Part 2 Armageddon.

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continued from Was it Armageddon? Part 1

The Second Battle :

Jack continues from part 1:

I t is 10:30 PM Daylight savings time.
I have had the shakes for about half hour. I asked if I could go outside and water my dog, and was told "No, not now" I then asked if there was something going on, and was advised to hush (apparently there was a gathering of the warrior angels again and they didn't want me to upset the applecart by my thoughts. So I waited silently. Then about 15 minutes ago I was advised "When we give you the word, go outside and lock the door behind you. You can witness the battle. A minute later I was told "Do it Now.!" So I did. I could see nothing but clear sky and stars and normal darkness surrounding my back yard. But I was still shaking and not from fright but apparently from the tremendous clash of energy. I was told what was transpiring as it occurred.
There were miriads of fighting angels extending far beyond the approximately 5 acre flat top of the little P K mountain. They were in a pitched battle with the negative forces they had repelled previously. This was what was causing my shakes. Then my shakes stopped for a moment and I could hear a voice saying "We must retreat, we have lost."

I was told that the area around my house and into the sky was strewn with abandoned swords and shields. But the opposing forces said "We must return and fight.

We have lost and the only thing left for us to do is die. We have lost everything." I started shaking violently again as apparently the battle started up once more. I was told that they kept coming on, marching over their abandoned weapons in the face of withering energy from the Angel's weapons.

I am told "Now there are none left. It is a disastrous defeat unheard in the annals of positive forces versus negative forces. The opposition was not only negative, it was totally evil."


To: Jack O'Brien
Subject: Re: War
Hi Jack:

My God how incredible. I am so sorry I got you into this fray and suffering all this.. I feel terrible. I have been going through this attacking myself for a long time and yet it has not been quite so terrible for me.. as I am protected by my guru and Madame Pele.

Oh my goodness. I will try to call you and see if you are alright. Blessings. And Please drop me a line in the morning. I am still in shock, but yet not shock.
From Jack (before the 2nd Battle)

I not believe that I would ever have been led to this project if there were any chance that we would lose. When Mother Earth moves into the 4th, 5th, and finally the 6th density, any negativity will either be destroyed or else moved into another dimension appropriate for the negative entities involved which means that their complete hierarchyand defense system on earth will be dismantled in the process. So any victory for them would be short lived anyway. I hope they can see that. I would not want to be an instrument of their total destruction which is what will happen if they strike again. The angelic forces know what the negative forces are up to. This why they were ready and waiting when they attacked the first time. Can this negativity not see that the moment they formulate another attack, it will be immediately detected and ultimately neutralized by the same Angelic forces who will meet their power 100 to 1. Because the angelic forces also feel that they cannot risk loss, and so they won't.
I am rambling, but I feel inspired to put this in writing in the hopes that this message actually is monitored.

I put my life completely in the hands of All that Is which is Unconditional Love. No power can prevail against it.

To Jack :
The morning of the attack against you I had just done that.. PUT everything into the hands of God and then did what came through me to do.. IT is always unexpected, unique.. out of the blue and spontaneous. My friend is MUCH happier.. he is happy. I have not heard these words from him in a very, very long time. If we were a king and queen and had a court, we would give you a knighthood....for your help!! Haha.
Jack:It is so unbelieveable that it needs verification by your strong intuition. A lot at the end is complimentary to us and I do not want to find that my ego was involved in any of the message.
WELL I can feel that Osiris feels much release.. and great happiness. the first in about .. well since October of 1996 I guess.

You say : "we will come to visit you and bring you and your devas some gifts"

Please no gifts. You might bring my ego out of hiding. The positive results we are achieving is the greatest gift I could imagine.
Isis this is not your problem. It is the World's problem.

OH YES.. THANK you for this.. thank you for

it *IS* the world's problem. What do I have to lose? The world has everything to gain!

