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To Isis : "Quan Yin said that where the dark warriors had thought that they had complete control of everything.. by controlling the scientists, the food, the money markets and every country's government....they were totally convinced that they were in control of the planet.. and then the war (Armageddon on April 4th, 1998 ) came and they heard this singing which to us would be harmonious, but to them it felt like the sound the whales were hearing with the navy experiments...piercing and horrible. It was all the lightworkers, she said, 144,000 all singing harmoniously and it was a message to the dark warriors that they could not stay. A whole lot of the warriors left in horror, and the ones who are left are in shock... not quite able to believe that they are outahere and cannot remain!!

See updates at Stuart Wilde's site http://www.stuartwilde.com/Articles/SW_articles_progress_armageddon.htm in 2005 he said: "These fights to liberate the planet are against the controllers that exist both in the mirror-world and this world, human and non-human. Armageddon is the battle between a liberating angelic force and the corrupt, controlling status quo. The status quo is the myriad of hierarchies of the unseen ghouls and the humans that are under their control, which is many billion. Armageddon is not a final battle between one nation and another....Armageddon is an unseen war between love and hate.... Armageddon is a fight against both humans and the local earthbound ghouls. They include the reptiles, UFOs, Grays, earthbound spirits, zombies, the living dead, and all the malevolent nature spirits, trolls and various dwarf-like characters and the raccoon-eyed beings that we have seen. In addition to that bunch of galactic misfits, there are endless etheric spiders and various bugs that feed off your heart chakra while you sleep. IÕd be glad to see the back of them, they are hard to catch. Then there would be a myriad of beings from the subterranean worlds and elsewhere that I have never seen. I can see why the Forces of Light would have to come in by the tens of millions to sort this lot out. " He also says that as of November 2004, a date when Osiris was finally released from total control, a being "fractal man" and a "man with a rod of iron" returned to the earth plane. Wilde says:" He is inside the universe and the entire universe is inside him." No worries! "

Our story begins here:

Some Lightworkers have good reason to believe Armageddon did occur on April 4, 1998. However, many unaware people may not have even noticed! The events were, in the estimate of those participating, mind-boggling and involved a number of battles the outcome of which has now turned the planet towards an important new destiny away from fear and tyranny. It has been revealed to the writers that future generations of humans will revere this date in the history of the planet and make heroes out of us. But for now, in 1999, all we can write is our account of what we witnessed and experienced, verifying it with each other and those who are awake to this dimension. We cannot publish this in the New York Times, we cannot even get it on the Art Bell show. Why? Because it is too unbelievable, and it is not about the 3rd dimension? Perhaps!
Or is it because if this came to the public eye, a whole host of powerful beings who are controlled by the Orion Men in Black and the Annunaki Aliens would have nervous breakdowns or fall apart, our secret government would be unveiled, secret conspiracies would begin to unravel, the military would collapse and a shocked humanity would never be the same again?
There is plenty of evidence out there of the veracity of all that we have witnessed, the internet and bookstores are full of similar accounts. The beings who are in tune with the Earth, with Goddess truth, with life and love and beauty know what is true. The truth is always KNOWN by God and the universe and it will not be hidden to the population on this planet for ever.

We believe this battle is an important step towards the end of this horror of tyranny and oppression which threatens the very soul and nature of man,

this entire planet and by association, the solar system and the universe. All were threatened here on Earth by the negative Alien control of our planet. According to Barbara Hand Clow, we have been through this battle with invasions from negative Aliens twice before in our history, and this third time, the negative Aliens MUST get it.. they will learn to LOVE. This is their last chance. Many of them have learned, and those that have not have left.

My beloved Osiris, Jack, Roger, Freckles, the helping Devic spirits, my supporters and friends through years of attacks and abductions, the Lightworkers around the world and all those who have believed have all played a part in helping these Aliens from Orion learn about LOVE.

We have transmuted their great darkness, their great fear and dread.. YES believe it, Human beings are great alchemists for these dark aliens. Osiris, Isis, and Jack( Merlin?), three protagonists in this drama, came here from the Milky Way to turn this planet to LOVE.. Unconditional Love. We believe that this is the last time we have such a mission to Planet Earth. We all sense the harmonious times are very close and we are all optimistic that this battle has now secured a positive future for Earth. It is almost a year since this battle took place, and we have seen enough evidence of the improvement in Osiris and the lessening of attacks upon ourselves, to know we did indeed, break the back of the secret government/Alien conspiracy that was so darkly affecting the future of our beloved Gaia.

