A Multifaith Community 

of the Spirit

A sanctuary for the nourishment, development and evolution of each individual's unique spiritual path

Meets 10:00am every Sunday Morning at Pualani Terrace in Kealakekua,
 (just south of Kamagaki Market) 15 minutes south of Kailua-Kona,
the Big Island of Hawaii. For further information call (808)329-2222 or (808)325-0944

New Thought Center of Hawaii, Group Photograph, Easter Sunday 2000

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*Please Note that the New Thought Weekly is the sole work of Jerry Rothstein 

and has not been reviewed or approved by the NTC of Hawaii Board of Directors



FEBRUARY. 24, 2002



Welcome to our General Membership Meeting. New Thought Center of Hawaii is your multifaith spiritual community. Iím your president, Morty Breier. We come together each Sunday morning to affirm spirit in the world and in our selves. Spirit, Iíve found, thrives on affirmation. Today, when war, terrorism, fear, poverty and fanaticism make a deadly brew, such affirmations are a tremendous aid in helping us to keep our spiritual focus. It is this spiritual focus that will help the People of the world to come together, to understand one another, to help each other, on both a local and a global scale.

That is what our New Thought community does each Sunday morning. We come together. We listen and speak our hearts. We share our spiritual understandings. We encourage each other to take the high road. We affirm the perennial truths of spirit: letting go; forgiveness; gratefulness; open heart; non-judgment; abundance; love. We share their wonderful workings in the world in which we live, act, believe and create.

We are, if anything besides this community of journeying souls, a projection of the dreams of the twenty first century. We follow the dream of oneness in diversity. We practice the dream of humanityís inclusiveness. We utilize the dream of distributed intelligence. We honor the dream of the unique worth of every consciousness. We affirm the dream of abundance, love and beauty. We leave behind the fears, the exclusivities, the superstitions, the stereotypes, the rifts and divisions, the old scores, the wagging fingers, the narrow-minded prejudices of times past.

We have had a varied and interesting year. Many new and familiar faces have appeared and reappeared in our morning circle. Stories shared each morning are heart-felt, meaningful and often stirring. Programs have been informative, helpful, spirit lifting, and at times simply beautiful. Weíve gotten to know each other a little better. We each are a little older, a little wiser, a little more loving, a little more forgiving, a little more appreciative of our selves, our community, our aina. We look forward to an expanding New Thought community, to new friendships, new insights, new practices, new awareness and new thoughts in the year to come.

Iím happy to say that we have thirteen new members, a record year for growth, and we will be honoring them shortly. Our membership list now totals over eighty names with over forty active members.  Please be aware that we will be having new member induction ceremonies every three months during this coming year; so if you wish to join, please review our membership application anytime after todayís meeting.

Your Board of Trustees and a number of volunteers shoulder much of the work required to bring us together on Sunday morning. Your board meets once a month to take care of these affairs. We have had a wonderful board of serious, wise, fun minded and high spirited trustees: Catherine, Jerry, Pasha, Manuel, Don, Conrad and I. Kelly, after two years of service, left our board early this last year. Now the particulars.

Iím your boardís president and I organize and preside over our board meetings and this General Membership meeting. I have served two three-year terms on the board and am up for re-election for another three-year term. A copy of this meetingís agenda and a copy of the message Iím reading are included in your handout

Jerry Rothstein has been our vice-president and your program director, the keeper of the program log and schedule, the writer of press releases, and the creator of our weekly email message. Jerry will be leaving the board, much to our disappointment, after many years of service, but will still carry on this last, much appreciated, addition to our communityís outreach efforts. We now have 235 people that these weekly messages reach. A list of this last yearís Sunday morning programs is included in your handout.

Cathryn Hansen has been your boardís secretary, dutifully transcribing the minutes of our board meetings, typing them up and offering them for review each month. Although she leaves her position as secretary she will be staying on the board until the end of her term in 2003. A copy of the minutes of last yearís General Membership meeting is included in your handout. 

Pasha MacGregor, who has one more year to serve of this three-year board term, has been our Treasurer, keeping track of our finances, payer of rent, bills, honorariums and tithes, and investor of our funds. We have also had the benefit of the advice of board member and financial advisor Manuel Roberto who has just completed the first year of his three-year term. An annual accounting of our 2001 finances is also included in your handout.

Don Choquette who has one more year to serve on his three-year term and Conrad Wareham who has two more years to serve complete the roster of board members who have lent their mind, heart, time and energy to the affairs of your New Thought Center this past year.

While weíre at it let us honor Judy Rothstein who has been our music director for as long as I can remember and who has recently undertaken to update and renew our New Thought Song Book. Let us further thank Judy and Jerry for their faithfulness and hard work in opening up and closing down this lanai, our spiritual locus, together with Linda and Stan for helping with the many tasks needed each Sunday. And, talking of this wonderful space, letís be grateful to our cooperative landlord, the Massage School.

And letís thank Jerry for prodding us to fill our ďshare your abundanceĒ table each Sunday. Letís thank Pasha for organizing our Christmas Program and Don for attending to our electronic equipment. Lets not forget our musical concerts made possible by Jerry and the work and artistry of Drew Womack, Manuel and Bernice, Joel Gimple, Gwenda Eliason and Don, and our retreat organized by Irene Soloway and Manuel. It was a pleasure participating in the Interfaith Thanksgiving Service and to have Manuel, Bernice and Joel lend their musical talents on our behalf. Also, thank you Dawn Barnette and Elizabeth Theriault for our quarterly Solstice and Equinox programs

            Iíd also like to congratulate our second New Thought Community Building Group, started this past year and being facilitated by Ed Bourne. The first group was started seven years ago and has been meeting once a month ever since.

And, what is most important, let us honor and thank all those who undertook to present our morning programs, all those who facilitated our morning services, the greeters and flower arrangers, the chair movers and songbook distributors, the workshop attendees and brunch joiners. Letís not forget that our wonderful Lanai is available for future Sunday afternoon workshops, and that we use the last service in the month for a potluck luncheon party in which that monthís birthdays are jointly celebrated.

And, after all is said and done, let us honor and thank all of you, our New Thought circle of open hearts and curious minds, members and friends, the journeying souls who make it your business to wake up and drive here; to sit in our circle; to listen and share; to sing, tell stories and laugh; and to grace us all with your holy presence each Sunday morning. You are what makes New Thought Center a spiritual community.

Thank you one and all, and let each of us and all of us keep the faith, advance our journeys and keep our aloha spirit alive and well on this unique piece of paradise, the Kona coast of the big island of Hawaii. Thanks for letting me serve you.


Morty Breier

Board President, 2001


    THE NEW THOUGHT BOARD OF TRUSTEES for 2002:  Top row from left: Akasha Rose, Linda Vinson, Joi Kathara; Morty Breier, Pasha MacGregor. Bottom row from left: Don Choquette, Manuel Roberto, Conrad Wareham, (Cathy Hansen not shown).



      New Thought Center of Hawaii holds Sunday morning services from 10:00  to 11:30 am at Pualani Terrace in Kealakekua, just south of Kamagaki Market, on the makai (ocean) side of Mamalahoa Highway (Hwy 11). We meet on an open lanai (covered deck) at 1500 ft. elevation, so dress warmly in the winter months. A press release in Friday's religious news section of West Hawaii Today announces the upcoming Service's topic or guest speaker. We provide for child care.
      New Thought Center is a MULTIFAITH COMMUNITY OF THE SPIRIT. We're members of the International New Thought Alliance (INTA) and have been a non-profit corporation meeting weekly on Hawaii Island for over 25 years. Our current president is Morty Breier.

        WE CELEBRATE each persons uniqueness as an expression of God. The circle we sit in represents both our inclusiveness and our equality. WE HAVE NO MINISTER, we take turns facilitating, and we minister to each other. WE GATHER to support each other on our diverse spiritual journeys and we come to learn the skillful means by which we may further ourselves on these journeys. WE RESPECT and learn from all wisdom traditions, spiritual paths, and healing modalities. In addition to sharing our own spiritual insights we invite teachers from all wisdom traditions. WE HONOR such variety in ourselves and in the world around us. WE UNDERSTAND that no single source has exclusivity as regards spirit, health, and joy but that there is much to learn from many of these sources. WE INVITE YOU TO ATTEND OUR SERVICE.