Jack heard through guidance, a Pleiadean being say :

"You told them in your letter to Isis that they [demons] didn't have a chance and would be destroyed. Yet they came willing to meet their death. It was an unbelievable act of misplaced, even stupid bravery from our viewpoint, but from theirs it was a noble sacrifice for a lost cause. The agonizing desperation of the enemy has even permeated the soil here."

"But now she [Gaia] is speaking.

'I would never abandon anything Jack has done in my defense. All will be made right and you do not have to worry about destruction. Jack is one of my favorite people. He will never be harmed in any way by anyone or any negative force. He still has much to do in my freeing the world of sickness and death. When we reach the 6th density in two years, death will be vanquished. You may live out your life in serenity, knowing that you can make your transit at any time you so desire and take your earth body with you since it will be imperishable.

"As soon as the entire earth is vibrating with the swept clear frequencies of Slim Spurling and his coworkers, the transition to the fourth density will start. It will be much milder than originally anticipated due to the sudden and compete change of mankind in relation to the destruction of my body. None will die as a result of residual negativity but many will transit when I start my land/water rearrangement in order to balance the new rotational speed and axis of the 5th density earth. It will not be long now.

"You are my beloved workers and I honor you in what you have done in my behalf. Be at peace." Gaia


TO Jack from Isis :
Salutations to the Goddess Gaia.. and her forces of LOVE and her being now awake and in control of HER property.. YES.. Love, and speechless with awe..

Date: Mon, 6 Apr 1998 06:53:38 -1000 (HST)
To: Jack O'Brien <
Hi Dear Jack:
In a rush this morning.. I woke feeling great release and actually happy. This is the first time since Osiris got captured and stolen.. in about November 96. He is laughing.. he just seems not to be able to stop.

Date: Tue, 07 Apr 1998
From: Jack O'Brien Follow up
4/6/98 10:22am.
This is a continuation of the aftermath of the battle between the warrior angel forces vs negative forces, which raged briefly around my house night before last, and then again last night. I have been fighting what I believe to be a cold since the second battle when I developed "the shakes" before and during the battle. When the sniffles started I tried my sieve designed to remove all infectious energies from my body, but after a while I started sniffling again. Twice during the night I would wake up with my nose running and I would try again to strain out the cause. But nothing seemed to work. Then the thought entered my mind, maybe I have been given an implant! And when I started mentally searching around my body for one, and I concentrated on my right hip, I started a paroxysm of coughing and sneezing. So I had found it and it was giving me fits. So the next question was, how to get rid if it.
I don't believe in coincidences. About a year ago I was given a Leprechaun, who was personally picked out by Sir Henry the Deva. I first named him Jonn, but when others wrote me about him, they spelled his name "John" thinking I had made a mistake. So I redid the spelling. It is now Jonnn. No question about not having an "h". He said he liked the new spelling, but it takes longer to pronounce, what with all the "n's" in it. Great sense of humor!
Jonnn has been accompanying Sir Henry during the cleanup of the haunting spirits since Jonnn does not have a revealing light to give his presence away. Anyway, a friend of mine who also has one, described her Leprechaun taking things and then her finding them in odd places. Apparently they have the ability to de-materialize things, and then make them reappear. Jonnn had never done this sort of thing except during the last couple of days. I asked him if he could locate the implant in my hip. He said he could. Then I asked him if he could de-materialize it and toss it into the sun. He said he could. So he dematerialized it but gave it to Sir Henry to toss into the sun. I asked if the heat of the sun would hurt Sir Henry. Jonnn said that Sir Henry could enter the sun without harm, being a non-physical entity.
Then I asked my guides about the implant and they said they had never happened before. But once having been made aware of its presence, they were able to trace it to the negative entity who implanted it and I was told that Mother Earth had transported him into another reality. Then I asked about the source of these implants.
I was told that the Warrior Angels have entered into the hidden laboratories of the negative entities they had killed, and were in the process of dismantling and destroying everything in sight. So the source of the implants has been destroyed, along with the designers and fabricators. But I never asked about those implants already made. I should have. So as the day progresses, my runny nose is not as runny and my sinuses are not hurting as much. This may turn out to be a good day after all.

