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(For Graeme Robertson) 1997, Found Objects, Any resemblance to people, animals or things, actual, living or dead, is purely coincidental. 3001 x 380 mm


1997, Found Objects, 4400 x 4400 mm


"...history means less the record of significant events and people than the preservation of reminders of a bygone domestic existence and its environment. ...religions which conceive of the creation of the world as marking the beginning of human existence and human society have a much greater impact on the landscape than religions which perceive the real beginning of existence as deriving from a devine charter or covenant. ...a society which dates its beginning from the very creation of the world, which sees itself as the direct product of the cosmic plan, is likely to believe that the way to acheive harmony with the environment is to transform- or restore- that environment in imitation of its original condition. We are familiar with the elaborate cosmic symbolism in the houses and towns and fields of the Dogon of Africa, ...the doctrine of feng-shui is also essentially the celebration of an unchanging cosmic order. ...why ....did Americans abandon the old covenant approach to their history and take on an evolutionary approach? ...America began to think of itself as a unique society which had evolved over two centuries of time- ...a society which has grown and expanded over most of a continent, a kind of elemental force." (J.B. Jackson,1984)

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