        Our SUNDAY SERVICE is unique, flexible, and stimulating. It includes singing, meditating, introductions, sharing, "miracles and ordinaries," community announcements, and an approximately 1/2 hour program. We like to laugh and to share.

        Our PROGRAMS are diverse and eclectic. We have hosted guest speakers including religious practitioners from the Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, Sufi, and Shamanistic faiths. We have hosted healers practicing body, mind, heart, and nature therapies  and speakers who have shared their spiritual path with us. We have hosted creators of music, art, story, photography, and dance. Programs have included explanatory presentations, dharma talks, group ceremonies, chanting, dancing, drumming, vision quests and much more. We have also arranged to have guest speakers give workshops Sunday afternoon.

      By providing a LOVING, accepting, non-judgmental community we create "a sanctuary for the nourishment, development and evolution of each individual's unique spiritual path". This not only furthers us individually, but, by bringing our compassion, insight and wisdom forward, benefits those around us, our fellow travellers, our spiritual community, our family, friends and neighbors, our dear Kailua-Kona community and our world. We aim to treat each other and those around us as Sparks of God, Rays of the great Spirit, Christ Conscious Souls and Buddhas. We gather here each Sunday morning to help us to affirm these views and strengthen our capacity to love and be loved. Thank you for joining this circle.



Jan.7      Morty Breier/ Presenting Rabbi Michael Lernerís book ďSpirit MattersĒ

14            Pat Sands/Remembering Martin Luther King

21            Don Choquette/Resonant Overtone Chanting & Meditation    

28            Manual Roberto/Sharing Poetry

Feb.4      Carla Hannaford/The Cosmic Order of Sound

11            Holit Bat Edit/ Biblical Heroines

18            Michael Joseph/ Alexander Technique: Awareness in Motion

25            Annual General Membership Meeting

Mar.4      Drew Womack/ Song of Spirit

11            Morty Breier/ Spirit of Humor

18            Dawn Barnett/ Spring: Recognizing the Visionary Within

25            Sharing/ Make A Joyous Sound Unto the Lord

Apr.1       Mikahala Roy/ Hawaiian Cultural Heritage

8               Jerry&Judy Rothstein/ Meditation Prayer Love Psalms

15            Manuel&Bernice Roberto/ Easter Service

22            James Bishop/ Siddya Vaidya: Holistic System of Health & Spirituality

29            Robert Joshin Althouse/ Lotus Flower, Muddy Waters

May 6     Cathy Pfeil/ Be Healing: Becoming Radically Present in Your Own Life

13            Patri Hildreth/ Wisdom from the Mothers of Truth

20            Sharing/ Serendipitous Readings

27            Paramadvati Swami/ Teachings of the Bhagavad Gita

Jun. 3     Morty Breier/ Exploring the Story of Your Life

10            Kahaluu Beach Park Sunday Morning Service & Potluck

17            Dawn Barnett/ Summer: Recognizing the Healer Within

24            Joel & Michelle Levey/ Inspiration for Living in Balance and Community

Jul. 1       Connie Smith/ Unity: You Are a Spiritually Mindful Body

8              Darren Gee/ The Spirit of Golf

15            Kelly Miles/ Renaissancing the Spirit in Las Vegas

22            Eric Knud Hansen/ Awakening Heartful Awareness

29            Sharing/ Experiences With Disaster That Evolve Into Blessings

Aug. 5    Sonja Kalckar/ Journey of Self Discovery as Holistic Healer & Medical Intuitive

12            Ann Goody/ Animal Sanctuary

19            Sharing/ God: Who, What, Where, & Why

26            Conrad Wareham/ The Soul

Sep. 2     Gwenda Eliason/ Vibrational Healing

9              Jessica Marcus (Tiger Paw)/ Positive Effect of Community Drumming

16            Peter Ross/ Shakuhatchi Flute

23            Dawn Barnett/ Autumn: Recognizing the Teacher Within

30            Pasha McGregor/ The Ten Principles of New Thought

Oct. 7      Bernice Roberto/ I Ching: The Book of Changes

14            Sharon Worsley/ The Grace of Letting Go

21            Jerry Rothstein/ HawaiiislandEarth

28            Drew Womack/ High Country Music: Music from the Heart That Lifts the Spirit

Nov. 4    Shanawo & Reneewo/ Ancient Ways Through Sacred Sound & Sacred Music

11            Joseph Gill/ Road Thru Metaphysics&Spiritualism to Self-Realiz.&Responsibility

18            Holley Weeks & Joi Kathara/ Welcome to Whale Wisdom: Inner Child Invitation

25            Morty Breier/ Experiencing the Old World

Dec. 2     Harriett Witt Miller/ The Science & Spirit of Christimastime

9              Saleena Ki &Guy Nicholson/Vibrational Medicine Tools:Keys for Transformation

16            Dawn Barnett/ Winter: Recognizing the Warrior Within

23            Sharing/ The Spirit of Christmas

24            Annual Christmas Eve Candelight Service

30            John & Patti Boes/ The Gurdjieff Work



This part of the service is important and well loved by all. There is much wisdom to be harvested from each other when we share the spiritual events of our lives. Many of us look forward to speaking and/or listening and being uplifted by this part of our service.

We've come to a part of our services that we call Miracles and Ordinaries. Here we are asked to share with each other the spiritually meaningful events of this past week, this time of our lives, this portion of our jouney. Miracles because they are unexpected, they seem to come from God both within and without, they remind us of the great spiritual truths and they change us. Ordinaries because they happen in the midst of our daily lives, they are the stuff of our daily lives, and their lessons are always right there to serve us. We share the times that success flows from letting go. We share the peace of forgiving and being forgiven. We tell of illuminating insights that dissolve old difficulties and pain. We recall those moments when our heart opened in boundless joy. In these ways, moved by the spirit, we minister to, and learn from, each other. We invite you to affirm spirit by sharing with us the Miracles and Ordinaries of your week, your journey, your life.


A few of our favorite  AFFIRMATIONS:

1. We affirm that there is one God, Creator, Universal Consciousness, Transcendant Cause, Supreme being, whose embrace is both universal and individual, moving us toward Goodness, Wisdom, Love, Justice, Mercy, Truth, Power, Peace, Plenty and Joy.

2. We affirm that the universe is the Body of God - that Spirit manifests itself in and through all Creation.

3. We affirm that we are One with God, Sparks of the Eternal, Rays of the Great Spirit. Each of us can embody the love and wisdom of the Great Masters and, looking forward to the new millenium, we are on a journey toward realizing our divine nature.

4. We affirm that there are many paths, wisdom traditions and faiths that lead to Spiritual Truth and help us on our journey. We honor teachings from all such sources and we affirm the freedom of each person in matters of belief.

5. We affirm that our personal journeys require inner work -  the inner work of learning to love one another, of learning to be completely alive, and of learning to appreciate the wonder in all things.

6. We affirm that our journeys require outer work - the outer work of taking responsibility for and living in harmony with our own physical bodies, our environment and our planet at large. We affirm that we co-create this world and our spiritual temples therein.

7. We affirm that Love, Compassion, Humility and Gratitude are major tools of the heart on our spiritual journey.

8. We affirm that Awareness, Non-Judgement, Listening, Understanding and the ability to Shift our Perception are major tools of the mind on our spiritual journey.

9. We affirm that changing our internal dialogue from "what's in it for me?" to "How can I help?" teaches us to say the right words and do the right deeds on our spiritual journey.

10. We affirm that our deepest beliefs and intentions are carried forward into manifestation and become our experience.

11. We affirm that the Vastness, Harmony and Lawfulness of the Universe expressed by the Physical Sciences and the Respect for Justice, Individual Rights and Diversity embodied by Democratic Societies are themselves statements of spirit worthy of our honor.

12. We affirm that we are grateful to live in one of the most beautiful places on earth and we show our gratitude through our Aloha spirit, and our community helpfulness.

13. We affirm the unfolding or growth of spirit through time both for our own journeys and for the journeys of the past, immediate and ancient, that brought us here. We look forward to a more conscious and spirit filled future for ourselves and all humankind.

14. We affirm that we abide in Spirit always, continueing and unfolding as spiritual beings beyond the challenge called physical death.

15. We affirm our creative powers and gather together to create a spiritual service composed of the morning's wonder, the day's miracle, the week's insight and the moment's shift of perception.

16. We affirm that each of our unique truths captures one of the facets of being and is due our attention, acceptance and understanding and we value their expression. Our New Thought service forms a circle of sharing in honor of this affirmation.