2:30 PM, 4/6/98 My dog Freckles has been barking her fool head off. This morning when I let her out the front door (the east side) she would face different directions as she barked. Then I heard a message "We have cleaned off your driveway and are working our way around your house, picking up littered swords and shields. "We carted off the bodies last night right after the battle was over. "It was a real mess, bodies and armor stacked two or three bodies high."

Then around 1:00 PM Freckles started barking at different areas inside the house. So I finally decided to check on the Deva named Alice who is in charge of the elementals . She said that there was a great battle raging around my house last night and even inside my house which is why I was told to get outside and lock the door. This small area between the garage and house was the only place where there was not hand-to-hand fighting. The entire area around my house and even in my house was littered with bodies and armor. But it is pretty well cleared off now.

(I have no direct knowledge of this, it is what I was told.) Alice said "Your dog is barking at the tall pile of armor just outside the picture window. It is stacked over twelve feet high and about fifteen feet wide at the base. They are still stacking it along the south wall in front of your windows (As she was talking, I noticed Freckles moving from the second window to the third window while he was barking, apparently due to the pile continuing to grow.) Alice continued "I can't believe the carnage that was taking place. "The Negatives were running right into the light ray weapons used by the Warrior Angels. They made no attempt to dodge the fire. "They simply ran into it and dropped dead. "My Conncut Elementals were scared to death, but they went underground and didn't come out until I called them out this morning. "So they missed the battle. "It is just as well as they are very peaceful creatures. Then I asked my guides what they were doing with the bodies and the armor. I was told that a hot fire was created which broke these down into energy elements which were dispersed into the atmosphere. (it's a shame the armor pile existed only in the astral plane. Since it was on my property I could have sold it for souveniers.)

During the early evening I was made aware of some incoming implants. As they came toward me, I was able to follow their attached cord to their energy source, a round gray ball about a foot in diameter located some distance away, and I created an explosion inside the ball. The explosion was sufficient to neutralize the transfer of energy to the implant, but not so large as to break the ball which would have allowed the contents to spill out. As the explosions went off I could sense the tough cover confining the explosion. The implants were coming at me sometimes as fast as I could detect them and explode their energy sources. This went on for about 5 minutes and perhaps 20 of these implants were directed at me. But I instinctively knew what to do to neutralize them. The implant is merely the delivery system. The negative energy is generated inside the gray ball and delivered to the implant via the tube or wire attached to its back. It reminded me of a miniature harpoon with an attached cord. I don't know where this awareness came from. I just knew that this was the way they worked and this was the way to handle them. Then the attack was over, I remember Roger Kerr describing at my request the shield and sword he used for protection when dealing with the negative forces. This was what was provided him, and he apparently had instinctive awareness in their use.
He never questioned why.
Hopefully this is the end of the story. How much of it is true and how much is the product of my vivid imagination at work is up to the reader to decide.

But I do know that when I placed an impenetrable shield around a man who was under complete control from negative government forces to keep him from revealing what he knew about the government's involvement with the aliens, and which kept him barely alive and unable to control his own life, all Hell broke loose.

He is now laughing and enjoying life for the first time in two years. I also know that I have been personally attacked for this action, but was given the guidance and knowledge first of all to give protection to a man who needed help, and then was then given personal protection when it was needed as a result of my actions. And I know that my dog was barking for about 8 hours at different entities in different places both inside and outside my house the day after the final battle was over, when the cleanup was in progress. So I'll put my trust in the reality of the complete change in an individual released from a mental prison, in my dog's reaction, and finally in an unexpected case of the sniffles.

I am personally expecting to read an interesting report by the man who was released from his mental prison, and perhaps the appearing of released captives who had been held against their will and experimented on for years by these negative forces.

