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The Gift: > I answered that every living creature has this Unconditional Love, but most of us have forgotten. I told him "If you want to receive it, close your eyes and say ‹To All that Is, I wish to receive your Unconditional Love."

Email From Jack:

Easter weekend : 4/9/98 Thursday: A while ago my dog Freckles started barking furiously at something standing in front of my picture windows. The windows were sealed with a 1" thick reflective insulation cover to block out excess heat. So what she was barking at was not outside. Then I sensed the presence of my 20-foot tall Guardian Angel I have named Big John. My dog has gotten used to his presence so that was not the problem. Then Big John said I would be visited by some Reptilian envoys when I was ready. I said I would be happy to receive them and I surrounded the house with an aura of love.

Then the spokesman of the Reptilian group stepped forward and laid his sword and shield at my feet. I told him that I was defenseless since I had nothing to defend. He said he could see that. Then he said that he wanted to make peace with me. He said they had attacked me without good cause since I was only carrying out orders from a higher authority and they now could see that using force to win battles was not the way any more. Diplomacy and cooperation was the better way. So they offered peace in exchange for acceptance.

I said this was a good trade and offered my hand to seal the agreement. It was met with the envoy's hand and we made contact. I thanked him and honored him for his intelligence and peaceful intent.

Then the group left. As I write this report, I can "see" in my imagination his sword lying on top of the shield left on the floor where we stood. So in my imagination I took them and placed them on the wall over the picture windows where we had talked. I'm glad Roger Kerr went into detail in describing his making peace with several alien groups. It gave me advanced instructions on how to handle the situation.

I have just had a short conversation with the "wee people" leader named "Amicus" whose clan lives a short distance from my house in a little valley. He said that he was present when my Guardian Angel ushered in the group of aliens as soon as they expressed their peaceful intent.

My dog is starting to growl now.

Amicus says that it is not one of his group. But he sees the tall alien who just visited me. So I tune in and the Reptilian says that it was surprisingly easy to talk face to face with a human. He wants to do it again on a friendly basis.

I tell him it is a good idea and I am looking forward to the meetings. I remind him that I am only one person. But he says this is not true, that I am a representative of all humanity. He says he wants to bring his leader to meet me soon. I tell him I would welcome the opportunity to meet such a high ranking authority. Then I mention that I have seen several of his cousins, the snakes around my property. He says he wants nothing to do with snakes. He doesn't like them any more than I do.

I show him the sword and shield displayed on the wall. He turns the sword from horizontal to angling downward across the shield, symbolizing a sheathed sword. He says he likes this arrangement better. I ask him what I should call him.

He says that it would be just as well that I not call him by name. He prefers cooperation between the two races, but separation and not intimacy. So be it.

He says he does not like the aura of love around my house. He is not used to this feeling. So it is removed and replaced with cool but friendly respect. This suits him just fine. He says he will be back.

Same day, 1:30 PM

I just got another visit from the reptilian envoy. I suspected it was he because I became aware of a presence behind me as I sat at my desk, and my dog was looking up behind me and barking softly, indicating a familiar personality. The Reptilian brought along his superior who had a rank equivalent to a Major. The Major said "My Lieutenant told me that you had the keys to the Kingdom." This stunned me for a moment, then I said I wasn't aware that I had those keys.

He answered "Yes you do, and we want you to open the door so we can speak to your God you call All That Is."

I told him that he did not need keys. We are all living creatures having access to All that Is inside us. We only need to know that He is Unconditional Love, and by opening to this, He is present.

He said "We would like to be exposed to this. We do not have it in our culture or in our being."

I answered that every living creature has this Unconditional Love, but most of us have forgotten. I told him "If you want to receive it, close your eyes and say: 'To All that Is, I wish to receive your Unconditional Love'."

He did. So I asked "What do you see or feel?"

He said

"I see a ball of glowing energy approaching me very fast."

I could see it, too. It was a oval about 3 feet high and covered with small yellowish tongues of flame. Then I saw it impact his chest and he staggered back a step. He actually started glowing a little. It took him about a half minute to regain his composure.

He said "I have received it but it is a strange feeling. I will take it back to my race and share it." I told him this gift was only mine to give, not to keep.

" As you share, it will grow."

