Aftermath June 1998 ( The Aftermath: Shutting down a Hell Hole. <BODY BACKGROUND="FFFFFF" LINK="#DB7093" ALINK="#5C3317" VLINK="#8E236B"> THE AFTERMATH of the ARMAGEDDON BATTLES

We thought we could conquer the world by controlling the stock market, banks, military, even the religious institutions. But we failed to take into consideration the enormous cost in grief and suffering. (The Anunnaki Aliens)

This episode is continued from the Armageddon events of April 4th, 1998. To fully understand this document, you might wish to go there first.
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On Fri, 26 Jun 1998, Jack O'Brien wrote:


What follows are excerpts of Email letters between Isis and Jack starting Thursday afternoon June 25th and continuing on into Friday 26th. It involves the problems Isis's friend was continuing to have in Y (A city in USA), working for the secret government/alien coalition in that area.
Apparently there is a vast network of laboratories located beneath Y (and elsewhere in New Mexico, Nevada, and Arizona see for more information on these bases) in which human workers are programmed through injections and hypnosis to forget what they are working on when they go home and then recall this information when they return to work the next day. Linked here are a list of resources about this alien, dark phenomena in our country that is as of this date, Feb. 1999, still kept from the public eye, and ridiculed as being "unbelievable." This list of reliable sites and sources will be updated and expanded as time permits.

Now to continue our story: Received by Jack from Isis
4:18 PM Thursday June 25th 1998


I had a really *bad* night with visitors of every type of ET creature I can think of.. they were so bossy and once again.. told me "We own Osiris." I am sure it is the Anunnaki.
I really wish there was some way to deal with them and take care of them once and for all. We [humanity] must have to learn something here.. and we are not getting it.
Do you think?

I am so sad that all your work only got Osiris a new job and not complete freedom, but at least he has his life.. some do not have that even.. and some do not even have the ability to communicate at all with the outside world.. being shut up under the ground or inside their minds. [Osiris had indicated that some of the people he worked with at Y. had terror in their eyes all the time. They were in a state of mental torture. They could not express their own will, could not tell the outside world of their imprisonment in their bodies, and could not find a way out of the mental prison they were in. Their eyes told the story of their awareness of the horror they had witnessed and their overwhelming fear for themselves knowing they were locked into a mental cell ;no one knew of their state, and they could not even call for help. ].

Letter continues..
My little trip to Y to put some joy into the place was a big deal for me.. but I wonder how much I can do on a larger scale..!

Isis had taken a very brief trip to Y. in early June 98 to see Osiris. It was the first time she felt safe approaching this City of the Living Dead< as she knew that her life would have been in danger at any time prior to the Armageddon Battles. She had told Osiris of her plans and he had agreed to meet her. She was followed at the airport, and Osiris never contacted her. But she drove alone to Y anyway and did magic all the way including an important Earthgoddess ritual which brought joy into that "dread-full" place.
We'll just have to do it and trust that my work and your work and everyone's work counts. After all everyone knows their gov. is doing illegal things with our money.. WE ALL know.
What and who is going to blast it open? Some how I feel I am going to be part of that.. and YOU. I do not know how yet.
I spent the night calling on all my buddies out there [in the skies and spiritual realms ] to come here and straighten these F***s out! Sorry about the language.. but I am sick of them. Totally!.

Sent by Jack 5:38 same day.

I checked with the Galaxy Being (a high level angel discovered bySue Potter and Carol Hathor) who said he would check into the Anunnaki group. It was my gut feeling that there was a small group still doing dirty tricks, not realizing that their main body had left a few weeks ago. He was back in less than a minute saying that there were just a few left doing their thing and he thought I could speak directly to them without getting covered with negativity.
So I mentally called them together and said that the main body of their race had received the gift of Unconditional Love from All that Is (God) and left for home. I said I could give them the same gift and this would allow them to also go home. They agreed. I could feel the impacts of the power of Unconditional Love hitting them. They thanked me for the gift and I told them this would be their ticket through the Stargate if this is the path home. Also I asked that they contact Osiris and tell him directly that he was released from any contracts that were in force. [This was verified by Osiris himself in subsequent mail] .

I am receiving info on the Anunnaki. A group has gathered around me and their spokesman indicates that they have gathered all of their group from all over the world (numbering over 2,000) and have passed on the Unconditional Love gift, which they could do since they have mental interconnection they can use when needed. They thanked me profusely and said that they know now why their leaders had left in such a hurry. They were expecting them to be back but they never showed up. They said that they had their own route back to their home world, not the Stargate. So they are gone, and no remaining negativity.