17. We affirm that we are each both teacher and student of spirit, and that by sharing the events and insights of our spiritual journeys we minister to each other.

18. We affirm that we together form a Spiritual Community of teachers and students where we strive to love one another and  support each others' unique spiritual journeys.

Morty Breier, Jane Lunstrum, Ed Bourne



1.  "There is One Power":
There is one Creative Power (God, Spirit, Life) which lies at the heart of all religions and transcends the specific, culturally-based beliefs and doctrines of any particular religion.

2.  "God is within":
This one God is within--at the very core of--each of us. It is the core or foundation of our being, It is the core of all things.

3.  "I am an individualized expression of God":
Each of us is an individualized expression of the One Life that exists in all things, Each of us is a drop in the ocean that is God.

4.  "My thoughts and beliefs give specific form to Spirit":
Our own personal mind (consisting of our personal beliefs and thoughts) is what gives form to the God (Divine Mind) within us. The essence of God within us is shaped, for better or worse, by our beliefs and thoughts, many of which we are not consciously aware.

5.  "Law of Cause and Effect":
Ideas create physical reality due to the operation of the Law of Cause and Effect," sometimes referred to simply as the "Law." Our thoughts and beliefs (Cause) manifest in the physical world in the form of our particular life circumstances (Effect). Jesus spoke of this Law when he said, "It is done unto you as you believe."

6.  "I have free will':
Because humans are endowed with free will, each of us is free to choose experiences of freedom or bondage, abundance or lack, joy or misery -- according to the thoughts and beliefs we hold.

7. "Evil is not a separate force but a misuse of the Law":
Evil is not a power separate from God but is simply using the Law of Cause and Effect out of harmony with God, through the holding of false beliefs. This produces results that appear contrary to the nature of God.

8.  "I change my life by changing my beliefs":
Changing your thinking and beliefs will bring about a change in your experience, This is the key principle of Science of Mind, summarized by the statement: "Change your thinking, change your life."

9.  "Spiritual Mind Treatment is a method to change my life":
Spiritual Mind Treatment (Affirmative Prayer) is a deliberate and focused way of using the Creative power of Spirit that dwells within to change your life circumstances. Consistently affirming the highest good with respect to a problem will inevitably bring about a change for the better (according to the Law of Cause and Effect).

10.  "Role of Meditation":
The first stage of affirmative prayer is to align your personal mind with universal Mind (God) so that they work together in harmony (sometimes called "co-creation"). Meditation is a key to achieving this alignment, and is an important regular spiritual practice.


The following was submitted by Roger and Lydia Weiss

 Michael Servetus was burned at the stake in Geneva, Switzerland in 1553 for a theology akin to New Thought, and Emanuel Swedenborg, a scholar & master of many fields, in the 1700's, secretly wrote of New Thought. It was Phineas P. Quimby in the 1800's, a master New England clockmaker, who gave up his trade to heal & was the first to proclaim a system of healing based entirely upon spiritual and mental processes. Quimby is considered the founder of New Thought.

Dr. Phineas Parkhurst Quimby's Principles:

God is invisible Wisdom which fills all space, and whose attributes are all light, all wisdom,   all goodness and love.

90% of all beliefs are erroneous

God is Principle, without form or sex.

God is the only reality - everlasting essence, existing in all matter.

Indicted the clergy of his day as filling the world with sickness & disease

All subversions of Christ's doctrine which now pass as religion must one day give way to Truth.
The true God is Benevolent, and could never have created disease.

Quimby understood Jesus to be opposed to all forms and ceremonies, having no "religious"   opinions as such, and curing simply by changing the minds of those afflicted with  maladies correcting errors in thought.

False ideas and mental imagery cause disease.

Sickness comes from beliefs and fears. Faith heals.

He had supreme contempt for misuse of authority.

God lets people work out their own salvation, and people are sanctioned according to their own belief.

Quimby transmitted his views to patients of his Warren Felt Evans, Julius and Annetta Dresser, and Mary Baker Eddy, who founded Christian Science. A forrner Eddy associate, Emma Curtis Hopkins was know as the teacher of teachers, as she taught the founders of Unity Church (Charles and Myrtle Fillmore), Religious Science (Ernest Holmes) and Divine Science (Nona Brooks and Malinda Cramer). Fenwich Holmes, brother of Religious Science founder Emest Holmes, partly influenced Masaharu Taniguchi to found Seicho-No-le, the Japanese New Thought Group with the largest following worldwide. A mystical outgrowth of Christian Science is Joel Goldsmith's Infinite Way. A recent addition to New Thought is A Course in Miracles.

The New Thought founders, e.g. Quimby, Holmes and the Fillmores originally did not intend to start churches but bring New Thought principles into other religions and groups.

In 1915, New Thought groups met and formed the Interrnational New Thought Alliance (INTA). INTA is a free and open alliance of truth motivated individuals and organizations who desire to unfold and practice a positive life-style of spiritual maturity. It's purpose: to teach people to come into a conscious realization of the divinity within, and the unity of God and man, so that out of the sublimity of our souls we can say, "I and the Father are one". Annual Tranformational-Expo's, regional and international meetings are held.

Our church began as a Religious Science Church on September 24, 1971, and changed it's name to New Thought Church of Hawaii on November 15, 1981. In 1984 when the last minister left, the group began the challenge of having guest speakers and programs, and striving towards running the church in community.

Lydia and Roger Weiss

 P.S.  The name was again changed to New Thought Center of Hawaii, a Community of the Spirit, in 1999.


Presidentís Message

Welcome to New Thought Center of Hawaii. This is our annual Membership Meeting, a time when we review the past year and set our sights on the year to come. Iíve had the honor of being President of your Centerís Board of Trustees and, as such, Iíd like to say a few words. Most of you know that Iím not bashful with my words and this occasion is no exception. So, bold as we are at New Thought, Iíd like to start by reviewing the state of our world and zoom that view up close to the state of our New Thought Center.

This last year weíve passed out of the twentieth century and out of the second millennium, the age that saw humanity master the physical forces of our world. We have flexed our muscles and found them very powerful indeed. Powerful enough to be the last remaining threat to our existence. Technologically amplified muscle power has brought a large part of humanity, including most of us, longevity, security and choice, thatís why weíre here. The forces of technology have also scraped away the surface of our planet, sucked deeply from its interior, denuded large swaths of its biosphere and upset the balance of its atmosphere. Manís hand can now build a nation and his fist can now annihilate a city and darken a continent.

We are entering the twenty-first century, a new millennium, an age that promises to harness the subtle forces of information, and understanding, of the tools that consciousness uses to create the future. We at New Thought are active participants in this wave of newly minted ideas, of integrative and inclusive visions, in this science of mind. We are believers in the proposition that each of us creates his or her reality and that together we, humanity, create our common reality. We are what we think, and we can think the best of ourselves. Itís that promise that pulls each of us ahead. Itís that promise that pulls humanity into a mind-expanding future. We at New Thought are embarked on the project of understanding and using appropriately the forces of consciousness, the power of mind. We, in our own unique way, are tracking the advancing projects of humanity as a whole.

How do we do this? We do this using three techniques: community, affirmation and exploration. Firstly, we are a spiritual community of souls that gather in a circle each Sunday morning to sing together, laugh together, talk story, share and learn of and from each other. We honor each other as co-creators of reality. We acknowledge, appreciate and learn from our diversity. Secondly, we come together to affirm the proposition that spirit rules matter and that mind and intent create our reality. We come together to affirm that we are both spiritís creation and creators of spirit, sparks of the divine and producers of divine sparks. We come together to support each other on this journey of spirit that is our lives. And thirdly we are a group of explorers, Indiana Jonesís of the spirit kingdom, sometimes out there in uncharted territory, seeking out spiritual treasures from exotic sources. We solicit the presentation of mind-expanding concepts, techniques and methodologies from around our globe. We honor all attempts at widening the borders of our understanding and wisdom skills.

This is what we stand for. New Thought Center of Hawaii is a sanctuary for the nourishment, development and evolution of each personís unique spiritual path. We donít think that one size fits all. We donít think the answers have all been given, or even that the questions have all been asked. We realize that spiritual life is a work in progress, that our understandings comprise a journey toward ever expanding horizons, that each soul discovers its own truths along this journey. We acknowledge humanityís long standing quest for meaning in this often topsy-turvy universe, and listen to the answers posed by a myriad of sources be they wisdom traditions, therapeutic modalities, artistic creations or natureís classrooms. We take what we can and applaud the effort of those who proffer the offering.

