The Aztec Goddess Tonantzin
and the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

December 12 on the Roman Catholic Calendar is the feast day in honor of Our Lady of Guadalupe, and  press reports indicated that in the year 1996, perhaps two million people made the pilgrimage to Mexico City to observe the festival. The number of pilgrims each year is thought to exceed 10 million, making it nearly the most visited Catholic site in the world, second only to the Vatican itself.

The following sites also have lots of good information on the "miraculous" image of the Aztec goddess of motherhood, Tonantzin, ah... that is to say of the "Virgin of Guadalupe" that is attracting so much attention and adoration from Roman Catholics.

The Feast of Coatlaxopeuh
The Underground of Our Lady of Guadalupe
Nuestra Senora la Virgen de Guadalupe
Our Lady of Guadalupe Patroness of the Americas.

So just what is the real significance of all these apparent apparitions of Mary? Are they genuine? Is it really Mary? Well the Bible actually predicts this and other similar such events would occur!

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