A little while later I was standing at my island counter in the kitchen and noticed Freckles looking up behind me and growling a little again. So I tuned in and received the following message:

from the Alien Warrior "We want to thank you for sharing your secret on how to access All that Is. We are spreading this love all over our kingdom and everywhere our race is now present. We may never be able to thank you for this gift, but know it is changing our culture and traditions. Barriers are starting to fall. We do not know how much change is occurring but we know it is removing barriers to our advancement which we could otherwise not overcome. We are well advanced technically but primitive in our relationship to others in our own race and to other races. This will open up new avenues of contact. Our whole race will one day pay you homage. The courage you showed when we approached you and you said "I am defenseless" and faced us unafraid will go down in our history books as a display of the utmost courage. At the time we did not know that you had the power of All that Is behind you. Now we know."

Isis to Jack : This is the heart and soul of this whole story, as far as I am concerned. It explains why the Reptilians sought out the gift of Unconditional Love, and the impact it has had in changing their race from war-like to peaceful.

This same scenario is being played out again many times a day as other ET races are transformed in the same way. I have been getting information that this Unconditional Love is sweeping through the entire Universe, and you and Osiris and I started it. Sort of makes your day, doesn't it?

[Note: Even up to January 1999, the et aliens continue to come to Jack O'Brien's property to receive this gift.]

Saturday 4/11/98, 11:00 AM

Jack Writes: It's been busy around here. About a half hour ago after receiving guests (refer to my 8:25 AM E-mail this morning), Freckles started barking loudly and looking out one of the south-facing picture windows located about 10 feet off the ground. I was thinking, "Oh no, not another Reptilian".
Then impressions started being received. This was no alien. It was a female Warrior Angel, of high rank. She walked toward me, knelt down, bowed her head with her sword pointed at me and touching the floor, her shield held vertically at her left side.

As I was getting over my surprise and wondering what was going on, she remained in the kneeling position for perhaps 15 seconds, which seemed like forever, not speaking. Then I realized that she was paying homage. She then rose and started a brief conversation in which she said that she held me in great honor in facing the onslaught of Reptilian warriors, with my calmness warding off any attack as her warriors were busing doing battle. She said they didn't have to shield me because I put up no resistance, so there was nothing to be attacked.

I commented that I got us all in trouble when I placed an impenetrable shield around Osiris. She said that it was important to do this because they were sure it would mobilize the aliens into attacking and they were preparing for this for months. There had to be a showdown and this was the time for it. She thanked me for my willingness to take on the whole government/alien combination. My so stating in my letter to Isis, and my also stating that I had put my trust in the unconditional love of "All that Is" got their attention. They didn't know what this was, but they soon learned.

When they were defeated so soundly, they realized that this was a force far greater than they could muster. It was for this reason that they came to me asking to receive this love. Their leader was correct in his stating that neither his culture or his being had this. And since it represented a power beyond theirs which up till then they were justifiably proud, they wanted it. So they got it. Their leader was well chosen to receive the impact of the flaming "Presence" of God without flinching. It was not what he had expected. It was more, far more than he could ever have anticipated. But he knew his race needed it in a world which was apparently governed by it. So he was willing to endure whatever it took to get it.
The Warrior Angel ended the conversation by stating that since she was no longer needed on earth, she will go to another planet in need of her help.

Based upon this last statement,

this battle I witnessed, as did so many others around the world, may have actually been the long-awaited Battle of Armageddon, in which Good was pitched against Evil.

As I write this, my dog is barking again out the window where he was barking when the Warrior Angel first appeared. As I started writing up this report, I was trying desperately to remember the details, and they started coming to me, along with the other information which I wrote down as it was received. Apparently I was being dictated to. Freckles stopped barking for a minute and laid down at my feet, then started up again.

I was hesitant about receiving more visitors, but I was told that this was for my own good. So I tuned in and was told that I no longer had any more obligations to enter into conflicts or negotiations. This was over and done with. "However there are other projects for which you have already signed up, but they will all be pleasant. So have a nice day."

I needed that. I was starting to feel dragged out as Roger Kerr has described his energy state lately. All is quiet. Freckles has started her furious barking again. I hear my guide say that there is a small creature who wants to see me. He insists on it. So I say if he comes in peace I welcome him. I start to put an aura of love around the room and am told not to do that. The visitor doesn't understand this.