Your Board of Trustees and several faithful members of New Thought have been keeping things going behind the scenes during this past year. Particular thanks go to Jerry and Judy Rothstein and Stan Huitt for insuring that we are open and ready for services each Sunday morning and closed up securely afterward. Judy also gets special thanks as our music director. Our thanks for child care provided by Sansa.

It has been one of the major tasks of your board to bring you diversified services and programs throughout the year. Board member Jerry Rothstein has been Program Director, and if you have email, youíll know that he has been keeping us posted on all events, in addition to his writing of most press releases in Fridayís West Hawaii Today. Included in your hand-out, you will see a list of the Sunday Morning Programs of this last twelve months.

Board Member Cathryn Hansen is not only the leading lady of  KAPAís production of Mame, and a wonderful musical performer, but was a representative of your New Thought Center at a recent Science of Mind Symposium. Board Member Kelly Miles, also one of our talented singers, member of Mameís cast and performer at our Christmas Eve Candle Lighting Service, has also been your boardís Secretary over this past year. You will see the minutes of last yearís Membership Meeting as part of your handout. Another Board member Don Choquette has informed us with several services presenting new and ancient healing, integrating and meditating techniques. Board member Pasha MacGregor undertook the daunting task of keeping your Centerís finances in order, reporting each month on the conditions of our income, expenditures and bank accounts. You will see a copy of our financial statement included in your handout.

We thank all those who contributed to our services, all the facilitators and greeters, all the speakers and spirit practitioners, all the artists, singers and musicians who made each Sunday an interesting occasion. Special thanks to Carla Haniford for her Sufi Dancing programs, to Dawn Barnette and Elizabeth Theriault for their solstice and equinox celebrations and to Sensai Joshin Althouse for his quarterly Dharma talks. Thanks to Pasha for organizing our Christmas Eve service and to all those who helped out. Weíre also grateful to be included in the second West Hawaii Interfaith Thanksgiving Eve service. In addition weíve tithed from our income to several organizations that have been spiritual helpers to us during the year.

And we especially thank all those who show up on Sunday mornings, new faces and old timers, to participate in our circle of sharing, of listening, of growing, and of loving and who give with their hearts, minds and pockets to the success of New Thought Center of Hawaii. We welcome your contributions and your inputs. Letís keep our Center interesting, useful, loving, enlightening, peace enhancing, health promoting, and laugh inducing. Letís do it together. Letís make this coming year another success.

        President, Board of Trustees, New Thought Center of Hawaii


2000 PROGRAMS: New Thought Center of Hawaii

2       Patri Hildreth "Millenium Inner Changes"
9       Dianne OíCallaghan "Creating a Positive Future"
16     Virginia Lawson, "Excerpts from Martin Luthur Kingsís Sermons on Peace"
23     Sharona Lomberg, "Tu BíShvat" the Fesitival of Trees"
30     Don Choquette "Guided Meditation on Hand Mudras"

6       Carla Hannaford, "The Heartful Experience." Sufi Dancing at night.
13     Marianne Larned, "Stone Soup for the World: Healing Power of Doing Good"
20     "Spiritstorming": an open forum for sharing views and visions of NTCH
27     Annual Membership Meeting

5       Phan Barker, "Fear, Detachment & Inner Peace"
12     "Godspell" cast presenting songs from the show and commentary
19     Hallie Iglehart Austen,"The Heart of the Goddess: Celebrate the Full Moon"
26     Dawn Barnett & Eliz.Theriault,, "Spring: Recognizing the Visionary Within"

2       Drew Womack, "Living the Dream," playing & singing his own music
9       Robert Joshin Althouse "Peacemaking on the Home Front"
16     Morty Breier,"The Passover Experience:How we deal with profound change"
23     Easter: Joan Gannon "Lillies or Thorns"; Easter egg hunt
30     Nancy Walmsley, Quaker, "Achieving Consensus in a Spiritual Community"

7       Elizabeth Theriault, "Ritual Use of Food"
14     Don Chocquette, "Conversations with God: The newest book"
21     Heidi Stromberg, "Teaching Tai Chi"
28     Morty Breier, "Tony Price the Atomic Artist: My first spiritual teacher"

4       Kurt Schulze, "Alternative medicine"
11     Kahaluu Beach Park potluck
18     Fatherís Day: Reminisces
25     Dawn Barnett & Elizabeth Theriault, "Summer:Recognizing the Healer Within"

2      Morty Breier, "Attitude of Gratitude"
9      "Gratitude, continued"
16     Pasha & Lorene, "Travels"
23     Marielle, "Aryuveda"
30     Joshin, "The Peacemaker"  + afternoon workshop with Lennie Laskow

6      Heidi Bernhardt Derby, "Power of Inner Mind & Awakened Heart"
13    Nick Conti, "Songs inspired by the Course in Miracles"
20     Cathy Hanson, "Asilomar"
27     DonChoquette, "Make a joyful noise"

3       Conrad Wareham, "Feelings & Thoughts: the Dual Nature of Humanity"
10     Sharing Spiritual Wisdom
17     KellyMiles, "Music and Spirit"
24     Dawn Barnett & ElizabethT, "Autumn: Recognizing the Teacher Within"

1       Manuel & Bernice Roberto, "Harp, Flute, & Voice"
8        Joan Gannon, "Lovers of the Soul"
15     Cathy Hanson, "Four Agreements"
22     Ed Bourne, "Exploring Spiritual Principles, Part 1"
29     Ed Bourne, "Exploring Spiritual Principles, Part 2"

5       Harriett Witt Miller, "Astronomy: Travels in Space and Time"
12     Mariah Walmsley, "A Womanís Journey Around the World in Search of Peace"
19     Sensai Robert Joshin Althouse, "The Three Tenets of the Peacemaker Order"
26     Ursula Veitz & Marsha: "The Spirit of Strings"

3       Brad Lewis, photographer, "Following the Light"
10     Nick Conti: "Songs Inspired by Course in Miracles"
17     Dawn Barnett & Elizabeth Theriault, "Winter: Recognizing the Warrior Within"
24     Christmas Carols and Tree Trimming.
24     Christmas Eve & Channukah Candlelight Service
31     Patri Hildreth, "Recap, Release, Refocus"


President's Message

       Wow, what a year this has been for your spiritual community. We have used our new name New Thought Center of Hawaii for a year, we have moved to a new open and spacious environment, and we have entered the new millennium with hope and promise. I expect you are all as optimistic about our future as I am. There are new stirrings of energy and vitality in the air. Can you feel it here on Sunday mornings. As cold as some mornings were, we shared, laughed, and carried on in our new oval of comradery, friendship and spiritual curiosity with sky and greenery looking on.

       When I look around the room I see a group of spiritual travelers, each a unique character, a burning star, a creator of  worlds. Each of us has a fascinating story to tell, revealing insights to share, a laugh to lighten the morning, a tear to open the heart. We are a community of diverse spiritual threads weaving a new and interesting tapestry every Sunday morning. What a creative time, what a spectacular place, what a heart warming group, what stimulating programs and services.

       We affirm this age of freedom and democracy, of access and choice, of communication and inclusiveness. We are at the cutting edge of its development, its planetary canvases, multi-nodal networks, and holographic takes. We converge from all parts of our great country, itself a convergence of all parts of our great planet, we converge to this island in the middle of the Pacific, midway between east and west, to attest to the wonderful array of differences that mark our spiritual journeys, that mark the spiritual journeys of humankind. It is this celebration of diversity, this willingness to push our envelopes, this respectful interest in others, this open equitable sharing, that defines our New Thought Center. And now an open lanai, up country, serves this high, open-hearted spirit.
     This last Sunday we had a spirit storming program represented by a tree of ideas for enhancing New Thought Center. The naked tree trunk and branches were, by the end of the program covered in leaves, each representing a new thought about New Thought, 32 in all. There's a copy of the results in the hand-out. Most ideas involved expanding things New Thought does, expand our consciousness, expand our Sunday services (not the time), offer new opportunities, extend our message, do more. We had great fun having the ideas, listening to others, putting our ideas on leaves that we pinned to the tree. There is definitely a bubbliness in the air and we aim to take advantage of the opportunities.

