Morty Breier lives with his silver haired princess, Karen, in a dome home on the western slope of Hualalai Mountain. Hualalai is on the Kona coast of the Big Island of Hawaii, and, surrounded by the natural beauty of this tropical paradise, looks out over the Pacific toward the orient and the setting sun..

Morty's atheist parents were compassionate, intelligent and socially active people with a strong moral and ethical conscience, which qualities they imparted to him growing up in New York City during the thirties and forties. He received a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering degree from New York's City College, and, during the fifties, honored the scientist's skeptical approach to truth. He came to his spiritual journey through mind expanding drugs during the sixties and later through Zen, Gurjieff and Lao-Tsu. His book, Aleph-Zero, an epic poem, was published in London in 1976.

He lived his married with children life in Greenwich Connecticut where he founded and then headed up an international firm of consulting engineers. Much of his work then was on the international airports of Pacific rim nations and he traveled often to the Orient. He has three mature and successful children living on the mainland, one of whom is a principal engineer in that firm.

His life in New England broke up in the late eighties at age 55. He sold everything, split the proceeds with his ex-wife and moved to Hawaii. Soon after arriving, Morty spent a year living in a Hindu ashram with 50 ashramites practicing devotional yoga.

In March of 1997 Morty, the Bronx boy, and Karen, the California beach girl, got married. In keeping with the inclusiveness of their lives and beliefs, the marriage was performed with three ceremonies: Zen Buddhist, New Thought and Jewish.

Mr. Breier is presently a member of the board of both Congregation Kona Beth Shalom and West Hawaii's New Thought Center He sits meditation with a Zen Sensei and leads a discussion group called The Cutting Edge Symposium. As a conga drummer he often sits in with the local jazz groups. Karen and Morty run an orchard with 450 lime trees on their Hawaiian property.

Morty combines the most primitive with the most sophisticated artwork techniques. His book Masks, Mandalas and Meditations has pen and ink drawings, many of them felt-tip marker on cocktail napkins. He also creates large scale full color Mandalas using Auto CAD to compose highly detailed computer images that are then drawn by an 8 pen HP Plotter. His artwork has been shown in a number of Connecticut and Hawaiian galleries. Morty has kept personal, artistic, journals since 1963.

Mr. Breier's writings have taken inspiration from his quiet, loving wife Karen, from many of his dear friends who have graciously allowed him his passion for discussion and ideas, challenging him when necessary, from spiritual teachers of all faiths, face to face and in the written word. Mr. Breier's BooksTapes and his Artwork are all available from Inner Journeys - Outer Worlds.  Morty welcomes e-mail correspondence and can be contacted at: morty@aloha.net. To get the latest on news of the Breier's click here.

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