rational, logical and
'Religion', as we know it, will cease to exist
as a new wave of enlightenment
sweeps across the Earth.


Decoded metaphor, decoded midrash and decoded allegory
is the focus of the information
contained within many of the following pages.

Quantum Physics, astronomy, astroarchaeology, speed of light, star of bethlehem
"Whenever things get out of whack it is always helpful for me to remember that we live on a hydrogen atom"

Star of Bethlehem Preface - Star of Bethlehem Enlightenment Page! star of bethlehem, great pyramid, astrology, astronomy, pi, christmas star, wisemen, wise men, three kings ...The Bible is a multi-level transcendental masterpiece. In addition to its most sacred account of the life and teachings of Christ and of the patriarchs of The Old Testament, it also includes a complete astrological-astronomical summary of the transition of the astrological age (Aries to Pisces) and, surprisingly it also includes, in symbolic language, a summary of the quantum physics of light!

The information contained in these essays is significant and controversial but inconsequential when compared with the timeless message of The Bible. This work simply reveals some additional facets of the sacred teachings of Western Civilization and includes some glaring omissions from the wisdom of ancient Egypt.

For almost two thousand years archaeologists, astronomers, Egyptologists and religious scholars have been looking, without success, for the biblical Star of Bethlehem and the "missing" capstone of The Great Pyramid. The essence of the information and charts published here is that the Star of Bethlehem and the capstone of The Great Pyramid are both ancient astrological configurations. The discovery of these historical artifacts has evaded scholars for 20 centuries despite the fact that astrology was a principal science during the pertinent historical time periods .

Any celestial event (i.e. The Star of Bethlehem) presented as announcing a "a birth" is exclusively within the realm of astrology, not astronomy. Astronomy is celestial "observation" and ancient astrology provides the "interpretation" of astronomical phenomena.

It is my opinion that the discoveries documented herein provide solutions for (at least) three of the most incredible transcendental mysteries that have ever puzzled humanity.

The Star of Bethlehem, as documented within these pages, is the only verifiable archaeological artifact * ever discovered which supports every element of Matthew's biblical account of the "star". The discovery of "Christ's Star" provides a proof, in precise support of the gospels, of the existence of an historical Christ.
*The only other artifact that has been presented as a proof of the validity of scripture is the highly controversial Shroud of Turin.

Additionally, any contemporary attempt to provide justification to adjust the Gregorian Calendar would be difficult without first having found The Star of Bethlehem and the precise date of the birth of Christ. 

Western scholars are in agreement that we are presently confronted with a type of oxymoron regarding the Gregorian Calendar and the estimated date of the birth of Christ. The Gospel of Matthew states that Herod, harboring unkind intentions, sought the Christ and requested that the Magi disclose Christ's location to him. Herod's reign, as well as his life, ended in 4 BC and this historical fact presents us with the contradiction that Christ was born "before Christ" (BC). This contradiction is a seeming proof that our present calendar contains an inacuracy because the start of our calendar is supposed to celebrate the timing of the birth of Christ . This anomaly has persisted because virtually every commentator and Star of Bethlehem theorist has failed to produce a compelling scientific reason to justify altering our calendar. In fact, each commentator has virtually embraced (adopted) and presumed without question the accuracy of the current calendar and zodiac alignment despite the significant oversights that have been outlined on my calendar page .

Virtually all previous Star of Bethlehem theories refer to routine planetary conjunctions and/or astronomical configurations that occur regularly and, at best, are highly speculative fiction and contain weak scholarship that either ignores history or discounts Matthew's account .

The account of the star contained within these pages is a mathematical certainty that provides a star which  conforms to every element of Matthew's account. This material does not attempt to bend history but, rather, to demonstrate that our assessment of the astronomical skills of the ancients is, at best, inadequate.

One other possible interpretation of "The Star", the seeming intentional errors of the Gregorian Calendar and the contemporary condemnation of the ancient science/religion of astrology (The Science of the Magi) is that The Star of Bethlehem was, perhaps, intentionally hidden to mask some of the deeper origins of Christianity. Nevertheless, there are deeply veiled midrashic* elements contained in the 4 primary gospels of the New Testament. The 'Midrashic elements' are allegorical components regarding ancient astronomy/astrology. These 'elements' (ancient astronomy/astrology) are deeply veiled, until they are decoded and revealed.