PS. As I am retyping this report on 4/7/98, my dog started barking and I became aware of a group of high level entities standing in front of me and I was given the message "We salute you for your bravery in facing this challenging experience. We knew that you would rise to the occasion. The world is a different place now that Sir Henry, Isis and you have broken the seal on government secrecy. You will indeed read about the release of people held in captivity underground in Nevada..Arizona, .... Thanks for a job well done." Your guides.

- Jack has concrete evidence of some of these events in the plants and flowers around his property, and a souvenir shield and sword in his house. Other confirmations have come from around the world in the experiences of lightworkers.
This is a report from Fuzzy in Oregon:
Interesting report. The only error I can see with it is the extreme personalization. That is, the reports you sent imply that Jack was alone in assisting spirt or even in feeling the battle. This happened, not just at Jack's house, but at everyone's house (in spirit, one place is all places - a matter of relativity - time and space are not separated in when and where except in the perception of lower densities).

What I am saying is that thousands of us felt it was us involved, though Jack is the only one I am aware of who claims to have personally communicated with the angels who were engaged in the battle. Yet all those whose goal is to raise Gaia were tapped for energy inputs. I have friends all over the world who each claim to have been drained Saturday and Sunday, though few of us seem to have known it involved an astral battle.
I congratulate Jack for his personal committment and participation and for the report of his perceptions of the events. I, personally, am still a bit down from all this and it might take me awhile to clean off my spiritual/mental sword and resheath it. Much sorrow at such destruction (our judgement of their evil does not change the fact that termination of any living energy is a waste).
Love and Light,

Fuzzy Thunderbear

Jack's response
This is the most amazing thing I have ever heard of or participated in. Actually we were all personally involved in a mass effort to overthrow this source of evil.
When the second battle was about to start, I asked if I could provide whatever energy I had available, but I was told "No, it is not needed." Apparently the energy furnished by these thousands was sufficient. I didn't even feel "drug out" during or after the battles. Apparently I was either insulated from the effects, or it may be I have not yet developed sufficient sensitivity to perceive such things. You remember Isis that in some of my letters, I asked for input to confirm these events since I am a relative newcomer in this field, and I was questioning the reality of it all. But now I have overwhelming confirmation with Fuzzy saying that thousands all over the world had been drained by "something" that occured Saturday and Sunday. That's all the confirmation I could hope for.
Now my mind is really boggled, but I feel greatly honored in having played a part in this awsome struggle in which the whole world was apparently involved.
Please convey to your other correspondents my sincere thanks for their contributions, and they should realize that as they read my E-mail correspondence describing my experiences, that they were there in spirit. It was a unified effort.
Jack O'B

There is much more in subsequent follow up. The Aliens involved appeared to be mostly Greys and Draco and Reptoids.The message from Osiris is that whatever was done on Saturday 4th of April was the most important thing any one could do for the planet in many lifetimes. He has a shield that is holding because of Jack. Other reports came in about work that other lightworkers did last weekend to clear these energies.
This weekend, the Good Friday weekend of Easter, Jack reports that Reptilian warriors have come to his house and laid down their swords in defeat. Isis also testifies that a Darth Vadar warrior came to her and wept abjectly asking for the Source of ALL THAT IS to be given him. She gave the Goddess milk from the Milky Way in the form of a white disk and he turned into a snake in much agony and then retransformed into a handsome warrior of many colors and much light. Jack has met with Greys also and so has Isis. They are coming forward to receive the knowledge of the ONE.. ALL THAT IS.
This knowledge is the gift of our planet Earth, where Goddess Gaia resides fully awake now. The emissaries of many different negative polarities are coming forward now to sip of her milk and learn about this unconditional love found here... EARTH ... GAIA the place where dark and light can be integrated, at peace and in harmony.

There is more happening as I write ..but for now ... Report END Sunday, April 12, 1998 Full Moon in Aries

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