KeyNote Music Drills allow the beginning music student to practice note identification on the basic music clefs including treble clef, bass clef, and the grand staff. There are additional drills for the alto and tenor clefs. Also, practice key identification and note location on the keyboard, and fret identification and note location on the guitar fingerboard. Some of the features of Keynote Music Drills include:

  • Drills for the treble clef, bass clef, alto clef, tenor clef, and grand staff
  • Keyboard drills encompassing 4 octaves
  • Guitar & bass guitar fingerboard drills up to the 12th fret
  • Key signature drill for major and minor keys in all clefs (New in v1.7)
  • Support for both "A, B, C" and "Do, Re, Mi" note naming systems (New in v1.7)
  • Test Mode to record score and times
  • Top 10 Best Scores saved for all drills
  • File support for individual score statistics and record
  • Variable timer settings for drills, individual drill items
  • Selectable pause time to review incorrect selections
  • Selectable time limit for each drill item to simulate flash cards
  • Visual feedback via of elapsed time via progress bar
  • Immediate feedback for correct and incorrect selections
  • Sound support for playback of pitches in all drills
  • Support for both waveform and MIDI audio output
  • Online help and documentation via Windows help file
  • Other user options for drills, timer, and workspace
  • Sound fanfares for different score level achievement
  • BMP file selection for background wallpaper
  • Support for the Windows registry

KeyNote Music Drills is shareware and may be freely distributed. You may use and evaluate it for a 15 day free trial period. The software will, however, continue to function after 15 days. If you decide to register your copy, you will get:

  1. A serial number that will unlock the sound playback feature and disable the registration reminders. This registration number will be valid for all future minor version updates of KeyNote Music Drills.
  2. Free upgrades! Simply download the new shareware version and use your registration number to convert it to a registered version. Your name and organization will appear in the About box after you enter your registration number.
  3. Notification by e-mail (if provided) when future versions of KeyNote become available.
  4. Free support for KeyNote directly from the author via e-mail.
  5. A direct link to the programmer by filling out the feedback form. I would really like to hear from you!

SEE ALSO: System Requirements, FAQ


  1. Credit Card. You may order our software using Secure Online Ordering via Electronic Funds Transfer or Credit Card. You will receive your registration number as soon as your order confirmation is received. We hope that this secure online ordering service will bring added convenience to you!


  2. Cash or Check. If you would prefer to register by surface mail, please print the Single License Order Form and send the completed form with the $20 single-user license fee to the address listed below.
    • If you include your e-mail address with your payment, I will send you your KeyNote serial number by e-mail. Otherwise, I will send it by surface mail.
    • Note that you will not receive a diskette or a manual in the mail when you register, since you already have the complete KeyNote program, including the available documentation as a help file. This allows me to not charge anything for upgrades, since you can download them at your convenience.
    • This registration number will be valid for all future minor updates of KeyNote Music Drills. To upgrade, simply download the new shareware version and use the registration number to convert it to a registered version. Your name and company will appear in the about box after you enter your name and registration number.

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Treble Clef Drill 10,103 byte GIF image
Bass Clef Drill 9,870 byte GIF image
Alto Clef Drill 10,460 byte GIF image
Tenor Clef Drill 10,225 byte GIF image
Grand Staff Drill 9,808 byte GIF image
Keyboard-To-Note Drill 15,010 byte GIF image
Note-To-Keyboard Drill 14,910 byte GIF image
Guitar-To-Note Drill 11,894 byte GIF image
Note-To-Guitar Drill 13,552 byte GIF image
Bass Guitar-To-Note Drill 9,790 byte GIF image
Note-To-Bass Guitar Drill 10,511 byte GIF image

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