There were no guns in this battle....it was more like a Starwars psychic game than shooting people and killing their bodies. This battle took place on the 4th frequency dimension... the astral level. We all have the ability to see on this level and to communicate telepathically, but only those who have a developed psychic awareness would have seen this battle. Fortunately many sensitive and spiritually aware people witnessed its effects and verified what we report here. All indications point to a major clearing of aliens: Men in Black, Annunaki, Reptilians, Draco and Greys because of this event. These negative Aliens have been in alliance with the secret government in the United States and the group of powerful beings that have dominated the planet, often referred to as The World Management Team(WMT). Human beings have been intimidated and tortured, enslaved and robotized to force them to work for the Aliens and to keep quiet about their experiences and the horrors they have seen. There are untold thousands of human beings who have gone through this horror.

But where is this reported? Not in the media, for this is entirely controlled by the secret government; censorship of everything that goes into the news is widespread and has been so for the past 20 years at least.

The ruthless nature of the Aliens, sucking out the life force of human beings into vats to bathe in and thus "eat", using young children for food and slave labor, has enabled them to conquer by fear. ( see first hand accounts of this and more at Stewart Swerdlow's Montauk: The Alien Connection and more at UFO List ) When humans are in fear, their soul leaves the body and goes up to other dimensions. The almost empty body then comes under the control of the Aliens. Fear is the food and sustenance of some Aliens and their passport to control people's souls and bodies. Thus overcoming fear on the part of the heroic players here was the answer to clearing the planet of the negative beings.

This was not a battle of spaceships and guns. This was a battle for the soul and the very existence of the species of human beings. The Alien weapons are fear, secrecy, torture, domination, bestiality, rape and control of the soul. They make voodoo seem like parlour games.

Isis had been involved in this Alien nightmare because of a soul friend who is a brilliant scientist. He had been a victim of this system of control as he was an expert on the planet Mars and had been working on the Mars Project. (see articles at Menu.html) He was seduced by promises of juicy missions and secret information into agreements with the secret alien government and found himself a prisoner, robotized and controlled like a puppet. On this date he happily escaped their total control because of the events that we call "Armageddon."

The scientist's identity is disguised as "Osiris" for that is who he represents here in this story. Orisis was the King of Egypt who was murdered by his jealous and evil brother, Set. Isis, Osiris' wife and sister, by magic restored Osiris to health, and he became the symbol of resurrection and renewed life on Earth. They had a son called Horus who later slew Set in revenge. This myth from Egypt is a metaphor for the fall of man, and the power of love/spirit to restore fallen man. It is also about the fact that there is no death for humanity, as Osiris died yet was restored and fathered a child, the exact same metaphor as Christ gave man in the year 0 AD.

In this story today, 2000 years later, the evil Aliens and their robotic human cohorts in government agencies tried to kill Osiris many times and each time he was restored by Isis' magic and love. The negative ones could not kill him. They and we learned about man's power in this battle:

man is immortal, man is pure love, man is a multidimensional being of the universe, man has only to align himself with heart and intention and he can conquer all evil; man is a divine essence encased in a strangely limited human form.

They found out a lot about this planet on this date, for this was not just about Osiris, Isis, Jack O'Brien and magic, it involved a dog, Freckles, and Devas, Sir Henry and Johnn, a whole army of angels willing to sacrifice everything, and a host of lightworkers who witnessed the battle, and gave their essence to the outcome. This week's events became the culmination and catalyst of a long plan by the light forces to meet this "invasion" of negative entities, and show them that they are not able to come to this planet and take it over.
This series of letters from Jack O'Brien and Isis showing the build up to the battle. Other Lightworkers were participating without knowing the sequence of events that lead up to these big battles. Many may have heard of Jack as an indefatigable light worker who has written about his friendship with the devas and in particular Sir Henry, a deva assigned to him. Through his integrity, courage and intelligence Jack has built up a strong relationship to the light angels who came to protect him from the worst of the battle.
The events begin with some information about Sir Henry after Isis has asked Jack for some assistance for her scientist friend, Osiris:
Date: Fri, 3 Apr 1998