       Your board has handled New Thought's business as a warm, caring and diligent group this past year, meeting once a month most often at JT's graciously welcoming house. Each of the board members contributes a unique slant on the issues that arise. We share our views in amiable and good natured exchanges, beginning each meeting with prayer and community building and ending with a group hug-chant using a blending of personal sound mantras. We keep in mind our spiritual sources. We appreciate the opportunity to do community service. We are sorry to see Barak, Emma and Dawn leave the board and wish them all luck on all the projects they undertake. We are glad to see that Pasha, Kelly, Jerry and JT will remain on the board, as I will. We like the fact that several members have volunteered to serve. Thanks to Joan, our nominating committee, you will be voting on them, shortly.
     We negotiated a cost saving deal on rental and accessability of our new Sunday meeting place. In addition to Sunday mornings, these premises are available to us several evenings a month and all day Sunday. We thank the Message School for considering our wishes and working with us. Thanks to Pasha our treasurer, we handled the needed routines of New Thought's banking and finances, the annual summary by Pasha being part of the hand-out. We came out a little ahead in our net worth due mostly to a socially conscious investment that has done quite well in this bull market. Our Sunday collections have also been up lately, but still do not cover our operating costs. JT has donated a lap-top computer to New Thought and we are looking forward to it's financial record keeping capability. Jerry has been our Program Director, communicating with speakers, keeping the schedule and posting the Friday press releases. In addition Jerry has now instituted an e-mail distribution of these releases one week ahead of time. Sign up with Jerry if you'd like this service and are not presently getting it. Our inclusive mission is nicely indicated by 1999's list of Sunday programs, prepared by Jerry as part of the hand-out given to you. Kelly was our secretary, taking notes, and publishing the minutes of each meeting. Kelly took care of our after program buffet lunch. Barak, as vice President has led several meetings in my absence and has contributed his sage advice on many matters. JT has chipped in wherever required, her financial acumen is appreciated and she took care of the leis for this morning's program.

       We would also like to thank Judy and Jerry for opening and closing our facilities each Sunday morning and for initiating our sharing your abundance centerpieces. In addition we also thank Judy for being our music director and Pasha for keeping the greeter's log. We welcome back Carla and appreciate her leading a program and giving the Sufi dancing workshops on Sunday evenings. Peter was generous with his time and know-how, helping us acquire our new amplifier and microphones and helping us learn to use them. He also fixed our new lap-top computer. We thank Cathy and Kelly and their daughters for their child care activities. We thank all the facilitators and greeters, all the speakers and spirit practitioners, all the artists, singers and musicians who made each Sunday a precious occasion. And we especially thank all those who show up on Sunday mornings, new faces and old timers, to participate in our circle of sharing, of listening, of growing, and of loving and who give with their hearts, minds and pockets to the success of New Thought Center of Hawaii.

       I am looking forward to this new year as a member of your board. I believe in the direction we're headed. I believe we can make it better, more interesting, more challenging, more loving. I believe my individual spiritual development needs nurturing but I also believe that I have to give it new meaning by subjecting it to new and different possibilities. I have to push my envelope. As Jack said "Don't gather to reenforce your beliefs but rather expand and change them as necessary. Our only pattern is to avoid patterns. Go to what stirs our spirit and awakens our consciousness." Thanks Jack. Fitting advice. That's what we're here for. Let's stir the pot this coming year. Volunteer to use the paddle. Make these inputs come from all directions. Let's synthesize a new New Thought Tradition. We have the opportunity so let's all pitch in.

Morty Breier, President
New Thought Center of Hawaii
Feb. 27, 2000



Jan. 3      Phan Barker, "A Ritual of Purification and Renewal for the New Year."
Jan. 10    Ed Bourne, "Dealing with Anxiety."
Jan. 17    Virginia Lawson, "Remembering Martin Luther King."
Jan. 24    Joan Kaplan, "A Musical Program."
Jan. 31    Carla Hannaford, "Playing by Heart."
Feb. 7      Robert Joshin Althouse, sensei, "A Zen Path with Heart ."
Feb. 14    Congregation, "Spirit Storming: Co-creating Spiritual Opportunities"
Feb. 21    Rabbi Nathan Seigel, "Music, Movement, Song, Story Telling and Prayer."
Feb. 28    Congregation, Annual Membership Meeting
Mar. 7       Flora Love, "Sing Along with Flora Love"
Mar. 14    Cathy Hansen, "Insights into the Urantia Book."
Mar. 21    Dawn Barnett,"Exploring the 4Fold Way,Spring:Recognizing the Visionary Within."
Mar. 28    Mary Lou Mayberry, "A Patch of Light in the Darkness."
Apr. 4       Linda Tellington Jones, "Healing Touch:A Journey of Transformation."
Apr. 11    Joan Gannon, "The Power of Forgiveness"
Apr. 18    Jerry Rothstein, "Meditation Prayer Love Psalms."
Apr. 25    Don Chocquette, "Vibrational Healing."
May 2      Rev. Robert Joshin Althouse, "A Zen Path with Heart."
May 9      Loreen Slusser, "Motherís Day Sharing."
May 16    Dr. Gwendolyn Ross, "Stopping the Trends Toward Violence and Amorality."
May 23    Ursula Vietze and Marcia Stablin, "A musical performance titled Let There be Peace."
May 30    Kelly Miles, "The Artistís Way based on the work of Julia Cameron."
June 6     Sonny LaRosa, "All There Is Is Love, or the Desire for It."
June 13   Dawn Barnett, "Exploring the 4Fold Way: Summer: Recognizing the Healer Within."
June 20   Barak Ben Levi, "A Fatherís Day Retrospective: Readings, Sharings, and Music."
June 27   Eric Knud-Hansen, "Spiritual Values of the Quiet Life. (The Buddhist Tradition)"
July 4       John V. Alexander,"Lawyers as a Force for Social Change&Other Urban Legends."
July 11     Morty Breier, "Open the Heart & Free the Mind with Spiritual Chanting."
July 18     Pasha MacGregor, "Lesson in Practical Spirituality from the Life of Ghandi."
July 25     Don Choquette, "Sacred Bodywork: Traditional Thai Massage."
Aug. 1     Jerene, "The 4 Immeasurables of Tibetan Buddhism, and the Wood Valley Temple"
Aug. 8     Morty Breier, "Open the Heart and Free the Mind with Spiritual Chanting."
Aug. 15   Gloria Blum, author of "The Trial of Sarah:Healing the Past by Rethinking the Past."
Aug. 22   Chris Roberts, "Resonance and Spirit."
Aug. 29    Pat Sands, "Psychology of Spirit."
Sep. 5      Helen Highwater, "Native American Wisdom Through Storytelling."
Sep. 12    Dawn Barnett, "The Four Fold Way, Autumn: Recognizing the Teacher Within."
Sep. 19    Rev. Robert Joshin Althouse, Sensei, "The Seeds of Peace."
Sep. 26    Al Haferkamp, "An introduction to Conscious Intention Therapy."
Oct. 3       Pasha MacGregor, "Changing Lives Then & Now: Report on the INTA Congress."
Oct. 10     Debbie Anderson, "Avatar:Maximizing Your Potential."
Oct. 17     Congregation, Annual Kahaluu Beach Park Sunday Service & Potluck.
Oct. 24     Jane Lundstrum &Pasha MacGregor, "Spiritual Mind Treatment: Affirmative Prayer."
Oct. 31     Joan Kaplan, "The Six Paramitas of Buddhist Teachings and Her Original Music."
Nov. 7       Dr. Wolfgang Schiff & Dr. Ray Rosenthal, "Remarkable Cancer Treatment Protocols."
Nov. 14     Congreg.,"Farewell to Keauhou: celebrate, reminisce & release prior to relocating"
Nov. 21     Ursula Vietze & Marcia Stablin, "Music & Spirit and a Live Music Performance."
Nov. 28     Stella Resnick, author of "The Pleasure Zone," on "Optimizing Loveís Pleasures."
Dec. 5       Barry & Gloria Blum, "Hannukah, the Festival of Lights."
Dec. 12     Congregation (speaker no show due to downed telephone pole) "Overcoming Obstacles"
Dec. 19     Congregation "The Spirit of Christmas" and preparing for the Christmas Eve service.
Dec. 24     New Thoughtís traditional "Christmas Eve Candlelight Service."
Dec. 26     Dawn Barnett, "The Four Fold Way, Winter: Recognizing the Spiritual Warrior Within."