* A Midrash is an ancient Hebrew term used to describe sacred writings that contain symbolic and/or allegorical components that are presented as literal when distributed to the 'common folk' or 'the faithful'. The writings. typically, contain great spiritual truths but, nevertheless, make great use of components which require specialized information/data to decode. A contemporary example of a 'midrash' is the tale of Santa Claus which is taught as literal truth to our young children. The spiritual truth contained in the Santa Claus tale is that 'goodness brings rewards', however, the tale contains 'fantastic elements' that assign magical qualities to the main character (S. Claus) that make him seem super human.  The use of a ''super human' character is usually always a veiled reminder of the existence of God.

A more complete midrash would also utilize information about 'specialized learning' (i.e. astronomy) that is embedded into the story but presented secretly as veiled allegory.

The New Testament's 4 gospels contain many deeply veiled astrological/astronomical (a singular principal science in 5 BC) components regarding the Sun and the ancient science of star gazing. Specialized knowledge is required to decode the allegorical components; specialized knowledge that was the mainstay of the 'wise men' (astronomer priests) of the pertinent time frame.  To seek for the 'specialized knowledge' of the Magi was the primary motivation for creating The Jupiter Project.

Signet Ring of King Solomon
Much of the astroarchaeological information in this archive deals with
an ancient and sacred symbol known as

The Seal of Solomon
The Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs has published an interpretation
of this universal symbol of the presence of God.
(An excerpt is reproduced immediately below)
Seal of Solomon, Star of David, Shield of David, hexagram, star of bethlehem
Star of Bethlehem Inspiration Cartoon Star of Bethlehem Enlightenment Page! star of bethlehem, great pyramid capstone, astrology, astronomy, pi, christmas star, wisemen, solar system

All original materials i.e., 'The Content' 
as further described herein (link)   and servicemark and
© 1997 John Charles Webb, Jr.

Registered Copyright ©   1997, 2000, 2003, 2008  john charles webb, jr.,
All Rights Reserved - United States of America

New Testament at Old Testament Prices!   ©

 New Testament at Old Testament prices! Star of Bethlehem Enlightenment Page! star of bethlehem, great pyramid capstone, astrology, astronomy, pi, christmas star, wisemen, solar system