So I sense a short being I assume is a "Grey" alien who walks up to me, kneels, and asks for this gift of unconditional love from All that Is. I suspect that he represents one of the two races who have just battled over who controls the earth after the Reptilians lost control, and they, too were soundly defeated. I go through the same routine with him as I had with the others. He says he has received this gift and he will give to others of his race.

All is quiet once more. Then Freckles announces another visitor. I am told this is the enemy of the Greys, who also want this gift since he has come to respect its unbelievable power they have witnessed. I cannot make out the form, but I start up the same spiel. I am transported to a platform surrounded by these beings. I tell them that I have a gift to give them, the same one I have just given to the Greys their former enemy. When I finsh the prayer, I ask if they have received the gift. They say that they have and they will spread it to the rest of their race.

Freckles is quiet, then barks again. I sigh and tune in. I am told it is an envoy from the Pleiadian Council. She says that what she has witnessed today is the most remarkable transformation she could ever hope for. "Race after race received the infilling of unconditional love. They now feel totally accepted as one with All that Is. You could not have given this gift had you not believed so completely in its reality and power. We will now leave you but we will be back with another gift. This one you can see and feel. I see a bright spot of light on the wall next to the computer for an instant, apparently as a sign that this is true. Freckles has finally quit barking. I will go eat lunch now.

4/11 4:15 PM Freckles has spent the afternoon periodically going to the picture windows and barking her fool head off. I would calm her down, and soon she would start up again. I finally asked my guides what was going on and was told that there were thousands of Reptilians touring the area, where the damage of the two battles last week end is still apparent in the astsral plane. I was told that one group would tour the area and leave, then another group would take its place. The fact that Freckles calms down briefly about every 20 minutes and then starts again is due to the "changing of the guard" where there is a calm period before another group arrives. I understand that this will come to an end after tonight. That will be a relief for both Freckles and me. It's now 5:30 PM. Freckles has just quit barking for the umpteenth time. As soon as it gets dark, I will put up the light-proof insulating window barriers and he should quit for good.

I must add that this infilling of unconditional love is not the same as the infilling of the Holy Spirit as is practiced in some Christian denominations. It is actually the infilling of God's presence, which is already present in every human, but is absent in most alien races. Jesus says in the book "A Course in Miracles" which He wrote through a channeler "It only takes a little willingness. God completes the job of creating a miracle." He has been pretty busy today.

To Jack:
My friend Elara gave me a channelled message..

FOR JACK and Isis...
"To Isis and Jack:

The Legionsof Light through El-lara Archturya - in confirmation and commendation. " You are to be commended for your great courage in service to the Light. The Creator sends this LOVE to you for the re-polarization and re-integration of the Dark Warrior forces into Divine One-ness. (In this case the Creator, who has no gender, is referenced as male because the forces involving war and agression are most typically associated with the male polarity.)
Yes, through the alignment of your own BEingness with our Legions of Light and by your command, great warrior Legions (yes, legions were dispatched in the battle) the aftermath of implants in those Earth Anchor Volunteers have been removed by Divine Grace.
Again we send our Great Love to your Beloved ones for your Selfless Service in the name of the ONE."

She added that it was our willingness to step forward and courageously face the foe type of thing that has won respect from all around the omniverse.. that these beings who showed up to meet Jack today, and the one who came to visit me at Quan Yin's sky council, (this p.m.) will come in droves now.. emissaries will come from all over to find out how to know the goddess. This is the place where they come to meet Her and to receive her blessings. They must put down their swords now. They all know that and it is amazing how humble they are.

Isis: Today one came to meet me in the sky council ... This black tall male being came before me in the council. He was very, very tall and scaly..leathery, warrior and wept in humility to receive the Goddess blessings..

El-lara hesitated and questioned QuanYin if I had the mandate to do this work and forgive him and transform him. QY replied that if I was in her council I did..that I had been prepared over many aeons of time to do this.. that there was no precedent for what was happening or how to behave. Everything was coming through me from my lives of experience to this moment. It was unique... and I was there because of the preparation I had done on myself. So we proceeded with the ceremony.