President's Message

     Another year has passed in paradise. Your New Thought Spiritual Community, with the help of the board, has brought you a year of Sunday mornings, of coming together, of sharing or as Jerry has it, of ministering to each other, of quiet meditations, of singing together, of inspiring and interesting programs, and, for me, of inestimable value, of learning to listen.

     We are an unusual community of spiritual journeyers. Often, I think, we are more out there than most: out there because we don't have a minister telling us how or what or when; out there because we sit in a circle, facing each other, each of equal value; out there because we preach no doctrine, demand no loyalty, require no admittance fee, ask non their faith; out there because we are willing to listen, no, better, we honor listening to each other, and to all students of and journeyers in, the world of spirit, the world of  faith, beauty and love and the world of wisdom; out there because we are in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, half way between east and west, the remotest islands on earth.

     It is a challenge. We each are willing to be challenged. that's why we came to Hawaii, or willed ourselves to be born here, that's why we come here, to New Thought, each Sunday. We don't want to sit back and be coaxed into our spirituality. We want to volunteer it, we want to seek it out, we want to hear its full range, we want to decide its value for ourselves. It's a different calling. Some of us respond to it, many don't. We are here because at this time of our lives, at this point in our journey, we believe we are up to it, we are ready for it, we want it, we need it.

     We, your Board, members and friends of New Thought, are courageous spiritual journeyers, willing to face an unknown tomorrow, willing to be taken by the chance currents of a beneficent universe, willing to will ourselves, on our own, into an adventurous existence. We open our discussions to all who will join. We speak and listen from the heart. We trust in our instincts and our ability to improvise. We are confident in our own sense of worth and value. We affirm and support one another by listening and loving. Throughout this last year, we asked ourselves to step forward and were blessed with 16 programs given by New Thought members. We asked to learn from others and were blessed with 13 speakers sharing their paths. We asked to be open to the wisdom traditions and were blessed with 10 different teachings from around the world. We asked to try various spiritual methodologies and were blessed with 20 services, each exploring one of its aspects. We celebrated Holy-days, days dedicated to heroes of faith, and those celebrating life's roles. We sat in silence. We sat listening to words, watching dance, listening to music and drumming. We talked, we sang, we danced, we held hands, we shared food and we hugged. We defined ourselves in this ongoing drama of our lives and our community.

     Our Community Building gatherings have continued this past year and they have been filled with heart and spirit. Those of us fortunate to be part of this New Thought group are grateful for the opportunity of exploring ourselves with an intimacy and involvement that can only come from many years of sharing by a relatively small number of dedicated participants. We would like to initiate the formation of a second Community Building group, by organizing a weekend workshop facilitated by one or more of the members of the original group. Please sign-up afterwards if you would like to join such a group.

     We are particularly grateful to those of us that work to make this all possible. First to the Board of Trustees, Pasha MacGregor, our treasurer, payer of bills, depositor of funds, keeper of the greeter log and one of our oldest members, Irene Soloway, our Program Director, recently recovering from some health problems, Jerry Rothstein, our secretary, assistant Program Director and writer of our press releases, Barak Ben-Levi, our vice president,  Emma Hencke, our librarian, Dawn Lundquist and myself, Morty Breier, your president. Irene Soloway will finish her three year term this year. Jerry Rothstein will be presented for an additional one year term and I will be presented for a second three year term.  And lastly we will present two new Board members for your consideration, Kelly Miles and Joan Alexander.

     Next let us thank Jerry and Judy Rothstein for the tasks involved with opening and closing this room each Sunday, to Judy for her talents and contributions as Musical Director and to Cathy Hansen and Kelly Miles and their daughters for their child care activities. Next, our thanks to all those who volunteered to facilitate, to act as greeters, to those who shared their talents with us, to those who shared their journeys with us. And lastly, we are grateful to all who showed up Sunday mornings, who quietly listened, who shared their presence, their insights, their hearts and souls with us.

     We are still pursuing the possibility of renaming our community to better reflect who we actually are, while at the same time retaining our heritage and long term presence here on the Kona coast. Your board is offering the possibility of replacing the word Church. At last year's membership meeting 5 voted to retain the word Church in our name while 13 members voted for change. The 13, however were split between Spiritual Center and Spiritual Community, so there was no clear two-third majority. This year your Board is offering a choice between the present name New Thought Church of Hawaii and the new name New Thought Center of Hawaii. I believe that the word Center better reflects the interfaith nature of our calling and positively reinforces our vision of creating, owning and maintaining our own spiritual facility, our own New Thought Center. A subscript, not in the official name, will be "A Community of the Spirit". The letterhead of this document shows what that would look like. We are asking you to consider this one alternative and we are proposing that a two-third vote by the quorum present will be sufficient to institute this change.
   Thank you for letting me earn some spiritual capital by serving you as President, Board member, sometime facilitator and sometime presenter. Thank you for the opportunity to be with you over this past year, for the chance to affirm spirit, for the times I learned to open my heart and clear my mind, for your aloha spirit. May we continue to grow in this year to come.

Morty Breier, 1998 President of the Board of Trustees,
New Thought Center of Hawaii



Jan 4.       Irene Soloway: The Joys of Giving and Receiving
Jan 11.     Tom Grunden: Jesus, Buddha & Krishna, What They Have in Common
Jan 18      Pat Sands: Remembering Martin Luther King Jr.
Jan 25      Joan Gannon: Removing Blocks to Love Using the Power of Forgiveness
Feb 1       Exploring the Spiritual Basis of New Thought Through the teachings of Ernest Holms
Feb 8        Roger Weiss: The Principles of New Thought Church
Feb 15      New Thought in 1998, Co-Creating Spiritual Opportunities
Feb 22      Annual Membership Meeting
Mar 1       Domini Cappadonna: In the End These Things Mater Most
Mar 8       Carla Hannaford: The Heart Mind Connection
Mar 15     Flora Love: Devotional Sing-Along
Mar 22     Dawn Barnett(Shamanic): Spring, Recognizing the Visionary Within
Mar 29     Kamala Everett: Are We Really Creating Our Reality?
Apr 5       Morty Breier: A World View Workshop
Apr 12     Joint Easter/Passover Service: Freedom & Renewal
Apr 19     Laura DeNuccio: Turning On the Light, A Choice to Live Consciously
Apr 26     Joel Gimpel: Music From the Heart
May 3      Sensei Robert Joshin Althouse: The Bodhisattva Vow
May 9      Cathy Hansen: Celebrating Mother's Day
May 16    Joan Kaplan: Sharing a Healing Journey Through Song
May 23     Phan Barker: Apiritual Aspects of a Trip to China
May 30     Jerry Rothstein: Finding an Sharing Spiritual Principles
June 6       Stella Resnick: Spiritual Pleasures
June 13     Dagmar Raimondo: Psychic Empowerment Tools
June 20     Dawn Barnett (Shamanic): Summer, Recognizing the Healer Within
June 27     Barak Ben-Levi: Father's Day Retrospective
July 4         Morty Breier: The Constitution, A Spiritual Document
July 11      Gisele Hetherington: Miracles on the Path of Self-Discovery
July 18      Joan Gannon: Healing Power of Color
July 24      Ursula Veitz: Music and the Spiritual Path
Aug 2       Morty Breier: Reporting on the INTA Annual Expo
Aug 9       Irene Soloway: Bringing In God's Light for Love, Healing & Protection
Aug 16     Morty Breier: Teaching of Arthur Chang at INTA Expo
Aug 23     Leonard Laskow, MD: Holoenergetic Healing
Aug 31     Chanting: Opening Up In Sweet Surrender
Sep 6        Spirit Storming, Co-Creating Spiritual Opportunities
Sep 13      Sensai Robert Joshin Althouse: Fundamental Teachings of Buddhism
Sep 20      Service and Picnic at Kahaluu Beach Park
Sep 28      Dawn Barnett (Shamanic): Autumn, Season of the Inner Teacher
Oct 4       Natalie Pace: Practice on the Path of Vipassana Meditation
Oct 11     Alice Barnes: Metaphysical Spirituality, Opening Channels
Oct 18     Sharing Spiritual Wisdom
Oct 25     Annette & Dinette Mc Williams: Remembering the "Peace Pilgrim"
Nov 1      Vernon Wolf: The Dynamics for Creating & Sustaining Deep Intimate Relationship
Nov 8      Joan Gannon: Forgiveness, Giving & Receiving from a Course In Miracles
Nov 15     Barak Ben-Levi: My Experience with Self-Examination, Prayer & Meditation
Nov 28     Morty Breier: Meditating to Celestial Music
Dec 6       Brad Lewis: Spirit Revealed in Photographing Nature
Dec 13    Karen Breier: The Joy of Giving
Dec 20    Christmas/Chanukka Service
Dec 27    Dawn Barnett (Shamanic): Welcoming the Winter Solstice