 Albert Einstein Sir Isaac Newton Professor Hawking .... Site Map Galaxy Class Cruiser (click) returns you this page . Extended Preface Overview Star Bethlehem Star Bethlehem Evolution Star Puzzle Historical Perspective Astronomical Chronology Birth Christ Ancient Magi Teachings Magi astronomical timing Wise Ones "missing" Capstone Great PyramidUnified Field Theory Amazing Quantum Simile 2nd Coming mystery LIGHT! with Newton, Einstein Hawking Transcendental Pie "Quantum Christ" Emerald Tablet Gregorian Calendarvery brief history time "Pi Factor" Orbital Variance, Precession Global Warming Precession Equinox Sirius Connection, Ancient Wisdom Light Cones True Chart for beginning Age Pisces Astrology Primer errors Western Astrology Age Pisces Light Speed in Stone Giza Plateau Great Seal United States America Solar System - artist's rendition Copyright Information e-mail Time Capsule Registered Copyright john charles webb, jr., 1997-2005 All Rights Reserved - United States America Star Bethlehem Magi Astronomy astrology pi archaeology great pyramid star bethlehem, bible, capstone, great pyramid, sphinx, sacred geometry chart above isprecise astrological map (Sun-centered or Heliocentric) entire solar system for 2nd day March in year 5 BC. Chart with all relevant data opens in new window Star (shield) David or Seal Solomon revealed by applying ancient astrological "aspects" or geometric relationships which exist between planets at any given time. This (above) ancient astrological configuration equals this eight pointed star this esoteric symbol this configuration [without ancient astrological "Gr Cross" aspect] (see below*) representsphenomenon occurs once in over 40,000,000 years*. mathematical probability analysis 9 planets - rotating within 360 degrees - allowing an orb 6 degrees chart one 1.478314266 to 10th power occurs once in 40,501,760 years. Shield David superimposed upon an additional ancient configuration called*"Gr Cross" ( light coloured square) which fers additional support for presenting this gr celestial display as star which informed Magi birth Christ; star which was invisible to all except Magi. Star formed by ancient " astrological aspect lines* " which connect planets as they were assembled on March 2nd 5 B.C. *see, Five Books M. Manilius written in 10 A.D. regarding planetary "aspects" . An additionally astounding observation Star David or Seal Solomon formed by all planets known to us today.(Renowned scholar researcher, Zecharia Sitchin ( 12th Planet - Avon Books) has pointed out existence ancient (3rd millennium B.C.) cylinder seals includedepiction all outer planets.) . actual length (time) entire celestial presentation was approximately 10 days with Seal Solomon appearing for approximately 3.14 days. calculations have been verified by three independent sources all three show exact configuration for this date time with only minor differences occurring with specific degrees within chart. Astrologers are referred to in Book Daniel (Old Testament) as "wise men". It prudent to conclude magi who were guided by "a star" possessed skills astrologer / astronomers. In days ancients, astrology astronomy weresingular principle science no king or ruler was without counsel stars. ( Side Bar ) Man was aware our Sun-centered solar system since, at least, 2400 BC. Many dimensions Great Pyramid haveperfect relationship to many astronomical measurements which Western Man has, apparently, only re-discovered. Most Great Pyramid's astronomical dimensions relate to Sun which, according to ancient Egyptians, was symbol God. God, from most ancient times, has always been symbolized by star. Our Sun a star. Many passages in New Testament, although very deeply veiled in metaphor, refer (also) to Sun as it appears to transit through ancient astrological signs. In ancient times astrology astronomy were same science. After invention lens, astrological model universe began to erode. Astrology with all its transcendent mythology was pushed to side by new astronomy created by stargazers with technology. Ever since time Western Man has been lost in space, disconnected from Earth withoutviable creation myth. information presented in this web site providesview into ancient past touches upon Ancient Wisdom which has been aboned forgotten by conventional modern scientific method. An understing this material will lead you to " crack between worlds", place where physics distort into divine where science fears to tread .. dwelling place God. . By far more than justtwinkling, it was entire solar system which announced birth Jesus Christ lineage King David, change astrological age from Aries to Pisces. celestial presentation evolved during10 day period. (Julian day 1719654.8333 to 1719664.8333). entire phenomenon contains (in astrological symbolism);three "mystic rectangles","Star David", "Seal of Solomon","Grand Sextile","Grand Cross" two five pointed star configurations . level intelligence beauty expressed in symbols will touch all who inquire as to ir profound meaning. star presented here first actual archaeological proof biblical account " Star". configuration contains, in symbolic language, complete philosophies Life Christ, Spirituality, Ancient Astrology, Metaphysics Sacred Geometry. It expresses "perfect astrological model" which was intuited passionately sought by Sir Isaac Newton Johannes Kepler. . May you all be blessed beyond your dreams, John Charles Webb jr. Jupiter Project Project Director Legal Counsel Astroarchaeologist Chronologist Juris Doctor Templeton Prize Nominee Celestial Navigation House Sun, Hawaii research assistant Ann Wilson Taylor Certified Master Horologist, website designer, photographer, art collector (photo link to ancient artifacts site) New Catholic Encyclopedia brief "history" astrologer priests Star's relationship to Egypt mystical Pi evolution Star ( "Census") Our Calendar, Pi Factor Christ's birth Wisdom Teachings Magi . Astrological Birth Chart Christ .. capstone Great Pyramid John Charles Webb, Jr. - Copyright  - All Rights Reserved - United States America . " Fifth Artifact " Star Bethlehem, as documented within se pages, only verifiable archaeological artifact ever discovered which supports Matthew's biblical account "star". . For almost 2000 years " Star Bethlehem" has been subject continuing search which has produced thousands papers , articles, books theories but no truly plausible explanation star. After seven years research in field Astronomy Western Astrology I locatedphenomenal "star" which, I am certain, historical "Star Bethlehem". timing "star's" appearance conforms perfectly with historical time frame