When I started this investigation, I realized that this could place Osiris in deep trouble, but I had an inner conviction that it would have the opposite effect. Also the shield I had placed around him is still intact, but he may be acting as if it isn't.

I am getting impressions and comments that there is lots of activity in Y. People are packing up and leaving the town in droves. The spell is broken.

Sent by Jack 6:35 PM:
Same day.

This is a test of my intuition. A while ago I felt Y. was in utter confusion, people coming out of underground laboratories some having been imprisoned for years. They are having a hard time adjusting to the light. Then I could visualize everybody grabbing cars and heading out of town. Now I believe that Y. is a virtual ghost town. There are no cars left. Buildings are standing empty. Everyone has gone. Check it out. My spirit adviser commented in almost bewilderment a while ago "You really threw the manure in the fan at Y. Congratulations. We were hoping someone would step in and shut that city down." My dowser is going wild confirming all this.

Received from Isis 7:00 PM: Thursday 25th June. 1998
Jack this came from Osiris. I sent him a copy of your letter.

(quote from Jack: I believe that it is a totally new ball game)
Osiris's answer: It is a totally new ball game since this Monday! Do you "know" what happened?

[Isis discovered after this letter that Osiris was referring to a being - a tall light being from the Pleiades who came through the facility and basically changed the whole energy of it, releasing all the held prisoners and dismantling the power source. Osiris also later reported that he had been able to assert his will in a situation with his ET controller for the first time. ]

(quote from Jack: I am getting impressions and comments that there is lots of activity in Y. People are packing up and leaving the town in droves.)

Osiris's reply: "They actually are. One quarter of my whole Division faculty is leaving now."

Sent by Jack 7:10 PM

It' s hard to keep up with the activity around here. Freckles (my psychic dog) started barking her fool head off. I tuned in and sensed that a crowd was gathering outside my house. I was told that there were aliens of all descriptions who were in charge of getting the world back in order, gathering and milling around, not knowing what to do, except to rejoice at what has been transpiring at Y and apparently other places in the world formerly controlled by the Anunnaki. [About 10 underground bases around the world /see for more information .]
So following your [Isis's ] suggestion to go ask a tree if you want the truth, I went outside and leaned against my favorite tree correspondent. It said that

I had just broken the back of the secret government/alien conspiracy and it was no more.

It said that there were so many entities around, both alien and spirit, that I was walking through them, there being no room for them to move out of the way. They were all around my house.
I am beginning to feel the excitement of the moment is ebbing and being replaced with a happy glow as everyone returns to their regular activities, apparently all over the world.

Isis replies:
This day should becalled VICTORY day! I have called everyone I can think of to tell them it is OVER the worst is over. He [Osiris] still seems pretty locked into his state of having to lie and hide his true self. Do you think he even knows his true self?

Sent by Jack 7:30 PM

I need to write these things down as they occur or I will forget them. As I mentioned to you on the phone, shortly after the crowd started dispersing around my house, I sensed the presence of Gaia.
She congratulated my breaking open the long-festering spiritual sore of Y. which I had apparently cut into when I worked with the Anunnaki group to give them the Unconditional Love treatment. She said that it has been a pain in her side for years, and now it is gone. Your work Isis pouring love energy into the area, and no doubt others also, apparently started the sore coming to a head. I didn't have to do much convincing the Anunnaki to receive the Love treatment, it was as if they were expecting it. So a lot of groundwork must have been done to allow this to come off so smoothly. Osiris said he detected a strong shift last Monday, the summer solstice, and today is Thursday, so I apparently gave it the final touch.

Freckles has been barking frantically for the last half hour. I finally tuned in and discovered that several of the Anunnaki had a message for me. They said that they had remained behind, and were still releasing all the contracts and obligations they had placed on the many people who worked for them, but within the next day or two, everything would be leveled, energy-wise. They said that they felt that this was the least they could do, in view of the terrible things they were responsible for during the past several years. The presence of Unconditional Love in their being has completely turned them around in their agendas. They are showing great compassion to stay around to fix as much damage as they can. The power of Unconditional Love is truly amazing.