From Jack: Sir Henry is available to anyone who asks for him. He has appeared to those who did this and were intuitive enough to sense his presence. He is becoming a very powerful entity, what with all the projects he as successfully handled. To date they include ridding the earth of lost souls except for new arrivals, haunting entities, helping Roger Kerr empty hell, and he has just finished spreading the Slim Spurling energy wave forms over the entire earth which are instrumental in healing geopathic negative energy. __________

To Jack: Saturday 4th April
My boyfriend, Osiris has had his free will taken over by people in the government who do not want him to say anything about what he knows. They have been very clever in taking away his choice to be free, they have used mind control and torture and have threatened his life. In the mean time it is possible they might kill him or do away with him...which I guess is the illusion of the darkness..that death is possible at all. However, this would leave me with a broken heart.. and I think I have already felt that.

My guru says it is a very grave sin to break anyone's heart. Such things do not seem to matter with these beings who suck the very heart out of my love. He is punished for every single moment he spends thinking of loving me! They have psychics who seem to know everything that he feels. Can you imagine such a life? Yet he survives it.. for I know he is the greatest of great beings, and this keeps me with courage and assurance, that there is NO death..and I will restore my beloved where ever and whatever they do to him.
Phew.. I guess I needed to say this.

Same day.. From Jack;
I had an E-mail letter from a friend in AZ who was complaining about the heavy workload she and her fellow employees are under at the Public Library. So I wrote her that I had placed a dome of peace and tranquility over the library and she could add to it. She wrote back that the day after I had suggested this dome, her fellow employees had remarked about how calm and peaceful the atmosphere had become.
I am leading up to my having received permission to create a shield around Osiris to produce an area of safety and mental clarity if he would accept it. This should prevent prying psychics from monitoring his thoughts, but should allow his reaching out in love to you. If this shield holds despite anything the government or the psychics can do, they may decide to release their grip on him. If this power I am using is indeed from a Divine source, they will come to realize that it has ultimate power and fooling with it could create a backlash they could not anticipate. So nothing ventured, nothing gained.
By the way, one of the entities the portrait painter described was a guardian Angel 15 or 20 feet tall (she was looking up at the ceiling as she described him). She said that he would fold his wings around me to protect me from any harm when needed, and that his protection has already been used without my being aware of any danger. So I feel with Divine protection, I can even take on the U.S. Government. So as the professional photographer said to his beautiful model "come into my darkroom and let's see what develops!" This may not be a coincidence, but this is the second time I have composed the comments to your letter.

Sat. 4 April, 1998
To Jack:
This morning I was doing some work with my friend Osiris and I found Sir Henry around helping and I just had to show him what to do to clear out some stuff from another universe, [this was hooks all over my friend's back from another universe.. they seemed to be living worm type things] and he said "No problem, I can handle it! You can go now" and so that was that!! Haha.. He finished the job. I loved it. And you are right, he is tall. He seemed to bring all his little helpers into do things.. and they were delighted.---WHAT a neat world!
[ re: the dome idea ] THIS I know can be done... Sue told me about them. I just tried this again with the 'Osiris' situation and this time I allowed [a dome that would permit] transmutation to go where they [the negative beings] are happy.
Before I just did a dome to bring them karma instantly and this had such a powerful effect that the angels had to ask me to back off... as it was potentially likely to explode and all the yucky stuff would come out into the Earth grid! I had no idea of the power of these thoughts.. but as you say, they [angels] are just waiting to be given permission...and we have the power.
Back in April of 97 they [Orion aliens] had come to me and asked me to leave Osiris alone and I refused. They said "He belongs to us." and I said "He belongs to himself... and he choses to be with me." Then the barrage of attacks began and I was abducted in June and implanted with things in my leg. I still have 3 neat holes where they put some instrument in to the bone and took my tissue. This leg has undergone many trials including a twisted ankle. At one time I had holes every 3 inches from ankle to waist.
They tapped my phone, had me followed by mysterious people when ever I went anywhere, even shut down the telephones and electricity at my college for three hours, so they could find out what I was sending to Osiris on email. At one time, and this is even harder to believe, they sent a homing pigeon to watch my coming and going at work. I knew that the government was using dolphins for spying, and I had also heard from a friend in this field that they were using pigeons for military purposes too. This poor pigeon did not move all day from morning to dusk and never ate a thing. It just sat outside my office door waiting for me. It was so extraordinary that everyone was remarking about it. This was right after the attack with the red syringe, and I was alerted to their scrutiny as my ESP was very tuned in, so I knew all this was aimed at me.

