The Birth of Christ - Karl Larsen
Danish - Mosaic - 1930

Over the centuries an enlightened community of astronomer priests (Magi) could gradually construct a planetary ephemeris for the unobservable planets.  The frequent passages of the inner planets, continually transiting 'sensitive degrees' in the zodiac, would reveal, over time, the astrological locations of the distant planets.  Their distance from the Earth, perhaps, could not be precisely calculated, however, the planets' precise locations within the astrological wheel (and their orbital patterns) could, eventually, be determined.

Additionally, renowned scholar and researcher, Zecharia Sitchin (The 12th Planet - Avon Books) has pointed out the existence of ancient (3rd millennium B.C.) cylinder seals that include depictions of all of the outer planets.

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February 28 th 5 B.C. - Mystic Rectangle Astrological Configuration

The "Mystic Rectangle" is in the heliocentric (Sun centered) solar system and is an auspicious astrological configuration. The Star of David unfolds "out of" the Mystic Rectangle configuration.     

February 29 th 5 B.C. - Pi Symbol displayed in the "tropical" zodiac over Bethlehem, Jordan (symbol is hi-lighted in yellow)

The alphabet has its genesis in astronomy/astrology. The infinite astrological configurations formed among the planets of our solar system (see main page) create symbols and letters which served as the inspiration for the creation of the alphabet. The Pi symbol depicted here is only one example of "characters" written in the sky by the geometric relationships of the revolving planets. This observation may give many clues to assist in the interpretation and dating of the writings of ancient or "primitive" cultures.    

February 29 th 5 B.C. - A 5 pointed star emerges from the Mystic Rectangle

This chart shows the instant that a 5 pointed star configuration emerged from the Mystic Rectangle. The chart has been turned to facilitate viewing. The Planet Venus is at the head of the star. Venus represents (in ancient and contemporary astrological symbolism) love and aesthetics. The 5 pointed star is a "symbol of Man". The points of the star symbolize the head, arms and legs. The "aspect lines" as depicted in the entire chart suggest that the 5 pointed star radiates from Venus (love) and mirrors the teaching of Christ which affirms that "God is love", or that Man is created by or through an act of divine love.

March 1 st 5 B.C. - Appearance of the "Grand Cross" ancient astrological configuration

The "Grand Cross" is an ancient astrological configuration which indicates extraordinary obstacles or hardships. This aspect is highly significant when the trials and tribulation of the biblical Jesus Christ are considered.

March 1 st 5 B.C. - The first appearance of The Star of David

The Star of David emerges from the Mystic Rectangle and is superimposed upon the Grand Cross.

March 1 st 5 B.C. - The appearance of the second five pointed star simultaneously with the Star of David

A second five pointed star appears with the planet Mercury at the head. Mercury is considered to be the "Messenger of the Gods" and in this configuration suggests spiritual or divine illumination.

March 1 st 5 B.C. - Two five pointed stars are displayed simultaneously

The two five pointed stars are symbols of Man or "The Divine Man". One star has Venus at the top or "head" of the star (hi-lighted in white) and the other has Mercury at the top or "head" (hi-lighted in yellow). Mercury represents mind/intelligence and Venus represents love and aesthetics. Mercury and Venus are the two planets closest to the Sun. Spiritually and metaphysically this indicates that love, aesthetics and intellect are the attributes which are the "closest" to the soul (Sun).

March 1 st 5 B.C. - The astrological aspects (parallels) depict the solar version of the Kabbala - "Tree of Life" or "Paths to God"

Any student of the mysteries will recognize the pattern displayed by the planets as one which mirrors the Tree of Life and the various "paths" to higher consciousness, which are depicted also in this ancient graphic....

March 2 nd 5 B.C. - The Seal of Solomon emerges from the Mystic Rectangle as the Star of David is encircled by a Grand Sextile

Behold the sign of the Lord God, the Holy of Holies, the Sacred One of The Old Testament and beyond forever and ever. The Sign of the God of Abraham, The Sign of the God of Moses, The Sign of the God of Christ, The Sign of the Alpha & Omega. ..

The Herald of The Ancient and Eternal Wisdom

The Seal of Solomon

  artist's rendering of the Star of Bethlehem

Please note that Cicero, in "Scipio's Dream", speculates about the return of all of the celestial bodies of our solar system to their original position ("Zep Tepi" to the ancient Egyptians),  The return or " census " would mark the completion of one revolution of one great cycle.  Considering the great esoteric significance of the Seal of Solomon, it is strongly suggested that the chart (above) of March 2nd 5BC represents the "original position" of the planets spoken of by Cicero; the union of Alpha and Omega.  If there is a 10th planet, as is suspected, it is reasonable to believe that it too participated in the great assembly of planets and then proceeded upon its high elliptical orbit. 

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