     Another year has passed. Somethings have changed, some have remained the same. We move ahead in our spiritual journey as a community while being nourished from the past by our traditions. This is as it should be. Our community itself consists of old timers and new joiners. Our individual journeys take us into new territories or give us additional insights into older, more traditional practices. Priorities in the world around us gradually change to accomodate both a changing environment and a changing consciousness. This is so in our Church, our Kailua-Kona community, our American society, the human community and the needs of our mother, planet earth.  If I were to characterize such change as we approach the millenium, it would be with the word "AND." We are moving away from an "either/or" consciousness to an "and" consciousness.
     Where the world's cultures had for most of human history, been bred in closed societies, we are now moving toward planet-wide markets, true world fairs of art, ceremony, custom and style. Where, for most of our existence, humans had very little impact on the resources of mother earth, we are now starting to join in a more thoughtful and conscious way to protect and nurture this biosphere in which we are all embedded. Where the world's religions had meant division and exclusivity, we are now moving toward a world of shared wisdom traditions accessible to everyone. Where a Spiritual Journey had involved the unwavering adherence to a particular pathway hewed out by an ancient master, we are now starting to create more inclusive maps, more contemporary ceremonies, more shared diversity.
     That is what we as your board have been moving our New Thought community toward. Our Sunday morning service is, of course, the soul of our community. During this last year these services have included spiritual wisdom from New Thought, Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, Sufi and Shammanist traditions. We have also been fortunate to hear spirit being presented by musicians, dancers, artists, ecologists and healers. We have had services that honored Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Christmas, Channuka, Mother's day, Father's day and Science.
     And, what perhaps best characterizes our New Thought community this last year, is our emphasis on sharing. I recall the three ceremonies performed when Karen and I got married this last March. The Buddhist and Jewish ceremonies were anchored in traditional vows and rituals while the New Thought service by Lydia and Roger Weiss had as its anchor Karen and I reading our love poems to each other, the sharing of of our spirits. We, as a community, have shared our wisdom, our insights, our experiences, our miracles and ordinaries, our unique and individual spiritual journeys with each other. This last year we have kept this as the anchor of our gatherings. We are diverse. We are teachers and pupils, we talk and listen, give and receive. We love and accept love from each other. And your board has tried to reenforce this honored position in which we place each other. Sharing has been promoted as a vital part of the structure of each of our Sunday morning services and sharing programs have been amply represented.
     Our Community Building gatherings have been ongoing during this past year and we look forward to their continuation. Meetings are held the evening of the first Friday of the month. This part of our New Thought undertaking has and continues to be a loving, intimate and meaningful experience to many of us.
     This was the first year in which your New Thought Church has used the new logo, graphics and mission statement adopted at the end-term of last year's board. You will see them at the top of these documents. We, as your 1997 Board, have developed and drafted a Facilitator's Manual. This volume attempts to be a guidebook for future facilitators, and its aim is to encourage volunteers. It also attempts to act as a repository for prayers, affirmations, meditations and representations contributed by sources influential in our development, encouraging ongoing additions. Thirdly we've developed a more modern version of our 10 traditional New Thought Affirmations with more particular references to our own unique practices and these are shown as our 18 New Thought Church of Hawaii Affirmations. Both versions are included. And fourthly we've included appendixes describing the roots and history of New Thought. We hope this volume becomes a useful resource and we present it as the start of an ongoing effort.
     Pat Sands who has served the Board for two years, Treasurer the year before last, will be leaving the board. So will Lyn Kadooka, our Treasurer this past year and Jane Lunstrum. Their contributions are lovingly appreciated and will be sorely missed. Pasha MacGregor and I will remain as a Trustees this coming year, the last of my 3 year term, while Pasha's term ends in 2000. We will be presenting a slate of existing board members who volunteered to extend their term, Irene Soloway, Program Director this past year, and Jerry Rothstein, Secretary this past year. And a slate of new board members, Barak Ben-Levi, Emma Hencke and Dawn Lundquist is on the ballot. We look forward to your approval of this slate and to a new influx of creativity, energy and wisdom.
     Last year we had considered changing parts of our name. Some of us were uncomfortable with the word Church, feeling that it came with a certain amount of baggage. Others thought that the full name New Thought Church represented a history and tradition worth preserving. At the end, we all voted to study the possibilities for another year. We later voted on possible name changes and the results, counting both first and second place entries, came out to 6 for New Thought Church, 8 for New Thought Spiritual Community and 7 for New Thought Spiritual Center. There were 4 other names that got one vote each. Now, one year later, we are again submitting the alternatives for a general membership vote, requiring, thoughtfully, a 2/3 majority to change our name.
     Thanks for a wonderful year of growth, love and spirit. Let us all welcome the unfolding in store for us in this coming year and let's continue our traditions of diversity, acceptance and shareing.

    Morty Breier, 1997 President of the Board of Trustees,
    New Thought Church of Hawaii


NEW THOUGHT: what it is and how it can help YOU!
The following is exerpted from a pamphlet put out by Calgary New Thought Centre, and edited to be more in keeping with our own New Thought practices.


 New Thought churches are variously called Unity, Science of Mind, Churches of Religious Science, Divine Science, Churches of The Truth; and there are a myriad other independent churches, centres, and study-groups espousing the same "New Thought" philosophy. All of these groups would fit into the terms of reference of the philosopher, William James, in his book, The Varieties of Religious Experiences, as "the religion of healthy-mindedness."
 Many of these societies are loosely associated under the umbrella organization of The International New Thought Alliance. One of the main functions of the I.N.T.A. is the presenting of an annual congress bringing these groups together as a unit. These are held in different cities throughout North America.


 Our roots date back to the antiquity of man, but there are two tap-roots that initially fed the growth of New Thought in America and the world.
 Phineas P. Quimby is regarded as the founding father of New Thought in America. He was a New England clock-maker who became interested in Mesmerism, a forerunner of hypnotism as we know it today, a new phenomena introduced from France in 1838. This technique appeared to effect cures to seriously-ill patients that seemed beyond the help of medicine. Through study of this phenomena, use of his scientific mind, and a personal "miraculous" healing, Quimby realized that Mesmerism was not necessarily needed to effect a cure.
 Quimby would sit with a patient, and through his personal insight intuitively determined the nature of the problem. He would then explain the situation to the patient and recovery was realized. This discovery or method of healing he termed the "Science of Christ," or "Christ Science," assuming that he had rediscovered the method Jesus used in his healings. Quimby was instrumental in healing thousands, many of whom were regarded as incurable by medical science of the time, through this mental healing process.
 One of Quimby's patients who became very well-known was Mary Baker Eddy. She was cured through Quimby's method and using the same concepts founded the Christian Science Church, which is not associated with New Thought. Quimby did not see the need of a church organization; Mary Baker Eddy did. It is concluded that if it were not for Phineas P. Quimby we would not have known of Mary Baker Eddy; and without Mary Baker Eddy we may not have known of Phineas P. Quimby.
 Another strong-willed woman of genius, Emma Curtis Hopkins, worked with Mrs. Eddy, but, because she endorsed truths found in other religions and philosophies outside the teachings of Mrs. Eddy, was obliged to leave the Christian Science organization. Emma Curtis Hopkins became known as a "teacher of teachers" for her influence in teaching and inspiring many founders of New Thought churches.
 Two of the better-known students of Hopkins were Charles and Myrtle Fillmore who studied with her and subsequently founded Unity School of Christianity, the largest denomination having members in the New Thought movement.
 A Mrs. Frank Bingham, grievously ill, was put in touch with Emma Curtis Hopkins. After just three weeks of study and treatment, she was able to return to Pueblo, Colorado, in radiant health. She gave informal classes, using Hopkins material, to a group which included the sisters Miss Nona Brooks, Mrs. Fannie james, and Mrs. Alethea Small. These three women, with Mrs. Malinda Cramer, founded the Divine Science Churches.
 Ernest Holmes studied with Hopkins in her later years after he had drawn much inspiration from Ralph Waldo Emerson and Judge Thomas Troward. He went on to found the School of Religious Science.
 Thomas Troward was the other tap-root of New Thought. As a member of the British Civil Service he served as a Divisional Judge in the Punjab for twentv-five years.  A devout churchman, and a student of all religions, he formulated a philosophy that explained a creative mental process. This. he concluded, was used by all persons in mentally creating their world. He lectured on this "Mental Science" to use his term, and presented a concept that was later described by the American philosopher, William James, as, "far and away the ablest statement of the philosophy I have met, beautiful in its sustained clearness of thought and style."
 Troward s idea and philosophy was brought to America, initially, by Dr. Harry Gaze, and later his friend, Emmet Fox. As many as six thousand would flock to hear Fox's bi-weekly services in New York. His books are still widely distributed and read by many denominations within and without the "New Thought" umbrella.
 These two, Phineas P. Quimby and judge Thomas Troward, are the tap-roots of New Thought; and Emerson provided the climate for growth. Emerson was a Transcendentalist Unitarian Minister, widely known and idealized for his writings of literary excellence. The literary content of his writings was well received although his ideas were not universally accepted in the religious climate of that period. They did, however, open people's minds to new ideas.
 Albert Grier, a former Universalist minister, having received healing from reading and assimilating New Thought philosophy through literature, was instrumental in founding the Churches of The Truth, espousing this "Truth that sets men free."
 It was from the mid-1800's, then, that this school of thought and religion has spread throughout the modern world. The philosophy has been helped to cross denominational barriers by such leaders as Norman Vincent Peale and Robert Schuller and their concepts of the "Power of Positive Thinking.''
 The New Thought message, then, being presented today is a composite message, based on bible truths, complemented by the laws of science, the opinions of philosophy, and the wisdom found in all living religions, providing you with an understanding of your place in the cosmic scheme of things in this universe.