This poor pigeon day after day for about two weeks was sitting there so good and sweet. I was Aphrodite then, the goddess of love and doves, and they were my friends; so many, many pigeons I had taken care of over the years; this had to be a robotic pigeon, just like Osiris and his colleagues. I used to speak to it and try to send it love every day. I suspected it had some tiny camera in its head and was being remotely controlled. Then the secretary of the office with her compassion brought some wild bird seed, and we started to feed it. It was starving. I had to laugh for we would feed it and then it was useless for spying on me. Soon after that it never came back. But there were plenty of witnesses to this stupid little prank.. kindergarten stuff, but I bet it cost the taxpayers a ton of money for that wicked and useless experiment.

If they could do all this to me because I loved Osiris, just think what they did to other people in the same position who had loved ones captured by the secret government. I felt constantly attacked by black magic and my friends were attacked too. I had an etheric red syringe put into my liver in the middle of teaching a class; I had wires all over my inner body to stop me feeling any sexual feelings or love for Osiris; I had plates put into my heart chakra to stop me sending love to my beloved.. so much stuff and they have done all this to Osiris and a lot more. They have sucked out his life force; they have clips put all over him so his body only functions to keep him alive; I am afraid that he does not even inhabit the lower body at all for they have pushed out the spirit from it. He exists at some upper level and not in the body at all.

Yet inspite of that, he and I still truly love and are loyal and know we are each other's best friend. Somehow I feel that in this the dark beings who take his free will, will have to serve us both at some future time, and in dealing with us, they are feeling the sense of what LOVE is really about.
This may be their only chance to survive the coming times.. when only love essence will prevail. They will have only the little that they have found from being around us. Who knows..?
This rationale helps me bear it. And the fact that I know Osiris is the

Christ heart.. and that cannot be killed and there is no death.

[Later these words proved to be accurate.. since he was killed many times and was revived by love held for him both by Isis, Jack and the being from Sirius.] Another technique that I used this day was to speak to Osiris's angels who were like black swans. I asked they why they were black.
They said "Because he wants to go the whole way."
I said, " To where?" and they said
"To the middle of hell."

I said "No, you have the wrong information. He only wants to go to the edge of light and dark to transmute the dark. That is his mandate."

Suddenly there was a sort of chaos going on and they seemed very upset about this news as if they were really ticked off.
[They had indeed been tricked into allowing him to go too far. Later it was told me that he was almost in another universe except for the connection to Isis. Had that broken he would have gone out of this universe and the history of this planet and this universe would be entirely different.] ------------
From Jack Sat. 4th

The shield around Osiris is apparently in place and holding. I was told a couple of hours ago to get ready to witness a battle. Then about a half hour later my little Cocker Spaniel started barking in the direction of my stove. He walked over to it with his ears as erect as a Cocker's ears can get, and when he got within about two feet away from the stove, he slowed down and then looked around as if what he was looking at had disappeared, or else he just walked through it. I was later told that this was a guardian angel getting ready to protect me.
During the entire episode I felt absolutely no uneasiness, only a feeling of complete protection. Then I was told that protective angels were gathering around me. A little while later I received the message that "it has begun." All I sensed was like a collision of ideas and a couple of minutes later I was told "It is over."
On tuning in on the episode, I was told that the forces involved in Osiris's control had mustered their strength and charged towards me, but were stopped by a massed group of protective angels numbering about 100,000. There was only one charge by the opposition, but when they saw the massive show of strength pitted against them, they retreated. No one was injured (I questioned this statement and was told that yes indeed, angels can get injured in that they can lose a considerable amount of their strength) I then received the message that the aura of secrecy Osiris was involved in had been broken and he is now free of their influence and control.

I received some confirmation of this from the Deva who is in charge of the "wee folks" who inhabit the area. She told me that she had seen the gathering of angels and then the clash of ideas which took only a few seconds. Then it was over. She said that I have great power, such that I could kill all the little people in one angry glance. I'm getting the impression that the more I use whatever power I have been given in a responsible manner, the more is allotted to me. Also the show of protection suggests that there is more for me to do. What with all the angels around me, I shouldn't feel lonesome leading a hermit's life on top of a small remote mountain.
Since you have greater insight into these matters, I would appreciate your checking on this episode and see how much of it is true and much is my imagination.

