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Catches a New Wave

The 1997 lineup: William Daquioag, Jesse Gamiao, Tino Ibach, Richard Natto, Darryl Anguay, Lucky Salvador, and Edwin Ramones, leader.

The KRUSH is "the Duracell in Waikiki with batteries that just don't quit." Entertainment writer Wayne Harada's words ring true as The KRUSH sensation celebrates its twentieth year performing for visitors and kama'aina. A new engagement in Waikiki will be announced this summer, and a new album called Unplugged is on its way.

The Fabulous KRUSH, 1979

The KRUSH is colorful, celebrated and talented. The group has headlined leading showrooms in Hawai'i, packed concerts, and played for TV specials and engagements on the Mainland. The KRUSH has earned six Hanohano Awards (The Grammy Awards of Hawai'i) The voices of The KRUSH are: Edwin Ramones, Jesse Gamiao, Lucky Salvador, Richard Natto, Darryl Anguay, William Daquioag and Tino Ibach. Skillfully managed by Yemun Chung, booked by Tihate, and recorded by Tom Moffatt and Frank Day, The KRUSH has retained a strength of presence unsurpassed by most musical ensembles in Hawai'i.

The disco look of 1983

Entertainment writer John Berg has called The KRUSH "charismatic, dynamic and superbly talented" with "every moment devoted to good clean fun and happy wholesome entertainment."

The new Unplugged album is contemporary Hawaiian. On stage, The KRUSH shows off a wide range of skills. Its members can be comedians or balladeers. They sing rock, easy listening and Hawaiian. The blending of their voices is amazing and entertaining, wherever they present their show.

The KRUSH are great impersonators

Mahalo Air is contributing to the support of The KRUSH as its members travel throughout Hawai'i with their musical message.

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