[ It is true that the Anunnaki Aliens have reformed considerably and withdrawn their energies from Osiris and the others that he worked with in Y. See Questions and Answers from the Anunnaki Aliens and the Anunnaki deception of man for more data on their reform work. Also they appear to have withdrawn their energies from the Secret Government, abduction scenarios and general attacks upon light workers. These appear now to be carried out by human clones/robots who do not know what they are doing. The abduction attempts since June have been different, less sophisticated, botched in some cases and decidedly amateur by comparison to the former abductions. So although these attacks have not ceased, the power of them and the viciousness is much less. At this time, Feb 99, there is a backlash of negativity against the light workers since the negative beings who have tried to control this planet, know that Gaia has ascended and they have lost their control of her. The victory is now with the light. By the year 2000 all Aliens will have to leave and only human beings will remain here to determine whether we can conduct ourselves in a cosmic, multidimensionally responsible manner and join our galactic brothers and sisters as equal partners. It appears that the Y2K issue is the last blast of the Anunnaki aligned energies to wrest control of the planet and tyrannize the earth people. It is already known, however, that they have lost this ability. Earth people know already who is manipulating them, who is deceiving them; humans are divine beings who are waking up to their true power in droves. The Y2K scare and fear-mongering, just like the El Nino and the El Nina and the Iraq wars etc.. will backfire on the negative controllers, and they are going to be out of a job very soon! .]
From Isis:
I am so glad to get the story of Gaia. I love her so much.
I met her here in Hawaii at the eclipse last Feb. She was so Androgyn. It was she who I "planted" everywhere that I went [on the Mainland -Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, California, Colorado and Arizona] this summer. I literally stuck her into the earth at each of my stops.

Received from Isis Friday 26th June.

(copy of letter to a friend)
IT is over.. The work we have been doing to release this really bad stuff there is complete. People there were imprisoned in their bodies.. unable to control their own destinies. They were robots in every way. They had to work and do just as they were told and all this control from inside their heads. They had implants which allowed them to only see one particular type of way. A programmed way.
[It was verified by a psychic who helped Osiris in 1997, that they had a device on the back of the neck which only allowed them to see one "picture" of reality. It appeared to be something like a VCR with a tape running that controlled the world they could view. Anything other than this view was unknown to them. Thus their world view was totally limited and controlled. This allowed them to be "liars" about anything with conviction, as in their understanding, they could only see the programmed picture of reality. This is the kind of control and power that scientific empirical investigators of the evil doings have had to contend with, and have not as far as I know been able to circumvent.

It has subsequently been found that military people have a similar kind of implant in the back of the neck. We have seen this implant connected to & controlled by the WMT which makes most military people psychically under the control of the Anunnaki controllers. At this date, all these controls have been disconnected, and this will become obvious at some future date when the military will refuse to commit atrocities against civilians contrary to their orders, similar to what happened in Moscow.

Isis's report continues:
It [City of the Living Dead at Y] was like a mind control Nazi camp gone to hell in a basket.
The words [of the victims] will come out in time and reveal all that was really happening there. It was also a sort of Area 51 with Osiris's college as a front for the underground machinations, secret underground trains and secret experiments. I am quite sure that it will be discovered that he has gone to Mars from there. But it is OVER.. and with it the beginning of the fall of whole secret gov. entity.
I have been working to this end for years as have many of you. IT is here.. it may not appear to be different in the daily news but if you tune in you will probably confirm that something shifted this week.. after the Solstice. [June 22, 1998]

It is wonderful. IT will make all the difference to the planet now,. I was really mad last night and invited every being I could think of to come and help.. The Andromedans, the Ashtar command, the Federation, Quan Yin, My guru Muktananda and Bhagwan Nityanand, Jesus, Shiva, Ganesha, Uli, you name it.. I was pulling them all in to get the secret gov. and the ET's out of this country and to have them be gone permanently.

Received from Isis 4:00 AM Friday:
Message from Springs (personal friend and Goddess of Hawaii)
Aloha Isis..
My you have been busy in the last 24! I am very pleased that you are participating and witnessing the changing of the forces. As of the eclipse on Feb 26, the Federation of the Higher realms made a decision to enter the "game of life" we created for ourselves and ordered all ET's to leave this dimension of the 3rd... they all have to be off by the year 2000.
When the Galactics were voting on whether to enter our free-will zone to help us, many voted "no" because we have created our victimhood by giving away our power thru fear.
We got a reprieve because it was accepted that we had been tampered with and it was not entirely our fault. Once all ET's are gone it will be shown (to the higher realms) what our intent really is and if we are in Divine alignment.
You can rest now and celebrate completion of the battles. EnJOY your new life free of fear and filled with Light in total peace and abundance.
I'm proud of you!!

Jack Friday 26th June, 1998
visit by the Annunaki at 10:30 Friday.

Their spokesman stated

"we have unlocked 200 cells under Y. and freed the inhabitants. There are no more controlled humans. They have all been set free. A total of 10 secret areas worldwide, involving over 2,000 Anunnaki have been released from our control."