Sat 4th April To Jack:

Jack my dear friend: I concur with all you have said. I felt the SAME thing today. I knew I was being Used and Abused on some level, but I am not sure how may angels protected me, but I always know how far I can go and how far I cannot go.. and I knew that what I do and have done for Osiris is always sanctioned because he is my love and I do it for love UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.. so I am not afraid even when I get attacked... which I am being right now. We had a good week together this week.. [connecting on the etheric] and I found a phone number on my caller ID from a gov. agency..that is an unlisted phone number.. I know that building this phone is in; it used to be my ex husband's office building and is now used for spying on American citizens.. monitoring phone calls etc.. and joint task force operations for the Fed operations; so they called my home for some reason but left no message.
Then I know that I am being told something .. so I figure they are getting anxious about Osiris. I have written letters to Art Bell, The Center of Attention and to people who will forward this to authorities that can get it seen and read in the right places. This week Osiris indicated that he might not survive. Thus I know it is time to do something else.. Other people have sort of dropped by the wayside in this. Your Sir Henry seemed to be the best hope left. THANK YOU and now you know what we are all up against. How to thank you...

Date: Sun, 5 Apr 1998
To: Jack O'Brien Update Sunday
Hi Jack;
I sure hope that you are alright. I am aware as I write that something is like an attack here.. but I did not feel this before now. I hope that you are alright.

I have to report carefully to you as I am aware that our mail is not private and may be monitored.. how else could they know so much about your helping me?

The improvements have been incredible to my friend Osiris. He says.. that he is "very, very, very, very, very, happy with what I did yesterday." I had to tell him it was not all my work. When we work as a team in concert, we can effect great improvements.

This particular type of evil that my friend is involved with is the essential key to breaking the cycle of power and control that has for so long governed this part of the world. It is over now. The castles are crumbling and the power base is being eroded. We are being given the tools to do this.
When we get Osiris totally out of this, we will come to visit you and bring you and your devas some gifts. [This still has not happened as of Feb. 99]
I am so happy that you are courageous enough to take on my problem.. I have had one psychic worker just quit because of the fear she felt about it.. well you cannot have any fear in this realm.. that is an illusion anyway.. for what is there to lose? I nearly lost my life three or four times and Osiris brought me back to life. I owe him my life..I DO.. he gave it to me.. so I always say .. what is the use of having it given back to me if I try to save it and he loses his life?

As Christ says.."he who would save his life shall lose it, and he who would lose his life for my sake, shall be saved."

This is what I have had to remember.

The changes I feel are that before this weekend, he was out of his body entirely and has been for some time.. but now I feel him more fully in his body. He cannot do much unless he has control of his 'chi' I feel. He is one of the most brave and courageous beings... but he also likes to be at the edge of danger.
I do so hope that I hear from you today so I know you are okay.

From Jack: same day Sunday:

I am OK. Last night I started coming down with a cold, so I used my filter to remove all cold-causing energies. Then this morning I started getting the sniffles again and once again did my clearing, both times removing some negative energy, which I transmuted into energy which would counteract the negative effect of chlorine on the ozone layer (my standard procedure) and sent the transmuted energy into the upper atmosphere. But this time I started to spread my filter out into my personal reality area, and was warned not to do this. Beyond my shield there were camping many negative entities who were trying to break through. Had I extended my filter outside my shield of protection, it could have opened the opportunity for negativity to creep in big time.
Apparently the shield was holding, barely and the best the negatives could do was send through some cold germs. So I just sat tight, then suddenly everything brightened and I felt a lot better and was informed that the negativity was gone.

The fact that I had a large convocation of angels protecting me during the first and brief onslaught, I feel sure that they are on standby to form another defense line if another attack is forthcoming. There would be no reason to abandon me after the great deal of effort put forth the first time. So the bottom line is I feel protected, but that does not mean that I can let my guard down.
Sunday 5th April From Jack:

You were justified in your concern over my safety. I have been in the midst of a battle.

I have copied below the notes I took as it was going on and immediately after because I did not want to lose any details. I will copy it without comment. This is what I was told or what I felt. It is so unbelieveable that it needs verification by your strong intuition. A lot at the end is complimentary to us and I do not want to find that my ego was involved in any of the message.

updated Feb. 1999

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