An Archive of Contemporary Thought in Sustainable Architecture


Canal Siren, Venice 2000


sustainable architecture introduction

1. sustainable architecture pedagogy and poetics sustainable architecture, introduction

a. pedagogy part 1: sustainable architecture: effective low cost houses / part 2: ecological landscaping

b. poetics part 3: integrated architecture and landscape / part 4: the contemporary beach house / part 5: ecological living community / part 6: a small earth sheltered house

2. sustainable urban design pedagogy and poetics sustainable urban design, introduction

a. pedagogy contour: 2xl the city is flat: yet expands faster and faster forever part 1: posturbanism: eco design from norm to formlessness

contour: monster houses, cafes, and dogs: purpose in eco design / pedagogical sketchbook: axial dynamics in urban design

b. poetics venice, paris, san francisco part 3. great urban design / the robert irwin garden at the getty center / the guggenheim bilbao museum

part 4: the city as hypertext / contour: illusion in landscape and film / interstitial: the exhibition of 1999: la biennale di venezia



Eco design community, Kauai, Hawaii


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