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I began the investigation into Posturbanism: From Norm to Formlessness, while reclined on a lounge chair in Le Jardin des Tuileries. I am a passionate amatuer in the field of urban studies. If the field exists and prospers, it will be fueled with the irrigation of indeterminancy with possibility. Within a landscape of much critique, it had become more and more apparent that most urban theories are limited in scope. Thus the doctrine of posturbanism.

The work outlines some ideas of the city, universe and world, hypertext and mind. What and why is posturbanism? Posturbanism is the synthesis of two principle notions: 1.) The city as an analogue of the mind; and 2.) The idea of formlessness as it pertains to urban existence. A model is suggested.

Consider the notion that the city is flat. What if it were that simple? And, then, what if the city continues expanding faster and faster forever? The mind produces the city in it's own image, and in the unique embedding characteristic of both, there is always a city within a city. Thus principles of hyperfigure, memory, threshold, and formlessness, and assaults on the ideas of beauty, the glim, eco design, and the sublime, although often metaphorical, poetic and dense, become useful and satisfying.

Bon voyage,

Robert Hotten , Paris, Halloween 1999

Introduction: Abstract and Part 1. Sustainable Urban Design Within an Ecosystems Context, Illustratiuons posturbanismintro1.html

Part 2. The New Environmental Paradigm, Illustrations posturbanismintro2.html

Part 3. Reconciling The Two Paradigms, Part 4. Virtual & Actual Spatial Implications, Illustrations posturbanismintro3.html

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