"We are all going home now. We are sorry for all of the damage we have done and suffering we have caused to humanity. It was all selfishly motivated.

We thought we could conquer the world by controlling the stock market, banks, military, even the religious institutions. But we failed to take into consideration the enormous cost in grief and suffering. For this we are truly sorry.

We will make amends by working with the scientists we formerly controlled in order to bring forward total conquering of all diseases by the power of thought. We originally thought that these were all caused by weakness in the body but we understand now that in a free-will society, sickness has a purpose, so the person must face up to the emotional causes before a permanent cure can be had. This will be the future goal of all religions, to remove all semblance of fear, shame and guilt which are the primary causes. These emotions cannot exist when we are all filled with Unconditional Love from All that Is. We bid you goodbye now, and we thank for giving us the greatest gift imaginable: Unconditional Love from All that Is. It is changing our whole society. We have a new purpose in life: to spread love, not fear-based control."
At 11:00 AM Friday
A representative of the Pleiadean group arrived, introduced as always by my dog Freckles barking. She told me to be sure to include the above message in my report. She said that is exactly the message the Anunnaki wanted to convey.
signed: Jack O'Brien


While I was meditating in my home today, Friday, a group of American Indians from the Y/S area came to visit me and thanked me for my work for them and clearing their land of the evil energies of the secret government. They said that my salutations to their sacred places as I passed through, woke up the energies beneath the earth and helped them activate their own methods for clearing the area.

As of this point my friend Osiris is about to take on a new job elsewhere as are many of the people he was working with. They are released from their nightmare.

I am not sure he is entirely clear about what he has been involved with. He is still somewhat unable to grasp the situation fully. My guidance about his state of health indicates that he is probably worse off than most of the victims of this horror chamber as he had been more conscious of the dreadful violations of human and universal laws that were being perpetrated on his friends and colleagues.
The others were not so conscious. He has fought the hardest to maintain his sanity and control of his life and heart and he has had the most damage done to his mind. I do not feel the story is over for him yet.

[This may be because he had had implants deactivated by the work of my friends Linda L. and Carol Hathor who are etheric workers trained in this planetary clearing work . This meant he was more conscious and aware of the atrocities that occured in the underground places because he was not as numbed by implants to not know what went on.
My information is from my intuition and verified clairvoyance and my close heart/soul connection to Osiris. At this point of writing we have verification from all the light workers involved that these events are real and now Osiris verifies the dramatic physical departures at Y.

As far as I am able to determine from the work of these healers and my own experiences, Osiris has almost been killed at least three (actually more times than this it has been discovered) times by such inhumane treatment as locking him up in a dark cell for over 48 hours without food or water or light. This occured last summer in July. He was kept under armed guard for weeks on end in a Nissen hut right after his trip to Mars. [This has also been confirmed] He was locked up in a facility in California high desert where he had to work constantly for the Annunaki without being able to leave or come and go. These events have been verified by other etheric healers and subsequent interactions with the Annunaki reformed beings. It has been later confirmed through the Annunaki that Osiris did die at least once and was brought back to life by my Isis' power of love for him. The details of these attempts to murder him will be revealed in time.
At the time of the 48 hours of no water, I saw that his kidneys were black and failing, my only way to help him was to call his voice mail asking him why his kidneys were failing...and he would be then restored quickly. It was obvious that the communication was sent by esp or telepathy, for there would be changes, yet Osiris himself reported not receiving this message from the phone.

I often sent messages to the Annunaki by calling his telephone mail service and telling them that I knew what they were doing to him. This often improved his situation , but it would bring attacks and harrassments to me, such as my phone was tapped and would disconnect if I spoke about anything sensitive on the phone. This is clearly an illegal invasion of my rights. I have many witnesses to this interference on my phone line. Many people stopped wanting to contact me because of it. I lost some friends!

My friend Anthony who stayed with me through the whole thing, was constantly attacked psychically because of his email relationship to me.

Another time in the summer of 1997 when the worst treatment was going on, I wrote all Osiris's friends and asked about his health. No one had any idea that he was in any danger or distress as he appeared normal during working hours. Osiris was very angry with me for this. However, a few of his friends and his mother inquired about him, and this prevented him being on another major mission to Mars where other people disappeared and have never been heard from again. This was another occasion when I knew they were trying to kill him and my 4th dimensional abilities enabled me to save his life.
Much of his email and phone mail he has never received or if he did receive it he has no memory of that. Since he has been relatively freed, I have tried to find out if he remembers any of his near death experiences, but he does not answer as if he never heard the question. I am aware that in May 2nd 1998 he was brutally treated in some torture session to forget everything that he knew. I felt he was awake on some machine as they did things to his brain. He fully expected to die at this session indicating to me psychically that he expected to have an aneurism from which he would die. He said that this was a common way of killing people that would not cooperate and had to be killed . The Annunaki subsequently confirm this event and that he did actually die, but revived somehow. They are not sure how I did it but they knew it was my love. They say that they tried repeatedly to kill him for what he knew and because he was not so easy to control, even though he was valuable to them. I foiled their efforts because of love for him.. something they did not understand and did not know what it was.

