Vernacular Architecture: natural building and eco design

Environmental Design: architecture, landscape, urban design, planning, and resource conservation conforming to principles of environmental, social, and economic sustainability

Sustainable Architecture and Urban Design: Rennes, France: A sustainable town plan, 2008

2009 Diprose, Peter and Hotten, Robert, 2009, "Graces & Vines" video entry BEYOND MEDIA 2009 c/o Image, via Venti Settembre 84, 50129 Firenze, ITALY news


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an archive of information and "how to" guide to sustainability and sustainable development process and practice

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Very Simple Sustainability (VSS)

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"Beach House" Kauai, Hawaii


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Derlirious LA Polar Inertia [PDF]

Plan B 3.0, "Rescuing a Planet...", The Hannover Principles, by William McDonough,

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