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A 'Virgin birth' has four possible explanations

1)  A biological impossibility

A child actually born of a virgin (literal but also improbable* considering the time frame)                                  *contemporary medical procedures, it seems, could be utilized to impregnate absent a physical act of procreation

3)  An astronomical allegorical metaphor involving the phenomenon called, The Precession of the Equinox and able to be created and decoded by the ancient astronomers called "wise men". 

Precession is the apparent backwards movement (as viewed from the Earth) of the outer universe that proceeds at the rate of approximately 1 degree every 72 years. Precession is used for the measurement of the length (in time) of an astrological age. An astrological age is 2160 years in length and that figure is determined by the length of time that it takes for the Sun to move backwards through one complete astrological sign (multiplying 30 degrees by 72 years or 2160 years).   The name of the Age is determined by the name of the astrological sign through which the Sun is 'precessing'.  

Approximately 10,500 years ago the astrological age changed from the Age of Virgo to the Age of Leo as the sun 'precessed' out of the astrological sign of Virgo (1st degree) into the 30th degree of Leo. 

To characterize this event, (change from Age of Virgo to Age of Leo) in an allegorical context, an ancient astrologer/astronomer would describe this as 'The Sun being born of a 'Virgin' (Virgo) as a king (Leo is the 'king like' sign of the zodiac). Or, in a type of metaphorical code: "The Son of God, born of a Virgin as a king".  Only ancient astrologer/astronomers (Wise Men) would recognize the astronomical/astrological allegory as talking about the changing of an astrological age. 

The ancients often represented "God" as a star. Our sun is a star or, in 'code', a sun (son) of God. 

4) A description (Christ, Son of God born of a virgin) of the process of giving 'birth' to Christ within one's self. A knowledge of the charisteristics of the ancient astrological sign of Virgo (The Virgin) is required; in addition to the very basic understanding that thought has a creative component. 

Some of the charistics of  the astrological sign of Virgo are: particular; perfectionist; discerning; restoring; virginal (purity, proper conduct);  wheat or corn (and bread by extrapolation) are also symbols of Virgo. 

The 'opposing' or balancing astrological sign (180 degrees opposite Virgo) is Pisces or 'The Fishes'. (Note: The Virgo/Pisces unity, acting in tandum, also represents 'loaves and fishes'.) Loaves and fishes are also food items; something that is for consumption. The 'consumption' reference may initially seem a bit quirky until one understands the "Last Supper" metaphor. 

The Last Supper Metaphor

The scientific analysis of the astroarchaeological Star of Bethlehem and the arrival of the magi indicates that the inner light of Christ dwells within the deepest recesses of the human psychological base (4th astrological house of 'the mother').  The 'inner Christ' or spirit or soul (a genie in the lamp) is usually located (initially) in a condition of dormancy having yielded to the (relative) animal based human ego. This condition is other than a 'conquering' but rather, an accommodation.
Anyhow, when a person makes the decision to accept the (teachings of) Christian Christ and to reform his or her character then the process of 'The Last Supper' begins as the errant ego is trued to spiritual principles and is subsequently and gradually 'devoured' (consumed) by the emerging inner light of Christ. Christ's words at the Last Supper, "This is my body and this is my blood" (referencing the bread and wine) and then proceeding to consume the bread and wine is a metaphor for the
process of the indwelling light (Christ) consuming the base animal passions and fears and also rectifying aberrant behaviour.

This gradual process is what is also meant by 'giving birth to Christ' (an 'inner birth') in a virginal (emerging purity) way that is other than an act of physical procreation. The successful completion of this process produces a 'rebirth' that is accomplished by 'water' (flowing with God's plan) and 'the spirit' or the indwelling Christ.  When successful it gradually becomes obvious that "Christ", like Adam (See, Genesis) is 'the original person' and enjoys an eternal existence. The ego is not reborn but, rather, vanquished.  This process describes the 'return path' to Christ as an inner experience which requires a 'virginal birth' (of Christ) that takes place on an 'inner level' of the psyche.
Note: The natural astrological house (12th) of Pisces that 'opposes' (directly across from) Virgo is the location (warehouse) of our 'secret enemies' and is also called the 'house of self undoing'. The 'secret enemies' operate deeply within the psychological framework of the human being and produce undesireable long term results until they are eliminated.


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