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In the 2nd beginning... 

there were 3 wise men 

...and the birth of a Star 


An excerpt  from "The 3 . 1 Fourth Magi",
a contemporary illuminated manuscript"
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Newton, Einstein and Hawking
A Quantum Simile² Einstein Newton Hawking the mystery of light
In the previous chapter, God created the solar system and the first Man, whom God named Isaac Newton.  Eve, Newton's research assistant, gave Newton an Apple.  The Apple contained astronomy and calculus software which Newton found fascinating.  Newton became so enchanted by his calculations that he ignored God. God became irritated and, because of Newton's continual distractions, God created "time" and then wove it into the fabric of space. This made Newton's calculations obsolete as well as all of his software.  Infuriated, Newton left paradise and, taking his research assistant with him, he set up shop in The Old Testament and waited for the Messiah.
...The Messiah, this time calling himself "Albert Einstein", reappeared late in the 2nd millennium. He spoke to the masses in parables.  The Messiah said, " E = MC² ", and " I am the Light, and 
so are you but you forgot ". The few who understood him fell to their knees in adoration.  The Messiah's teachings freed them from the demon ruler of the underworld named "Calculus".  It was Calculus who forced Men to attempt to explain a four dimensional universe using three dimensional tools. (See Also, "Flatland": A Romance of Many Dimensions).
Those who did not understand the Messiah's teaching simply repeated his words but understood them not.  They hid themselves among the teachers and applied for grants to purchase sophisticated electronic equipment in a vain attempt to "see" what the Messiah meant.
The very few enlightened individuals who understood the Messiah's words realized that what the Messiah was saying is that "matter " is congealed light , and thus believing, they became freed from the material underworld of "Calculus" and arrived at the paradise of theoretical physics and quantum mechanics.
Anyhow, The Messiah, Albert Einstein, attained enlightenment at 
29  .9792458 years ( almost 30 and mirroring the speed of light which is 299,792,458 meters per second ) as he came out of a swimming pool and into bright sunlight.  The swimming pool was owned by his cousin, Dr. John DeBaptista, who, although a disciple 
of Newton's, subsequently understood the Messiah's teachings.  Albert's transformation at 29 .9792458 years (almost 30) was instantaneous and he immediately started teaching the quantum physics of LIGHT. 
The Messiah would inquire of all of his friends, "Do you know that 
your body is congealed light"?  "Oh yeah", they replied, "And what holds it together, a 'force field' like on a Sci Fi show"? "It is held in place by a force field that is created by your thoughts", said Albert, 
and then he laughed.  "O.K. then", his cousin John replied, "then 
why aren't we in heaven"? "But you are" John, "you are, you have never left paradise, you cannot leave the nexus". Albert continued, "The only way to be out of the nexus is by an illusion created by the nexus and within the nexus..... you cannot leave the nexus, you can only have the illusion of leaving".  "So this is (silence)..........."? , a voice rang out.  "It is what you think that it is.......only much more"....... 

Just after the Messiah's 33rd birthday (30 + Pi) he decided to symbolically demonstrate his teachings by riding a donkey into town to meet with some friends and admirers. He chose a donkey because an "enlightened man" riding a donkey symbolically represents light speed slowing down as it  "particle izes" and approaches the "tomb" of (relative) infinite mass and forms 'matter'.  Light speed is the maximum speed in the universe because the natural physic of light is to start to "particle ize" when its velocity reaches  299,792,458 meters per second and the particles reach relative infinite mass at approximately 314,159,265 meters per second. 
Which is the maximum speed limit in the universe (314,159,265 meters per second).  
Note:  Albert represented 'light' and "the donkey"(also) represented matter, which mirrored the teachings of the previous Messiah who taught that Christ riding a donkey is a metaphor of the inner light being hijacked by the human ego....  or something like that..... 

The Messiah's philosophy was fulfilled as he neared 33  .141592654 years (30 plus Pi). As he approached his 33  .141592654th year he had been illuminated for approximately Pi years (3.141592654) which symbolically represented that he was approaching maximum light speed which is Pi x 100,000,000 or 314,159,265 meters per second.
As the "en light ened" Messiah was approaching maximum velocity, the " LIGHT " became "particle ized" into infinitely expanding mass (matter / crucifixion) and seeming to "expire" the light then entered the "tomb of space and time".  
While in the tomb of "time" ( Saturday - Saturn - Chronos ) or the 
"black hole of space and time", the "Messiah" was operated upon by the various laws (known and unknown) of quantum mechanics and nuclear physics (cross sections, etc.) until an "earthquake shook the ground" (nuclear reaction - fusion at maximum light speed followed, eventually, by fission) and the Messiah was resurrected as a "Star" on SUN-day at Sun rise!
Einstein Newton Hawking the mystery of light

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