So the tall Reptile stood there weeping and asked for the Goddess' knowledge and I gave him a bit of a scold. My voice was sort of very British and bossy. When I was cleared of my annoyance with him, I gave him a white milky disk into his heart. This was the substance that I had seen myself as part of in the Milky Way with Osiris and Jack and Carol. We were all part of a huge wave of milky light that travelled the cosmos bringing this love of God everywhere. As I gave it to him he started to fall apart. It was agony. I could feel it... like bitterness or stinging all over his body and he turned into a snake.. as if all his bones gave out.. and then he transformed into an orange/ red color very brilliant, and became this wonderfully good-looking tall, attractive being. He went off to his home place and said he would return and that he would change his entire place where he lives with this energy.

Quan Yin said more would come and they would all come for the experience of the Goddess and the gift of unconditional love.

This is the exact same task that I discovered I was destined to do in now I can see it coming about. Quan Yin said that with all this healing with the Goddess to the far flung regions of the galaxy.. that the Goddess was restored and peace will come everywhere.. in time. Phew..!!!

I asked about last weekend. (April 4th 1988) It was hard to deal with.. Laura and I both got emotional.. somehow.

Quan Yin said that where the Warriors had thought that they had complete control of everything.. by controlling the scientists, the food, the money markets and every country's gov. .. they were totally convinced that they were in control of the planet.. and then the war (Armageddon on April 4th ) came and they heard this singing which to us would be harmonious, but to them it felt like the sound the whales were hearing with the experiments.. piercing and horrible. It was all the lightworkers she said 144,000 all singing harmoniously and it was a message to the warriors that they could not stay.. and a whole lot of them left in horror, and the ones who are left are in shock... not quite able to believe that they are outahere and cannot remain!!

I loved this affirmation of the power of sound in cleaning and clearing our dear Earth(Gaia) Gof this negativity and darkness.
There is more.. but this is the best part for you all for now. I am very happy in my heart for my dear Osiris.. Blessings on all of you.. I am ISIS

Date: Sun, 3 May 1998
From: Isis
To: Jack

I wish I could see some enlightenment in the captors of Osiris. I see revenge in the air. They are just more and more going into darkness. They feel too proud to surrender.. they still think they can do things to win... they just want to use all their weapons now against him to hurt me for what I have done. I have told them that if they kill him, his son [Horus]will get revenge.. that is the story.
On this day I had a clearing with my healer, and an etheric *being* was born. I have had this experience before of giving birth to aspects of myself. Apparently just like other etheric types of births, but it immediately grew into man and took off to be with Osiris. It had pale blue eyes with very pale skin. It appeared as the Sirians in the book by Lyssa Royale called "The Prism of Lyra." I believed it to be Horus, our child.

Osiris had been so happy in the morning. He was home at his house in the morning..gardening I think; by the afternoon, they took him and he is sure it will be the end now.. he has been tortured again...and expects to be killed.. he says they will fake an aneurism. [This will make it look like a natural death]. He has been put on some kind of machine, and it invades his actual brain. I see some kind of device that drips into the brain. His mind and memory appears to be a gone. What have they done to Osiris now?
[Subsequently it turns out O's memory and aspects of the subtle body were erased in the process they put him through, (see Aftermath )so he would not remember anything about his trips to Mars , the repeated torture, imprisonment and scenes of horror beneath the ground. It appears that a great portion of his mind has been "blown" from the etheric viewpoint . Subsequent conversations with Osiris confirm that a great deal of his personality , memory and spirit were erased on this date. As of Mar. 1999, his retrievable memory of these events has not returned in that he cannot speak of them and seems not to hear when asked about it. We are however, confident that with the right therapy, his memory can be restored, but he is not still free to get this help.. ]

In the p.m. after all this and my nap, I got attacked BIG time by some very powerful force in my solar plexus. I tried everything to get clear of it, but it would not work. I finally asked a very close friend to look at it.. and she cleared it out. She is a magician too.

I read about this story of Osiris , his murderer, Set and Isis in the Egyptian book of the Dead and always thought it was an elaborate metaphor for resurrection.. but Jack, it is my life and it is happening to ME! WILD *&^% !!~~
I am ISIS..... really?

Have to be, don't I? How else could this be happening that we can magic him away from these demons?

There is still much more to come in this story. It is an ongoing story. Jack continues to have visitors to the monument in his property. He continues to meet representatives from different ET races who come to him to receive the gift of "Unconditional Love". Check the nextepisode about the alien monument at the site of the Armageddon Battles on Jack's mountain and then go to the Shutting Down a Hell Hole when the Aliens finally leave Osiris' city and underground labs. (Updated Jan ' 99)

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