King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table continue to excite and inspire people of all ages. The Internet provides part-time scholars and other Arthurian enthusiasts access to resources never avaliable before. This Arthurian Resource Page is by no means comprehensive. Rather, it is part of the Quest -- the never-ending search for knowledge and insight of that magical time and place of King Arthur's Court.

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  • Mattman's Links to Electronic Texts of Arthurian Literature
  • Mattman's Arthurian Literature Library (Opening Soon!)

    Guides, FAQs, Resources and Lists

  • Arthur: the Matter of Britain by Will Linden
  • David Tanguay's Home Page Link to his Arthurian Literature List (includes timeline)
  • Mary's Arthur Page
  • Resources for Arthurian Studies by Martin Irvine and Deborah Everhart
  • Arthurian Booklist by Cindy Tittle Moore
  • A Brief Guide to Arthurian Resources on the Internet by Anne Callery
  • (Alternate link to A Brief Guide to Arthurian Resources on the Internet by Anne Callery
  • Wendy's Arthurian Pageby Wendy Wolk
  • An Arthurian FAQ by Chris Thornborrow
  • King Arthur and the Holy Grail by Dee (Check out this website -- all kinds of info!)
  • The Celtic Twilight Gordd Cymru's Online Arthurian Sources

    Expired, retired or non-loading links

  • Avalon : Arthurian Heaven by Chris Thornborrow (
  • Arthurian Home Page by Douglas Johnston (
  • Arthurian Sites Part of Richard L. Koshak's Mythology on the Web (
  • Arthurian Information by Jenny Sposito (
  • King Arthur Listing at Dragonlords of Dumnonia Bookstore by L.A. Malcor (

    Arthurian Societies and Resources

  • Oxford Arthurian Society
  • The Cardiff Arthurian Society
  • Arthuriana: A Scholarly Journal about King Arthur
  • Britannia: The Arthurian Century Britannia Internet Magazine
  • Arthurian Research The Arthurian Research Foundation of Britain and The International Arthurian Research Foundation

    Individual, Univeristy/College and Other Scholarly Works

  • The Camelot Project University of Rochester
  • The Camelot Project (UK) by The Arthurian Heritage Trust and The British Library
  • Medieval Studies at UC Davis
  • Voice of the Shuttle: English Literature - Medieval (Old and Middle English) by Alan Liu -- UC Santa Barbara
  • Finnegans Wake Background for Joyce's 'Tristan and Isolde' vignette, by Jorn Barger
  • Medieval Masculinities: Heroism, Sanctity, and Gender by Jeffrey Cohen and the Members of Interscripta
  • Exploring Ancient World Cultures: Medieval Europe University of Evansville
  • The Quest: An Arthurian Resource University of Idaho
  • Sir Gareth of Orkney Part of "The Quest" by the University of Idaho

    Expired, retired or non-loading links

  • The High History of the Holy Grail by Douglas Johnston (
  • Legends of the Holy Grail Engl 353: Arthur and the Holy Grail at Hamline Univ. (
  • The Road From Avalon: A Reappraisal of the Arthurian Mysteries by August Hunt (

    Books, Movies, Reviews and Other Stuff

  • Online source for books about King Arthur.
  • T. A. Barron's -- The Lost Years of Merlin Series of books for young adult readers
  • Stone Ring Home Page Quest for the Grail: a new trading card game.
  • Sony Corp. Multimedia Presentation of: First Knight
  • MOVIEWEB: First Knight
  • Review of First Knight by Sean Means
  • Review of First Knight by John Teegarden
  • Arthurian Films: Excalibur
  • Albion Armorers Museum quality reproductions of arms and armor
  • Realm of the Holy Grail Information and products of Laurence Gardner and Adrian Wagner
  • CBV-Editors in Madrid Facsimiles of medieval and renaissance manuscripts
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