It was Jack O'Brien's gift to them of this love, that has changed this story to one of horror to one now of reconciliation and reform. As of this date, the Annunaki are busy trying to undo the terrible emotional and psychic damage they have caused 1200 people. Sadly this is not all.. there is so much more that will be written about in a book to follow this.

The skill shown by the lightworkers to "see" as in "remote viewing" is vital to the future of humanity. It is a human birthright just like seeing or hearing.

It is time for the true human being to wake up.

In all this I have been psychically attacked in ways that were incredible and unbelievable, and so have the people who have helped me help Osiris. I could not have done what I have done had I not been part of a network of light workers who cared and understood and who do not demand so called "scientific"evidence for everything I experienced. I was fortunately connected to some very powerful people who knew how to clear me of the psychic mess that was thrown my way.

Why did this happen? What were these aliens doing on our lovely Gaia digging up her heart and soul and perpetrating horrendous crimes against God and humanity? The answers to this will be revealed in the coming history of the planet I have no doubt.

Personally, I feel that the Annunaki reptiles came here to actually receive a gift from Earth people, the gift of unconditional love. I know that no matter what they did to Osiris, he held no revengeful feelings. He embodied the concept of "ahimsa" [no harm] to them; through his love for me and my stubborn refusal to stop loving him, these metallic, mean, vicious beings learned about LOVE. Jack gave them the unconditional love that they had not known. It is written in Barbara Hand Clow's book, "Signet of Atlantis", that in an abuser/abused situation there is a paradigm that can occur whereby into the situation comes a teacher and one who holds the love vibration. These four beings...

..form a four sided pyramid and the capstone of that is love. Through this relationship of all four coming together with the intention of at least two to heal it, the abuser is transformed and the abused is healed. This I believe is what occured in this situation. Osiris/Annunaki/Jack/Isis all played a role in bringing the very cold, heartless and abusive Anunnaki to the awareness of LOVE. That to me was what this was all about. It was a little "lila" as they call it in Hindi.. a little play of God.

The Egyptian Story:

This same pyramid scenario may be being played out in many other parts of this globe, and indeed in many parts of the omniverse. This may be one of the gifts that were left for man by the Egyptians in the shape of the pyramid. It is obvious that Jack, Osiris,and Isis have all come from the same source and agreed to perform certain roles for this critical time in Earth history. Looking back over the events, I am sure that some part of me knew that love would always win, but it did not always look so possible on many occasions. The "lila" or play of God may not be over, but for the main actors, Osiris, Jack, the Annunaki aliens and Isis it is coming to resolution.

In the Egyptian Book of the Dead it tells of Isis' efforts to raise her husband/brother, Osiris, and the parallels with these above events now is surely uncanny.
His sister [Isis] hath protected him(Osiris), and hath repulsed the fiends, and turned aside calamities (of evil). She uttered the spell with the magical power of her mouth. Her tongue was perfect, and it never halted at a word. Beneficent in command and word was Isis, the woman of magical spells, the advocate of her brother. She sought him untiringly, she wandered round and round about this earth in sorrow, and she alighted not without finding him. She made light with her feathers, she created air with her wings, and she uttered the death wail for her brother. She raised up the inactive members of whose heart was still, she drew from him his essence, she made an heir, she reared the child in loneliness, and the place where he was not known, and he grew in strength and stature, and his hand was mighty in the House of Keb.

The Company of the Gods rejoiced, rejoiced, at the coming of Horus, the son of Osiris, whose heart was firm, the triumphant, the son of Isis, the heir of Osiris."

Thus the story of Osiris and Isis from the Armageddon events of April 1998 appears to be in the resolution stages. This seems to be myth; it appears to be fiction. Unfortunately, all these events happened in real time to real people between 1996 and 1998. The mythical figures of Isis reconstructing her broken Osiris have been enacted again; again it was magic that restored him and again he cheated death to teach Set, his alien brother, that death is not possible.

Only love is possible.

I need to thank a lot of people.
THANK YOU my friends! I love you all. THANK YOU

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