established in gospels its presence defies portions our contemporary scientific paradigm. Star represents an example "random chaos" because it explodes current academic beliefs regarding astronomical skills " ancients" highlights sheer, almost unimaginable, brilliance Matthew's gospel. This presentation gathers support from Old New Testaments, Sir Isaac Newton's Chronology, Ancient Universal History, Ptolemy's TETRABIBLOS, measurements taken at Great Pyramid at Giza,study ancient contemporary astrological practices, 20 years personal spiritual metaphysical investigation, science astronomy, Five Books M. Manilius various writings attributed to Plato. existence this incredible star powerfully confronts our cultural paradigm. It encourages us review past reconsider some our beliefs innew light. Information is presented which suggests Mathew's gospel was " original" writing which strongly influenced Luke, Mark John. Matthew's gospel includes only historical account magnificent star which guided Magi to Christ. Magi, according to historical writings, were unsurpassed in their wisdom knowledge things astrological astronomical. It was, in fact, Persian Magi, applying " ancient astrological methods ", who predicted birth Christ. I have located star which inspired prophesy it leads to precise birth date time biblical Jesus Christ also, to lost " capstone " Great Pyramid. search for star gradually lead toplace where no one else had looked before, heliocentric (Sun centered) solar system. I was taught ancients believed in an "earth centered" universe they knew nothing about Earth's orbit around Sun, they were not aware outer planets. I believed this until January 1997 when I found Star King, inplace where it was not " supposed" to be! The information contained within following pages is profound: key provided for reconciliation sidereal (star) tropical (calendar) systems solar system ( "Pi Factor" )... proof positive provided for accuracy portions New Old factor provided for perfect alignment zodiac ... actual astrological birth chart Jesus Christ is presented... historical Star Bethlehem ... method for perfect adjustment Gregorian calendar... the "location" the missing capstone Great Pyramid ... methods for determining our precise location within present Age, link between Precession Equinox "global warming" , origination "hour" "week" as temporal (time) measurements more, much much more........ It takes while to digest all information presented here, please be patient allow yourself to savor what it you are about to read. "Star" has providedkey.......... .Brief Overview Enter here forbrief overview Enter here for main page associated links Return to Site Map John Charles Webb, Jr.- Copyright 1997 - 2000 - All Rights Reserved - Temple of Solomon United States America Speed light, light speed, Within se pages information presented which suggests blueprint our solar system has been "encoded" in Gospel Matthew for 2000 years. . For almost two millennia, scholars, prophets, astronomers astrologers have diligently searched the skies for the star which announced the birth Jesus gospel Matthew all other historical materials indicate "star" was visible only to "wise men". In days "ancients" astronomy astrology were combined in "science" "stargazing" those who specialized in "stargazing" were called "wise men". Herod, king Judea at time birth Christ, without doubt, entertained counsel "stargazers" in his court. It wascommon practice to seek advice "wise men" such practices continue today although inless visible way. Herod was unaware any unusual "stellar" events during time period which included arrival Magi. Thus, he inquired about appearance "star" which guided them to Judea to seek "new king". "Star Bethlehem" was an astrological event incorporating astronomical data (planetary locations) must be interpreted using ancient astrological methods . Commentators for past six hundred years have consistently determined it was routine planetary "conjunctions" (two planets very close in sky) visible to everyone, announced "divine birth". conclusions many commentators do not address three most important issues: 1) "star" was not noticed or even "visible" to anyone but wise men. 2) Any analysis which does not include astrological information from period will be incomplete because astronomy astrology were same science ( observation interpretation ) at beginning Age. Additionally, any celestial phenomenon is givenprophetic interpretation within auspices astrology. 3) accuracy time frame established in gospels regarding: Temple of Solomon ) birth Christ b) Christ's presentation at temple within 40 days after his birth c) appearance wise men with gifts, d) subsequent "historically verifiable" time King Herod's passing in 4BC Some our present beliefs regarding "ancient" civilizations are: " ancients were unaware Earth issphere.....were unaware Earth's rotation eir in an orbit or upon her axis.....were unaware "recently discovered" outer planets.....were unaware precession equinox .....y lacked any mathematical skills regarding calculation 'Heliocentric' (Sun centered) scheme in solar system." This, course, was true regarding skills common folk at beginning Piscean Age over 2000 years ago. However, these "common limitations", unquestionably, do not apply to Matthew, according to his astounding account star, nor do they apply to sect highly advanced astrologer priests called Magi. It is Magi who were guided by appearance rare most incredible star who were immortalized in Matthew's fantastic account this great event. Matthew indicates unequivocally ancients were: 1) aware "Sun centered" solar system 2)were aware phenomenon "precession" 3) possessed skills to create"Sun centered" map solar system 4) possessed knowledge existence outer planets 5) were aware Sun star Star present it can be located reproduced . It written in language Man's first true science. Since inception gospels, Temple of Solomon science has searched for some tangible proof existence biblical Christ has come back empty handed. presence phenomenal celestial event, called Star Bethlehem , which spanned entire solar system , provides tangible reproducible proof accuracy Matthew's account star. What it I have found recorded within these pages. You are invited to navigate beyond "cultural filters" to obtain glimpse , what I believe , "ultimate universal truth".portion the journey "within"... To Star Map Description ... many road markers are metaphors. . Site Map Express John Charles Webb, Jr. - Copyright 1997- 2005 - All Rights Reserved - United States America
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