Practice: Office for Sustainable Architecture

Hawaiian Native Plants LLC, Eco Living Community, Kauai, Hawaii, 1992

Tomatoe, pepper, and flower garden; Katy and Alison in the modular cabin; pole tree house


Pole tree house construction; Channing and Robert; pole tree house from across the canyon





Selected realised projects:

1978-1981 Mission Beach Precise

Planning Group, San Diego, California

Elected representative mission beach

1981 McLean Residence, La Ribera,

Baja California Sur, Mexico.

600 sqm tropical thatch dome la ribera

1983 Leslie Residence, Wrightwood,

California. Passive solar,

earth-sheltered house

1984-1991 Board of Directors,

Installation Gallery,

a non-profit visual arts space installation

1984-1991 Advisory Board,

San Diego County

Board of Supervisors

1987 "60 Watt Dollie", sculpture,

"Furnitura", group show, Vorpal Gallery,

San Francisco, California

1988 Topanga State Beach, California.

Analysis and policy plan to preserve an area

of the beach by inclusion of a low-impact

site plan into the Los Angeles County Plan topanga

1989 Putnam Residence, Hollister Ranch,

California. High technology earth-sheltered,

passive solar concrete house putnam residence

Since 1989 Hawaiian Native Plants LLC,

native plant propagation, ecological

revegetation design and landscaping in California

and Hawaii and New Zealand. GIS

ecological inventory

1991 Mimran Guest House,

Montecito, California

Since 1993 Sustainable Houses, Kauai, Hawaii.

Designed and built two energy-efficient,

low-cost houses, integrated with the landscape

sustainable community

1993 Sustainable Plan and Development

Kokee State Park, Kauai, Hawaii,

A "Growth by Chunking" experiment

1995 Earhart Residence, Kauai, Hawaii.

Sketch ecological revegetation design,

planning and landscaping

1998 "Wave Festival", land art installation,

Piha Beach, Auckland, New Zealand,

for Lopdell House Art at the Beach, 100 x 50m

1999 Jones Residence, Newmarket, Auckland

garden design jones landscape

2000 CRECA (Center de Recherches d'Esthetique

du Cinema et des Arts Audiovisuals)

Conference, Universite de Paris 1,

Sorbonne, December 2000, Paris.

Collaborated in urban force field

mapping by Knowbotic Research.

Austrian Exhibition at

Biennale di Venezia

2000 Hotten, Robert, and Dr. Peter Diprose.

"3XL Garden City", in La Biennale

di Venezia 2000, 7th International

Architecture Exhibition Competition

of Ideas: Citta: Third Millenium.

Venezia: Marsilio. pp. 182-185 garden city

2002 Sunset Makai Hale, Kauai, Hawaii

Modification of landscape to maximise

near ocean views sunset makai hale

2009 Diprose, Peter and Hotten, Robert, 2009,

"Graces & Vinesā" video entry BEYOND

MEDIA 2009 c/o Image, via Venti Settembre 84,

50129 Firenze, ITALY


Current projects:

2004 Grinpas Residnece, Kauai, Hawaii

Interpretation of Japanese country style

japanese timber frame

2005 Steuck Residences, Monterey, California

Site Plan, Grading Plan, Landscape Plan,

and conceptual design of 2 houses, 2 guest-houses,

and 2 employee houses for site plan and

design review steuck residence

2005 Cummings Residence, Gaviota, California

Site Plan and conceptual design of ranch and

employee house cummings residence

2006 Pozgay Residence, Kilauea, Hawaii

Site Plan with "Mondrian" landscape and pond

entrance screen for private entrance pozgay landscape

2006 Lawaiuka Road Residence, Lawai, Hawaii

Site Plan and design of a sustainable community


2009 Koolau Road Residence, Lawai, Hawaii

Addition to a tropical house

bogart residence.html


International awards and successes in competitions including:

1969 Finalist, Trondheim, Norway

New Town competition trondheim

1988 The land art project "Fault Strike Light",

$5,000 Design Development Award

in San Diego, California

1988 Hamel's Action Sports Center,

Mission Beach, California.

Renovation which after subsequent upgrade

won an "Onion Award"

1998 Two "Awards of Merit" for

California Energy Commission,

"Leading Edge 98", student competition

1999 Invitation to join collaborative cyberspace project,

10_Lavoro Immateriale, La Biennale di Venezia,

1999, Austrian Booth

1999 La Biennale di Venezia 2000, Selected Architect

entry in Third Millenium City: "3XL Garden City"

garden city

2000 "Road Trip 2030", student work selected for

competition International Festival for Architecture

in Video, November 2000, Firenze


Virtual Tour Gallery, Biennale di Venezia 2000


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