Landscape Pedagogical Sketchbook

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Walkabout II.A. Perceptions



This is a landscape pedagogical sketchbook beginning with space (as a container) and ground (the scene graph).


Space is the given that precedes the objects in it... space cannot be said to exist physically. (Arnheim, 1984)


The grid is defined in space. A base slab is constructed on the grid delineating ground, as yet with a total degree of openness.


A generated mesh (topographical contour) is constructed on the grid. With an artifact or obstacle (node) placed in it the scene now represents a figure and ground. This modification of the openness and approach to a settlement is the primal architectural act.



Openness and obstacle


An archtypal obstacle, a column or tree, defines the corridor of movement through the scene. This path may grow into a labyrinth.

Another type of obstacle, a wall, can be the boundary in a scene. A garden can be contained in the enclosure.



Openness and enclosure


Lastly, openness becomes closedness. A court is defined by walls and characterised by closedness and can be covered or have an opening to the sky.



Openness and closedness,

inside and outside



The discourse now includes the narrative between access and obstacle, inside and outside, and transparency.



The Scene

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through openness, enclosure, and closedness

in this QTVR



Form follows from movement through the scene.





1. "Meanings are not merely the whisper of bat in the night; they cohere

into flocks to sleep in the caverns of social thought and reemerge in thunderous

flight to ignite a million imaginations together." (Walker, 1997)


2. "Narratives...intersect with sites, accumulate as layers of history,

organize sequences, and inhere in the very materials and processes of the landscape.

In various ways, stories 'take place.'" --From Landscape Narratives. by Pottinger. 1998.



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