 We have no doctrine or dogma as presented by other churches. New Thought teachings do not assume that there is any finality in the discovery of Truth, It is an eternal, ongoing process in every individual. It teaches; and expects continuous revelation for all of humanity.
 Our purpose is not to point the way for you to go, but rather to walk with you on the path of discovery of yourself, and discovery of your relationship to God.
 We may appear somewhat dogmatic, in some basic concepts such as:
 (a)  There is One Presence, One Power, One Intelligence, One Mind, One Love:   throughout the Universe.
 (b)  The first of all commandments is: Hear, 0 Israel, the Lord our God is one;   And you must love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul and   with all your mind and with all your might. And the second is like to it: You must love   your neighbor as yourself.
 (c)  All men/women are born of God, hence the inherent divinity of all humanity.


 God is all there is, Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient, First Cause, Divine Mind, Divine Intelligence, Pure Spirit, Limitless Being everywhere present, absolute, changeless. eternal, everywhere and forever manifesting as Creative Intelligence; Everything both visible and invisible.
 God is an intelligence and a presence: not a person, but a principle. In the Beginning, God...In the smallest particle of one atom there is controlled activity and space relationship. Multiply this by the atoms in the ocean, the sands of the desert and in all living things and you then have some idea of the infinite law and order in the universe maintained and controlled by this infinite intelligence that we call God.

 We are made in God's image and likeness. God, being all there is, can only create of Him/Herself; therefore, we are made in His/Her image, likeness, and nature. We are like the drops of water to the ocean; it is ocean, but it is not the ocean, yet it contains all the elements of the ocean. We are as the ray is to the sun; it is sun, but not the sun. We are in the finite what God is in the infinite.

 We are all created by the One Creator. "Behold, God saw all that He had made, and it was very good." There is unity in all humanity and in all life; therefore, all are the expressions of the One God. God did not choose any particular race, creed or color: we choose God. We choose God in our thoughts for there can be no separation from God except in our own thinking.

 Man is the highest expression of God, and Jesus (amongst others) was an example of this expression. Jesus, having manifested the Christ of His Being, or His "Christ Consciousness" earned the title of Christ. His mission was one of love and to establish our personal relationship to the Creator. He was the example, and not the exception. This is the universal God Presence saying, "Lo, I am with you always."

 We realize that the bible is a record of the emancipation of humanity. Every bible should have stamped on its cover, "This is me," for there we are portrayed in every person, in every state of consciousness, and in all the evolutionary concepts of God. Our nature is presented there.
 It is stated that the Bible is the divinely inspired word of God, and this is true; however, Divine inspiration did not cease thousands of years ago. Divine inspiration and revelation is an ongoing thing.
 The bible has survived the centuries and has provided a catalyst for western religious thought (as many other works by the wisdom traditions of humanity have done for other parts of our world). It does present a literal meaning, a moral meaning, and a spiritual meaning. It is the spiritual meaning that has given it timelessness. The esoteric or spiritual meaning is what we try to discover and employ in our teaching and our daily living.

 We, having been made in the nature Iimage and likeness of God, are then co-creators with God. This does not mean to say that we create something out of nothing, but by means of this creative mental process used by God in His creation, and we, in our thought patterns, give form to that which already is, in the unformed state. Everything begins with an idea. Divine mind, working through the subconscious phase of mind, produces the effect. This is the trinity manifesting through all that is created. There are analogies that perhaps illustrate this: spirit, mind, and body; idea, cause and effect; seed, garden and produce; computer input, data process, and print out.
 It is self-evident in our lives that that on which we focus all our thoughts or attention comes into being. If we maintain a positive approach to life, then positive things happen in turn. Conversely, if we dwell on the negative, the universe produces that in our experience. We, by our conscious thought, produce the molds for the substance of the universe to take shape. That which we totally accept in our thinking materializes in life. This is a further realization that "it is done unto you as you have believed."
 God is Mind or Intelligence. This Mind or Intelligence is behind all creation. This Mind works through thought, and thought expresses as word, and the word becomes flesh (substance). It can be seen, then, that this creative law of cause and effect produces in experience man's mental states. To put it another way, that which we mentally conceive, believe in, and confidently expect, must become our experience. We believe in, teach, and encourage, practice of Spiritual Mind Treatment, This is what is termed scientific prayer, as opposed to the idea of prayer of supplication, a begging or beseeching some Divine entity outside of ourselves. We feel that we are uniting with, and complying with, the laws of the universe when we "treat"; that is, visualize, mentally accept and positively anticipate desired results.
 We believe it is self-evident that that on which we focus our attention comes into our experience in life. Much of our potential is self-limited by our own thought processes through low  self-esteem, lack of confidence, and a resignation to negative experiences in life. As a result of our thought processes, we are responsible for many of our conditions in life concerning health, finances and general well-being. We accept that there is a Universal Creative Power and Intelligence that created us and the universe around us, and that this Power and Intelligence is eternally available to us.
 Spiritual Mind Treatment, then, is a recognition of this Creative Power working and expressing through us to bring about a sound mind, a sound body, and a happy and prosperous life. It is not prayer of supplication; it is prayer with a knowing, positive mental attitude buttressed by visualizing the positive end result and affirming the positive right outcome.
 We recognize illness, but we focus our attention on, visualize and affirm health. We recognize limitation, but we focus our attention on potential through visualization and suggestion, to stretch the mind and the mental acceptance of these possibilities. It is faith, coupled with our works, that bring desired results. It is recognizing that the strength and power of God, working through us can make many more things possible. With an understanding of New Thought, this provides spiritual help; therefore, one does not need an intermediator to find help from God. With this understanding, through Spiritual Mind Treatment, we find an answer to every prayer, a solution to every problem through the power of God expressing as us and through us. "Behold, the Kingdom of God is within."


 To summarize, we of the New Thought persuasion recognize that we are triune beings; that is, Spiritual, Mental and Physical. An acceptable teaching or philosophy must, of necessity, satisfy all aspects of our being.

 As spiritual beings, we want something that satisfies our cosmic senses; we want to know where we fit in the spiritual scheme of things. We need to feel that we are part of the sustaining, maintaining, universal creator of all that exists.

 As mental beings, also, our answers, ideas and philosophy must be mentally acceptable. It must not be an affront to the intellect; it should make sense. It should be scientifically verifiable.

 As physical, emotional beings, we have to experience something that is emotionally satisfying; something that we can feel; something that is, can and does permeate our entire being.

 New Thought does all this, in a rational, plausible, and acceptable way.

 We, therefore, invite you to join us in this journey of self-discovery to the point of Awareness of Oneness with all that is.

Exerpted from brochure by:

 Edited by Morty Breier